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Saint Barthelemy is an awesome island that embraces tourism tightly and thus competes favourable for a position among the most thrilling tourist destinations in the world.

The island indeed has a great and appealing list of attractions that will require you to have a lengthy holiday to utterly amass the numerous beauties.

Don't Miss Places in Saint Barthelemy

The beaches, museums among many other impeccable attractions make the island perfect for your visit. The locals will also make you thrilled and have you feeling comfortable as you travel all around.

The list below shows 8 of the most tremendous sites to visit and experience the beautiful life within the island.


The stunning Colombier Beach will definitely have to appear in your list of adventure in the beautiful island. The site is indeed a top tourist attraction and certainly breathe taking for all. You can get a taxi ride to the beach from Gustavia

The adventure in the beach starts with a delightful hike from the impeccable Flamands region. The hiker becomes more special as you get a chance to have panoramic views of the many beauties within your eyes reach.

Colombier Beach

The beach has awesomely soft sands that leave you enjoying every bit of strolling along the coastline each time sinking into the sands. This makes you to certainly slow your pace and thus more fun. You truly cannot imagine circumventing this experience.

The waters are pristine cool and clean and you certainly have to swim into them to get rid of the tired mood. It is with no doubt an enchanting moment as you discover the charming part of the region below the water.

Colombier Beach

You will also enjoy snorkelling in the well maintained boats to some distance into the sea. This chance allows you to interact freely with the tranquil cool atmosphere as well as the winds that keep glowing wild as the evening approaches. You will however have to be vigilant to avoid being trapped in large waves.

The winds may also ruin your evening as the winds blow up the sands making the entire place unbearable. However this beach is with no doubt the most excellent as it has few visitors giving you enough space to enjoy. It is wonderful in the morning hours.


You certainly cannot miss to visit the magnificent and breathtaking St Barth Municipal Museum that is owned by the municipality of St Barth’s. The site is with no doubt a top tourist attraction on the island. It is truly awesome. The museum is accessed by car from Gustavia.

The architectural design of the museum leaves you mesmerized as you stroll around to have placid snaps of it. The environs make it a charming site to relax in as you get infused with the cool and south soothing air that is incredible. The peacefulness here will also have delighted.

St. Barths Municipal Museum

The museum has inviting and formidable guides who will ensure your visit turns out to be the best you have ever witnessed. They will take you around giving details of the museum origin and items on the display.

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The objects on display are indeed remarkable and worth of admiring and appreciating. They will help you to get back to the past eras to the modern time. It is certainly a gorgeous place to also learn about the history of the island from lots of documentation that are placed here.

St. Barths Municipal Museum

The photos showing many alluring things especially the islands attractions will have you more thrilled as you will not skip any of them.

The exhibition of the rich flora and fauna that is found here is yet another thing you will not miss while in the museum. You will definitely love the wide variety of the animals and plants and carry photos of the displays.


The magical Corrosol village is with no doubt among the most thrilling place to be in. The site has a scenic setting that allows you to relax in a clean and peaceful environment. The village is within reach from Gustavia by a taxi.

The locals here are friendly and certainly among the most welcoming you can ever find. They will definitely have you understanding the origin of the residents as well as the many activities that are carried out there.


The basket weaving attraction is certainly an awe inspiring thing to marvel at. You will definitely have great fun as you watch and admire the locals bee busy tying the knots around the baskets to give them their unique auspicious looks. You certainly cannot miss to purchase one to carry home with you.

The hats are also exquisite and superbly displayed for all to admire. You will also have to carry at least one with fro good memories of the island.


The beach is also magnetic and you will enjoy relaxing under the water. Similarly you can have a great moment sailing in the highly preserved yachts that well perfectly designed to keep off the strong winds that may be experienced in the place.

The wooden boats that are used for fishing are also worth of noting. The fishermen will also give you a chance to have a bit of the mouth-watering fishes they dig out of the water. This is truly a gorgeous site to relax away from large crowds.


A visit to the island must include the stunning Lorient beach. This site is indeed spectacular and has lots of compelling things to admire. The beach is indeed a sure site for adventure.

The beach has an impressive church whose design gives an insight that it is a holy place that will deserve your respect. Certainly, you will enjoy strolling around the building as you get a brilliant moment of appreciating the lovely setting of the site. The peacefulness and cleanliness make it a remarkable site to explore.


The interior part of it will not be left unattended as it here where you will find a vast collection of religious materials and writings that are definitely notable.

Then you can walk to any of the two cemeteries that are splendid and eye catching. The main attractions here include the beautiful arrangement of thousands of flowers all round which continuously unleashes their sweet aroma dramatically.

The carvings on the stones laid on the graves are also wonderful and worth appreciating. The beach will then be waiting for you and you certainly will have a tremendous moment lazing around on the soft sands that stretch far.

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The waters are also propitious and will barely fail to capture attention of any of the travellers. They are indeed serene and magnetic as you continue relaxing in them. You certainly cannot miss this experience.

You can easily get to the beach by car Gustavia.


The stirring St Jean Beach is yet another alluring site you will not miss to pay a visit. The beach is indeed among the top most toured sites and actually the leading gorgeous beach in the island.

The beach attracts right from far by its pristine white sands that are too tender for the feet. The dramatic stroll along the coastline leaves you wanting more time on the beach as the beach helps you in remembering all the adorable sites you had ever been too.

St. Jean Beach

The waters are magical for the swimmers. You will highly enjoy being brushed closely by the relatively warm waters all over your body and you can be sure that you will not learn about time escalating as you will want more of the experience.

You will also not leave before doing some mind blogging sailing in the amicable boats. They will help you survey the beautiful and immaculate blue waters whose horizon will remain unreached. You can also not miss the experience of the wind blowing your long hair high into the air. It is certainly one of the most dramatic places you can never fail to visit.

St. Jean Beach

The locals here will also make your visit intriguing as you will enjoy relaxing with them and listening to their fascinating stories relating the beach. A ride in taxi from Gustavia will assure you of reaching the beach.


The catchy Grande Saline Beach Will also not be left out by any visitor to the island. The beach is indeed an awesome site away room the crowded spots of the island. It is certainly impeccable for all.

The hike that leads to the place is truly incredible as you get a chance to experience the low hills that make the path a bit more rugged but definitely enthralling. This moment will have your muscles relaxed and get you the great urge to reach the beach.

Grande Saline Beach

The beach has a splendid wide beach that is perfectly covered with soft white sands that are nice to walk over. The site is dramatic for picnics as the couple can stroll all the way along the shoreline chatting. Or simply refreshing on the best places you will have so far discovered.

The water is also fabulous and gives you a thrilling moment beating the low waves that a form periodically. Their blue alluring water definitely makes you overwhelmed with fun as you dive more below them. Their blissful touch is certainly unmatched.

You will also love the experience snorkelling across the water to some distance towards the horizon. This moment is truly brilliant for all.

Grande Saline Beach

The sulphur lagoon that is just within the vicinity is also worth of witnessing. Though the smell here may be unbearable, you can carry some protective clothing for the nose, you will have a gorgeous moment discovering how sulfur is emitted from the ground and gets piled up in the lagoon. The locals will definitely give you amazing tales concerning the beauty.

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Cars from Gustavia will help you get to the site.


The visit will also be made more interesting by visiting the scenic Inter Ocean Museum. This site is incredibly an amazing hub for all tourists and will always appear among the top tourist attractions. It is truly remarkable for those who love exploring the marine ecosystem.

The museum has a spectacular structure that will definitely appeal to you and you cannot miss to have its photos.

You will then have the most dramatic moment exploring the exquisite and striking shells that are on display. The manner in which they are display makes them look more of great relics and thus you will get more thrilled and tempted to get closer to them.

Inter Ocean Museum

They represent different times as there are those which were collected several years ago as well as those which represent the current time. It is certainly worth of taking their photos as you are not likely to find such a charming collection anywhere else. The guides will also ensure you leave overwhelmed with satisfaction from the lovely exhibits as they will explain in details to which creature the shell belongs to.

You can also watch the beautiful photos showcasing the shells as well as a great collection of the marine life. This is certainly one of the most dramatic sites you will travel on the island. The cars from Gustavia will have you reach the museum.


The scenic Wall House Museum is certainly another exciting place you will never regret having travelled to. The site is truly among the top tourist attractions on the island and certainly a must to visit.

The museum has an impressive design that encourages you to walk into the inside part of it to discover the many treasures that are hidden within it.

Wall House Museum

Here you will find the formidable curator ready to welcome you into his paradise. You get a memorable moment listening to the history of the stunning museum and also understand the variety of items on the flaunt.

The relics are indeed worthy of seeing and admiring as they are carefully formulated into thrilling shapes and well exhibited. You can also watch the artist doing the lovely job as you also get to learn a few tips on how to do any kind of carvings.

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