Don’t Miss Places In Russia

Russia is a perfect tourist destination. It is actually a country which cherishes in tourism as a major activity within her boundaries.

The attractions here are fantastic. There are many mountains, cities, animal parks and historical sites to keep you enthralled while visiting Russia. Actually, her attractions cannot be amassed completely.

Fireworks in the Moscow Skyline

The top 10 list below shows some great places to adventure within Russia and thus a simple time finding excellent hubs to start with.


The charming Moscow city is certainly a top 10 tourist destination and unquestionably one of the most visited sites in Russia. Moscow is simply breathtaking.

Your first step in Moscow will lead you to the beautifully designed buildings that combine both the ancient and the most modern ones. The ancient ones will allow you to reflect on the lovely history attached to Moscow. The new buildings will just give you a chance to take them snaps. You will actually not miss visiting any of the many business houses to gather their beauty.


The KBG Museum should also not be left out as this is a sure place of adventure. The museum has a thrilling architectural layout and actually has a mammoth size that gives it a high value. You will be compactly amused by the many displays well exhibited for your appreciations. This is certainly a good place to bring your family.


You can also visit the Lenin’s Mausoleum to look at the beautiful tombs as well as the many carvings that give it a royal look. You can bring your flowers for a moment of appreciation. The Red Square is also another site you will have fun touring. You will be interested in seeing its red bricks and gorgeous design. You can be lucky to find concerts going on or other ceremonies. Otherwise it is mainly used as a market place.


The people here are formidable and welcoming. You will certainly love to walk in their company.


A stop at the stunning Lake Baikal will certainly be an excellent idea. Lake Baikal is one among the top most visited sites in the world. It is surely a top tourist attraction in Russia.

A ride in the Tran-Siberian trains will lead you to the lake.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal has great history being the most aged lake on the planet earth. It is truly a site worth of visiting. You will definitely want to see what it has gained or lost for all those years. The lake is also the deepest in the world. Actually, you cannot miss to find large crowds of tourist enjoying themselves by it.

For those who really love fresh water, this spot will be delightful for you. Lake Baikal is known to hold over 20% of the total worlds fresh and clean water. You will certainly love to taste it or carry a little with you.

Lake Baikal

The lake is located amidst might ranges which make the whole region amusing. You will surely like the sight of these mountains hiding the lake against pollution. You can also ascend them for an aerial view of the lake. The ranges are outstanding as there is also home to some wildlife which you can enthrall seeing as you get the cool tranquil atmosphere of the lake region. It’s certainly one place you should not miss touring while in Russia.

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The attractive Suzdal city is with no doubt a top 10 tourist destination in Russia. The City is indeed one of the most toured in Russia where it is known to receive millions of tourists every year. The city is reached via buses from the Moscow city.

Suzdal city is actually a mind blowing city full of wonders. The architectural design used to put up its buildings is enticing and one not likely to be found anywhere else. It is here where you will be granted a chance to explore historical sites.

Suzdal City

The city is well known as a religious centre and you can thus enjoy touring any of its churches, monasteries or cathedrals. You can actually tour the Convent of Intercession for an admiration of the stone wall, tombs and religious writings.

There are also other worship centers to visit such as the Saint Nicholas Church which has a stunning architectural design and nice looking environ. It also has a museum to keep you completely overwhelmed.

Suzdal City

You will also not miss to tour the Saint Alexander Covenant for an appreciation of the graveyards to Princess Maria, Suzdal and Agrippina. It is certainly a place worth visiting. The flora here too is eye catching. The tranquil atmosphere will leave you wanting to spend much of your time here.


The State Hermitage Museum is indeed a brilliant site to tour. It is actually a top tourist destination in Russia. The museum is scenic and magnetic for adventurers.

The museum is well equipped with great displays that meet you right from the entrance. The exhibits range from artifacts to paintings. By the way, this museum is very popular for having the oldest great collection of art balconies. A visit to it will surely be one of the best.

State Hermitage Museum

The artifacts are however not exhibited together as the collection is too large. You will thus find some well exposed besides the Palace Embankment. Here there are about six buildings in which you will have a remarkable moment touring. You will definitely be enthralled to see golden artifacts displayed in this museum.

The paintings are amazing and beautiful. They will certainly compel you to have their photos. You will also be amused by the lovely and sociable guides who will be readily waiting for you to have you a complete tour of the entire museum. You can also admire the jewelry and find a striking taste for you.

State Hermitage Museum

The museum is certainly incredible as it has many other centers in the world such as in London and Las Vegas. Visitors to these museums will surely be seeing the greatest relics in the world.


A visit in Russia cannot be complete before visiting the stunning Novosibirsk Zoo. This is a major tourist attraction in Russia and certainly a highly toured site. The zoo is beyond fantastic.

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The zoo has a scenic setting within an inborn forest. You can thus be sure of a cool and calm ambiance that will keep you refreshed all through. It is certainly a gorgeous site to bring your family.

Novosibirsk Zoo

The zoo is very famous in the world it being a home to countless enchanting wildlife. There are in effect over 11,000 different kinds of animals and actually a total of about 4000 species. You will definitely be amused touring it as you will be finding astounding animals which are rare in many parts of the world.

The white tigers and Siberian tigers are major cat categories which you will enthrall seeing and taking photos. There is also the African Cape Lion which is a lovely creature and very good looking. You will also have a great opportunity to see many jeopardized species.

Novosibirsk Zoo

You will definitely have a delightful moment with the countless affable guides who will tour you around the zoo. It is surely a site you should not think of avoiding while in Russia.


The dazzling Peter and Paul Fortress is with no doubt a top tourist destination in Russia. This is a site you should not miss visiting. It is unbelievably intriguing.

The fort has its account dating back to the 1706. You will love to see and hear the many developments that have taken place since then. Actually the fortress was once used as a prison to the political convicts as well as a barrack. It has retained most of its beauty and thus worth of touring.

Peter and Paul Fortress

There is a charming museum in which you will find numerous exhibits with a great collection from the era of Peter the Great. There are also lovely war objects housed in this museum. Ensure you stroll all around and appreciate the accurate arrangement of displays.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral is also worth of visiting. The cathedral has a Baroque design. The most alluring thing you should not miss is the tower bell that crowns all other beauties within the compound. It is certainly a nice figure to take photos of.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Ensure you also see the impeccable sculpture of Peter the Great in which he is depicted as a ruthless fellow. The commandant’s grave site is also a lovely site to tour. You will also not fail to see the beautiful Neva Gate.


The magical Valley of Geysers is one among the many tourist destination that has always been ranked among the top and most visited sites in the world. It is truly mind blowing.

Valley of Geysers

The Valley of Geysers is a great place to visit it being the second largest in terms of the number of geysers found there. There are actually over 30 geysers to explore. The most dramatic among them all is the Giant Geyser which has a capability of gushing its waters to about 40 meters.

A visit to the valley will be more fabulous if you carry a camera as all the geysers will require you to snap them. You will truly be amused to see all these natural wonders. Remember to also carry good foot ware so as to have a complete adventure free of problems.

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Valley of Geysers

You will also have to book a plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg to the valley as there is hardly any other means of transport.


The exquisite Volga River is unquestionably a top 10 tourist destination in Russia and more so in the world. It is truly a site you should not imagine circumventing.

Volga River

Volga river covers a vast area is about 3530 kilometers. It is among the major rivers in the world due the large of water flowing through. It is really spectacular and that you should take photos of for a colorful album.

The water here is charming and good to drink. The river is in effect used as a major source of water to the Russian residents. You will actually have a delightful moment strolling along its bank while getting infused with the cool serene atmosphere.

Volga River

The river has several dams and great reservoirs which you can also visit. The river valley is also a superb place to tour as there are great things to discover. The valley is in fact used as a source of valuable minerals such as petroleum. You can hardly regret having visited River Volga. You will easily get a car from the Volgograd International Airport to the river.


The stirring Mother Russia Statue will not be left out of the top 10 tourist attractions in Russia. It is certainly a must see monument.

Mother Russia Statue

The monument was built many years back in the 1967 to keep memory of the Stalingrad Battle. It is very attractive and well formulated for a national figure. It was actually situated on the site where about 300 soldiers were killed in that battle.

Mother Russia Statue

You will definitely want to ascend to its top via the gorgeous 200 steps to have a close admiration of it. From here you can easily get panoramic views of it as well as have snaps of it. It is certainly one site you have great fun touring.


You can then have a superb tour of the Kizhi Island as an end to your fabulous visit in Russia. This is certainly a major tourist destination in Russia. You catch trains operating from St. Petersburg.

Kizhi Island

The Island is very unique but outstanding with almost everything being wooden. There are actually many wooden facilities to see which include boats, homes that are mainly inhabited by farmers and churches. You will certainly also see the many wooden fish centers.

The Transfiguration church will be the most alluring as it is all wooden and well embellished with about 22 domes. The domes have been further decorated with golden leaves and amusing portraits. You will surely have to take their photos.

Kizhi Island

Otherwise you can enjoy strolling along the shoreline watching the waters stretching to far beyond. You can also have a little swimming moment in them for a superlative feeling. Actually, a visit to the island is splendid for a family.

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