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Puerto Rico is with no doubt a gorgeous island to have your holidays tremendous. The island certainly stands out among the leading tourist destinations in the world.

Don't Miss Places in Puerto Rico

The island has lots of charming attractions to discover and actually you can barely assemble them all in a single visit. They all fight for the top ranking.

Here is a list of 8 of the most exquisite places to start with as you explore the island.


The charming Old San Juan is with no doubt a top tourist attraction in the island and certainly one of the best places you can hardly afford to miss whenever you are visiting this impeccable island.

The city is ranked among the two most aged cities in the Americas. The city however has a tight grip of the beautiful highlights that will have you wanting to remain for the rest of your visit. The city welcomes with elegant cobbled streets that link to all its parts. A walk over them definitely makes you feel like you are walking over a paradise path.

Old San Juan

The architecture of the numerous buildings standing along the paths is awesome and worth of staring at. The buildings definitely seem to have been built recently though it is from there where you can get to learn of the colonials design layouts.

You certainly cannot leave the city before touring the magical Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro fortress. This is indeed the most incredible landmark in the city and has the attention of every of the city’s visitor.

Old San Juan

The fort’s design will leave you overwhelmed with joy as you learn its use. Its walls are indeed strong and thus provided enough protection to the San Juan city. You will definitely love the experience here as you stand over any of the rocks or flat terrain to watch and admire the lovely sea that faces the lake. You will surely like the spectacular exhibition of the cannons that are still facing the sea.

You will also not miss to check into the military box where you will learn a few of the many tactics that were used by the soldiers in driving away the colonials. This is certainly one of the most dramatic sites to pay a visit.


Your visit to Puerto Rico will barely be complete before you visit the alluring and fascinating Bioluminescent Bay. This is indeed one of the most gorgeous places to visit in the world and certainly a little heaven on earth.

The bay is popularly known for the glowing lights that will welcome right from the moment you get there. This phenomena was once thought of being under the control of the devil and as such some people opted to stop the water from getting into the bay.

Bioluminescent Bay

However, the site from then was discovered as a main tourist attraction that will have you compactly mesmerized. The waters are cool and breathe taking. You certainly have to swim into them and experience the brilliant lights all over your body. Definitely this is an out of the earth experience.

You will also love to do some kayaking in boats that are highly illuminated neon blue. You definitely get more enthralled as you paddle off in the water with your paddle glowing more brightly. The illumination is caused by the numerous microorganisms which generally give off their light to the entire place making it one of the best places to be in.

Bioluminescent Bay

You will also not miss to note the auspicious tall red mangrove forests that surround the bay. Certainly these trees are with no doubt among the most excellent highlights in the region. You will have to have your camera ready for their photos.

You will also be lucky if you find the military testing their work objects. You certainly cannot miss this experience. The bay is accessed by a ferry from Fajardo.


The stunning Culebra Island is certainly one of the top tourist destination for many of the Puerto Rico’s visitors. The site is truly eye catching with an ending list of attractions to marvel at.

The island has a surprising name that will leave you with a great anxiety into wanting to understand why it was named so. The island is commonly known as the Snake Island simply due to its shape.

The Flamenco beach will certainly be your first stop after a long tiring morning or a week. The beach has awe inspiring and pristine white sands that cove it perfectly giving it a formidable look. This has actually made it to be ranked second of the top 10 excellent and exotic charming beaches in the entire world.

Culebra Island

Here you will not miss getting tempted by the cool serene and relatively warm waters. You will enjoy the whole moment swimming deep below the waters. Scuba diving is also very common in the site and thus you only need the right attire for a chance to explore the incredible coral reefs that lie below the surface of the water. The variety of shades of the waters of the West Beach definitely add to the beauty of the place.

You will also not miss to tour the enchanting Culebrita region within the island. The site will also offer you a chance to experience the unspoiled beaches that are definitely thrilling as the place has total peacefulness. You certainly cannot miss this intriguing adventure.

Culebra Island

The lighthouse is also worth seeing as it certainly a mind blowing landmark in the region. Its structural design as well as its height will make you delighted as you walk towards it to explore the many beauties that within its walls. The building’s peak is certainly an exquisite spot to have panoramic views of the stirring island.

The Turtle Beach is also worth of visiting. Apart from the tranquil waters you will get a chance to witness and admire the nesting lovely turtles competing for a space on the sands with the humans.

The Culebrita Reef is also impressive and will give an opportunity to appreciate the marine ecosystem.


The dazzling Rio Camuy Caves are with no doubt among the top tourist attraction in the island and you truly cannot miss to adventure the beauty. The site is charming for the nature lovers and adventurers.

The site comprises of countless caves about 220 of them where there are only 17 clear ways into their interior parts. You certainly cannot miss to have their photos and especially the way they line up the entire region.

It is also interesting to study the limestone rocks that have made the dwellings. This cave was built many years ago by the Taino Indians and actually more than 800 caves are yet to be discovered.

Rio Camuy Caves

The cave’s system is by the way ranked among the top three cave system in the world. You certainly cannot have a reason to miss this experience. The forthcoming locals will help understand lots of the interesting history attached to the caves.

However, you will not miss to walk into the inner parts as much lies there to be surveyed. You will also have to be too keen to notice the compelling underground river where some visitors are known to get involved in activities such as body rafting at it’s mouth.

The bats will keep an eye on you as you walk in and thus you have to keen but you will not escape the moment of admiring the beautiful creatures. Certainly having their photos is an incredible thing as these animals are a bit rare in most parts of the world.

Rio Camuy Caves

You will also love to walk to the striking Arecibo radio telescope company that is just a few meters away. Here you will learn a lot about space and also get a golden opportunity to appreciate the hue but magnetic equipment that are exhibited there. The company may also offer you a tour to yet other places within the region and thus you have to visit it.

The caves are reached by car from San Juan city.


The enticingly Yunque rainforest that is just a few minutes’ drive from San Juan city is with no doubt another top tourist attraction that you cannot afford to avoid its sensational experience. Nature lovers will definitely tell you that this is one of the most magnificent places to tour.

The rainforest is indeed the only known tropical rainforest in the U.S and thus you will be walking into one of the world treasures. The calmness and peacefulness within it make awesome to cool down after tedious weeks. The ambiance will definitely have you forgetting to return to your place.

El Yunque

The Rocky Mountains are a major attraction that you will discover from here. The mountains will certainly have the best moments of their lives as they ascend towards the peak through admirable paths. Certainly this experience is propitious for all.

The flora and fauna also give a lot of life to the entire place. There are certainly countless different types of plants to be discovered here as well as the numerous appealing animals all worth of seeing and interacting with.

El Yunque

The waterfall is also not to be missed. The magical drop down of the huge cloud of water definitely haves your mind thinking of having travelled to another planet. The waters are also ideal for the swimmers and certainly they cannot miss to dive into them.


The impeccable Bacardi Factory will not go unmentioned by any traveler to Puerto Rico. This is of course one of the top most visited sites in the country and that is a must to visit. The site is within reach by car from San Juan by car or taxi.

The factory is highly proud of its popularity in the entire country and in other parts of the world due to its rum production. You will certainly enjoy being here as you will learn a lot.

Bacardi Factory

Your tour may be guided which will require you to pay a little fee for you can walk all by yourself free of charge.

The factory’s design is splendid and more so its vast size which makes it suitable for its use. The machinery lies ready for your exploration where you get a chance to witness sugarcane, water and other additives being mixed to produce the luscious drink. You certainly need to have your recorder on.

Bacardi Factory

You can also learn about the sugarcane origin as well as other fabulous details of the company as you walk around to admire the advertisements displayed.

The end of the tour is the most interesting where you get a chance to taste a glass of the sweet smelling drink.


The outstanding El Arsenal fortress is certainly worth of visiting. The site is a remarkable ground to refresh your mind with the alluring history of the island.

The fortress has an impressive Roman structural design that is still upstanding to showcase its beauty. A walk into its interior is charming as you get to admire lots of things that are hidden within it.

El Arsenal

Here you will find oodles of attractive artifacts that have been formulated by the local artisans. You certainly have to take them snaps as they as incredibly eye catching.

You will also get a gorgeous moment to learn about anything concerning the island. The site will be accessed by car from San Juan city.


You can then your fabulous trip at the wonderful Lagoon Toruguero. This is indeed a top tourist attraction on the island. The site is intriguing for the nature lovers.

The lagoon stands out as the only charming natural lake in the entire Puerto Rico Island. You thus be having a superb but unique experience here.

Lagoon Torruguero

The fantastic plant coverage surrounds the lagoon makes the place exquisite and gives it a serene atmosphere that is certainly adorable to all. There are actually more than 700 plant species to be discovered here.

You surely cannot miss to do lengthy kayaking as you get the best bits of the wind blowing past you and making you highly refreshed.

Lagoon Torruguero

You can also find your way by hiking to fascinating sites where you can get placid and panoramic views of the beautiful ocean in the neighborhood. It is easy to get to the site by a taxi from San Juan.

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