Don’t Miss Places In New Zealand

New Zealand is a spectacular country with awesome tourist attractions in the world. It is considered to be the domicile for tourist because of its marvelous and unending lists of attractions. New Zealand therefore receives massive tourists annually who come to explore the country’s great nature.

Don't Miss Places in New Zealand

New Zealand is also known for its various tourist sites. The list below shows the top ten most visited tourist sites in New Zealand. It is therefore among the nations which have flourished in tourism because of the large numbers of tourists who flood in every year to spend their holidays.

Auckland Skyline


Milford Sound is with all certainty a place not to be missed out by anyone visiting New Zealand. The place is very famous among the many tourists who return there on countless times.

The Milford Sound has a first class coastal landscape. The beauty is mainly brought forward by the enchanting pinnacles that are very visible from any side. The waters are also compelling and pristine blue. You will definitely be tempted by the water on your first sight of them.

Milford Sound

There are also very famous for lots of captivating waterfalls from where you will get a cool and peaceful atmosphere. You will definitely be compelled to watch the water fall down due to the noise they create especially when in full force.

There are also gorgeous rain forests that you will like to visit and witness their immaculate greenly look. They actually are a sure reason why the site is known to experience heavy rains all throughout the year.

Milford Sound

Apart from these beauties, you will also like to climb to many tall cliffs of about 1 kilometer to get a more placid view of the whole interesting scenery. You will have no choice but to tour the place again.


Sky tower is unquestionably a top 10 tourist destinations in New Zealand and more so one of the most visited attractions in the whole world. It is unbeatably a breath taking site.

The Sky Tower has indeed a striking loftiness of about 328 meters making it the highest structure in the southern hemisphere. This superlative architectural design is one the many reasons why most tourists cannot afford to circumvent it while on their trips in New Zealand.

Sky Tower

You will definitely love to ascend to its top most part. The ride via a lift will be very magical as the lifts are of high standard and excellently maintained. You will also have a remarkable moment admiring its interior beauty. The peak is somehow the most alluring. Here, you will have a full 360 degrees view of the beauties surrounding this enchanting building.

Carrying a video record to the pinnacle will truly be a sparkling idea as you can record most of the activities taking place right from the foot of the tower to about 80 kilometers. This will be indubitably a dramatic experience.

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The tower also offers a more amiable time as you can walk into the telecommunication rooms and do more of your exploration. The tower was built with an aim of establishing a world class telecommunication and observation center.

Sky Tower

It is in fact a pretty iconic construction in Auckland’ horizon. You will surely not afford to fail visiting this tower situated in New Zealand’s biggest city where you can also have fun adventuring into its beautiful shops and imposing streets for more attraction treat.


The stunning Bay of islands is a very famous destination for many tourists. It is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction in New Zealand. There is extremely much to admire.

The Bay of Islands is an impeccable site you should not imagine missing. There are in fact more than 140 islands from which you can choose the very best to tour or you can simply cross from one to the next via boats across the numerous bays that connect them. This experience will be very superb and with none of its kind.

Bay of Islands

The sandy beaches too are magnetic and awesome. They offer the most enchanting feeling while strolling over their soft sand. The bays too are dramatic with every kind of fascinating marine life. There are indeed countless dolphins, whales, penguins and the big marlin. Most visitors prefer seeing these beauties right in the waters via small enchanting boats that are hired at a small fee.

You will also be enthralled by the great fishing that takes place there and you can be very fluky to find a fishermen competition. You can actually join the great fishermen in fishing out some fishes to carry with you or just learn the fishing act. There are also nice manta rays and turtles that will leave you compactly overwhelmed.

Bay of Islands

Out of fishing, you will have a great moment scuba diving into the deep warm waters. Travelers can definitely not miss this dazzling experience.


Rotorua city is an amazing city you should always consider paying a visit whenever in New Zealand. It is with no doubt a top ten tourist attraction that receives thousands of tourists all the year.

Hot Water Lake

Rotorua offers a scenic site for adventure. It is popularly known as the “thermal wonderful of New Zealand”. There are countless hot springs and geysers at numerous spots in the city. You will definitely have fun touching the hot water from each of them. You should actually carry a camera to capture this lovely wonder.

Rotorua city is, by the way, known to discover a new hot spring at a different location almost on a daily basis. Be sure to find lots of the hot springs at Rotorua or you can plan numerous trips to the city to explore the new springs.

Hot Spring

The most compelling site to have a mind blogging view of the hot springs is at Wai-O-Tapu that appear very brilliant hence a superb experience. The most magnificent geyser is known by the name Lady Knox geyser.


Kaikoura is another wonderful place with captivating attractions. It is a nice looking small coastal city on the southern part of the island. You will have an opportunity to see various outstanding and stunning attractions.

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It is unanimously known to host various typical wildlife which includes fur seals, dolphins and sperm whales, among many other uncountable sea creatures. You will also have a spectacular view to see for yourself the wonderful dolphins jumping into and out of the water.

Furthermore you will have a chance to see how the sea animals and creatures especially the dolphins and whales interact with the guides. They are even fed with food at the coastline thus you will see many of them overcrowding at the same place. The dolphins are awesome and having a camera would be a good chance to take some photos to remind you in some days to come of the most memorable and virtuous moments.


Kaikoura is a place you wouldn’t miss any activity of your wish. If you like strolling and exploring the land, then wilderness walk through the impressive Kaikoura forest will suit your interests. It is so dense and having a unique tree canopy arrangements.


Tongariro national park is one of the most thrilling places in the whole of New Zealand. Travelers will indeed not miss touring the park while in New Zealand. It, in fact, has the most alluring ecosystem.

Tongariro National Park

The park is very rich with a varied collection of things to marvel at. You will enjoy a good deal of attraction right from the Whakapapa visitor center. There are many serene lakes around an active volcano. You will love seeing the lava fields that have been created by the continuous eruptions.

There are also many herb fields and natural forests that are a pleasurable site for adventure. The scrubs are also in plenty hence much to learn and enthrall at. There are also beautiful bare plateaus.

Tongariro National Park

You will also enjoy hiking for about 3 hours to the amusing Taranaki Falls where you will have a moving and best experience especially due to the falls’ calm ambiance. You can definitely walk to the valley’s bottom to explore the fall in details. Most visitors to the park are known to spend most of their time hiking to and fro the falls. It is actually a place you should not miss visiting while in New Zealand.


The Abel Tasman national park is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in New Zealand that are with no doubt a place worth visiting. The park abhors a tranquil atmosphere which is completely unspoiled.

Abel Tasman National Park

The park is located on the northern part of the amazing island on the southern end of New Zealand. The site is really spectacular with a mountainous landscape that spreads to dark blue lovely waters. This mountainous landscape is a heaven for those who love hiking.

The park is a charming home to many varieties of beautiful birds such as the wood pickers, wekers, blue penguins and the oyster catchers. You will love to get closer to each of them and have a better view of their magnificence. You should actually not miss touring this park whenever in New Zealand.

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Abel Tasman National Park

The site is however unreachable by car. Visitors are advised to use other means of accessing there such as planes or boats. You can also have a magical moment walking to the park’s interior as you will be able to adventure more of its beauty.


Coromandel peninsula is an impeccable site tourists should not miss while in New Zealand. The Peninsula is definitely a top 10 tourist attraction that receives numerous visitors every year.

The Coromandel Peninsula is very famous in the world due to its magnetic beaches. There are white golden sandy beaches that await you to tour them. You will love walking over the soft sands while admiring the calm immaculate blue waters.

Coromandel Peninsula

You will also have to love swimming deep into the hot waters that might cause you to remain in them for a good time. This is caused by the hot springs that lie beneath the sands.

The site is a real spectacular place to adventure. You will probably have to commence your visit from the charming Thames City where you will fall in love with the many gold mines that cover a good portion of the minute city.

Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula offers more than you would expect. There are huge forests with almost every kind of tree you could know of. It is actually a splendid site for nature lovers.


Napier art Deco is an amazing place not to be missed out while in New Zealand as it is in fact a top 10 tourist attraction that stands out among the most visited sites in the country. The place is simply breath taking.

Napier Art Deco

It is located in Hawke’s bay that rests on the northern island at its eastern coast in a tiny city. Napier art Deco is very astounding and popular for its mind blowing art Deco structure. You will be sure to take the most excellent photos from here.

Visitors have to book for a place in advance especially if they plan to travel in the month of February as this is the month that receives the highest number of visitors due to the many picnics organized, typical vehicles and soapbox derby. It is indeed a place worth visiting.

Napier Art Deco

The current outstanding structure was designed after the former structure was put down by a hazardous earthquake. Its architectural design is matchless to any other in the world. Don’t miss paying a visit to the site to experience firsthand wonders.


The amusing Franz Josef Glazier is a site worthy of visiting every time you travel to New Zealand. It is indeed spectacular.

Franz Josef Glazier

The site is easily accessed on foot where you will interact with the whole beauty of the glazier. Otherwise, you can book a helicopter to fly you over the whole territory to admire the fox glazier and also have panoramic views of the whole underlying.

Franz Josef Glazier

You will surely love this site.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking us around what I consider to be the most beautiful country on earth bigtup

    I used to live in Russell, Bay of Islands and there are no words to describe how truly beautiful and unique is the place !



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