Don’t Miss Places In Peru

ru is a magnetic and compelling country full of attractions. It is actually a major tourist destination in the world.

Peru has a long list of attractions that compete favorably with the numerous attractions all over the world. There are many lovely cities, valleys, resorts and towers. You will actually be required to have several holidays to utterly amass the beauties and charm within the boundaries of Peru.

Machu Picchu

The list comprises of the most appealing top 10 tourist attractions in Peru which will be a great guide towards choosing the very best destinations.


Uros Island is an enticing tourist attraction that shouldn’t be missed while in Peru. You will come across the most appealing and interesting man-made features called Titicaca islands. It forms one of the most leading and top tourist sites in Peru and thus frequently visited by uncountable tourists who flood in every year.

Uros Island is very accessible by lovely boats from the Puno harbor of Puno city. This will take you only 20 minutes to be there.

Uros Islands

Actually, the Uros Island is basically composed of dried parched Totora reeds. This makes these islands to be unique and exceptional in nature having distinctive features of their own kind. You will also get a chance to meet the friendly and interactive locals living on the island.

Moreover, you will get to see how they use locally available resources to make themselves reed houses which are just simple but wonderful and great homes. You will get to appreciate the local’s hard work, the reeds do require a lot of labor and time that leaves them to add reeds every month because they get spoilt and decompose from the bottom.

Uros Islands

Lastly, the reeds are also used to make wonderful boats. Definitely, you will get to understand diverse usage of reeds on these islands. It gives the island spongy like characteristic because of many reeds that are laid in layers. You will surely enjoy being on this brilliant island.


Lying near Ica is the dazzling Huacachina town which is a place that has always secured a top 10 rank among the numerous tourist attractions in Peru. It is actually 5km away from Ica hence accessible via a bus. Huacachina is purely breath taking with a scenic atmosphere. It is in fact an international tourist attraction.


Huacachina is popularly known as a minute oasis town and within the environs of a tiny attractive innate lake. It is actually one of the best places to relax in feeling the cool and tranquil ambiance of the whole lake region.

Apart from the lake, there are lovely sand dunes that lie adjacent to the Huacachina town. They will certainly make the place worth of a second visit as you will love the captivating structure and more so the mammoth size. You will have yourself enjoying the amiable ascent to their summit. Here you can view the whole beauty of the town as well as the many beautiful dunes.


Most visitors also like to have dune pram rides on the enchanting sand dunes which will leave you wanting more of it. It is indeed one of the places you should not miss touring while in Peru.

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The famous Iquitos city is an amazing place and one of the most traveled places in Peru. It is a city full of charm and wonders.

The Iquitos city is surely magical with no road reaching it. You will definitely love to ride on well maintained boats across the lovely Amazon River to get to Iquitos city. Amazon River has placid blue and very tempting waters. The atmosphere throughout your journey on the river will be one of its kind and the most alluring. You will also love to see the whole vegetation surround the river to up to the city.

Iquitos City

Otherwise you can enjoy flying over via a plane. This fact has actually made the city the only biggest and known city that has no road access.

The city is also matchless for its unspoiled wildlife. It is in effect one of the few cities that has maintained a valuable class of flora and fauna. You will thus have the best experience admiring all these beauties within the city.

Iquitos City

Don’t also miss to stroll through most of its attractive streets as you get infused by its cool dramatic ambiance.


The stunning and remarkable Santa Catalina Monastery is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction in Peru. It is one of the most visited places in Peru. By the way it is one of the most imperative monasteries of the majestic Peru

Santa Catalina Monastery

The monastery has a unique Mudejar design that attracts you from far. You will definitely love to take several photos of the massive area. It is actually surrounded by a strong wall that has amusing paintings all over.

The monastery has attractive streets and walkways in which you will enjoy spending good time walking along. There are also fantastic stairs to take you all around the whole monastery. The monastery has also impressive squares where you can have a fabulous moment relaxing in or join in the many activities taking place there.

The monastery has also a lovely history dating back from the second of October in 1580. You will actually have a wonderful time with the friendly locals who will help know much of the monastery’s account.


The amazing Plaza de Armas is a place full of charm and you will definitely not miss to visit it while in Peru. It is actually one of the most visited sites in Peru. The whole region surrounding the lake is simply magnetic.

Plaza de Armas

The plaza is a real place of history as it exhibits the original enticing designs of the Incas. It was built with the aim of establishing a symbolic site and was thus referred to as the ‘square of warriors’. It rests on a massive ground hence a vast area for adventure.

The plaza is within the Cuzco city which was a famous center for the Inca realm. The Cuzco city is astounding with a unique structural design that represents the puma. You will find the plaza right at the core of this puma. It is indeed a gorgeous site that will leave you wanting to visit it again.

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Plaza de Armas

It was, moreover, more embellished by the construction of the church of Compania and the cathedral. These buildings have an impressive design worth of being taken photos.


The mysterious Nazca Lines are a place you must pay a visit while in Peru. The place is simply gorgeous and full of lovely wonders. These lines are easily reached from Ica city by a bus.

Nazca lines are seen from Nazca town to Palpa and on the northern part of the Pacific coastline. They will leaved delighted to know their history that begun long time ago in the 200 BC to the 700 AD. They are actually worth of being taken several photos to have their good memories.

Nazca Lines

The most famous lines begin with the straightforward lines that are followed by symbolic spiders, then monkeys, fishes then the llamas which are followed by the lizards and finally the human beings. These are the most breathtaking things you will mesmerize seeing as you are not likely to find them anywhere else in the world.

Their lovely history will also tell you that they were established in enormous numbers until the planes thought to be the usual figures and hence replaced the lines. You will definitely be very lucky to find friendly guides you will take you on a flight using the Cessna to have a placid view of each of these lines.

Nazca Lines

Other visitors will also prefer to use the observatory tower within this territory to have a full panorama of each line and particularly the three figures which are best viewed from this place.


The Colca River is a major place of attraction as it is home to the impeccable Colca canyon. The Colca canyon is with no doubt one of the most visited sites in the world. It is actually a fantastic place for the nature lovers.

The Colca canyon is matchless and very famous for its depth. It is actually deeper than the Grand Canyon and stands out as one the deepest canyons in the world. This fact has made it receives thousands of tourists all the year.

Colca Canyon

The Colca canyon is a dramatic site for those who love to do lots of rock climbing. Its walls are amusing and very easy to ascend as they slope gently. You will definitely have fun climbing from the water to the canyon’s top.

Apart from climbing, you will also be enthralled by lots of water activities such as swimming and surfing. Actually, the Colca water is pristine clean and has a compelling blue shade. It is definitely one of the best places to spend most of your time.

Colca Canyon

There are also the Andrean Condors which you will also have fun seeing. Be sure to visit there are many times as you will have a spectacular time watching this condors floating during the growing thermals.

Visitors are advised to book their transport to the canyon with the Boleto Turistico.


Mancora is another awesome and most wonderful place in Peru to make your holiday worthwhile. It is among the most visited places in Peru and you shouldn’t afford to miss this interesting and tremendous tourist attraction site.

Mancora is easily accessible from the Trujillo city via a bus or numerous transporters such as the amino at an affordable price of $60.

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Mancora city is situated in the Northern coast which lies extensively towards the Pacific Ocean. It is Peru’s most renowned and prominent sandy beaches. It is a place that you will enjoy the most enticing moments sun bathing and viewing its appealing surrounding environment. You will surely get involved in so many interactive practices like swimming, boating among others to only mention a few. It is more recommendable to carry a camera to enable you capture the most wonderful and charming scenes.

Moreover, it is a city which has a lot of beach concerts, big night clubs and uncountable restaurants that will coincide with your favorite interests. It is also well served and supplied with excellent waves hence making it a wonderful destination point for surfing activities.


Ultimately, you will enjoy the sea breezes during the night immediately after the sun descends. It is indeed an excellent place that can really make your holidays remarkable and worthwhile.


Machu Picchu is another must visit place in Peru. It is categorized among the most striking and outstanding ancient cities in the world at large.

It is normally referred by the locals as the ‘the lost city of the Incas’ which is located in the Urubamba valley. It was not recognized by many till 1911 when it was rediscovered and declared a tourist site.

Machu Picchu

It is completely immersed in the Urubamba valley and it is not easily visible at any point especially in the lowland places. You will come across several unique agricultural patios which are fed and irrigated by the naturally occurring springs.

The green landscape is very captivating and appears inviting all the time. You will actually love to spend some bountiful time there enjoying and getting infused by the tranquil cool ambiance exhibited by the vegetations.

Machu Picchu

It is actually a simple technique that uses the force of gravity to draw water from the highest point to the agriculturally productive land on the lowlands. You shouldn’t miss to see these wonderful acts of nature. Ensure to feel these charming waters by simply taking a slight bath in them.


The famous and attractive city of Chan Chan is an excellent site as a tourist destination in Peru. It is indeed a worthwhile place to have your holidays magnificent.

Chan Chan is among the largest and biggest cities in Columbia America. This has made it very popular among many tourists worldwide and thus a fabulous place to tour.

Chan Chan city

It is a city which was constructed about 850AD by the renowned Chimu and lasted several years before being invaded by the Ica Empire around 1470. It is a nice city with a wonderful chronicle. It is certainly a good place worth visit.

Actually, the Chan Chan is made up of diverse walled refuge which since ancient times has been housing the temples, burial places and the rooms which was used to hold ceremonies. It is surely a place you should not miss visiting while in Peru.

Chan Chan city

Chan Chan city is in within reach from Trujillo through a 10 minute car drive as it is only 5km away.

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