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Mexico is a charming that has a magical touch of tourism. The country has continuously been receiving thousands of tourists all the years.

The list of tourist attractions in Mexico is certainly endless as there is so much to see that several will be required to have you completely assembling her beauties. This is a perfect country for your holidays and adventures.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Here is a list of top 10 tourist attractions that are among the most visited in the entire Mexico. You will thus have an easy time choosing on where to start your adventures.


The stunning city of Acapulco is with no doubt a top tourist attraction in Mexico. The city is charming with so much to enjoy. There are many buses operating from Mexico City in which you can ride in.

Acapulco offers you a chance to have the best waters where you can go about snorkeling in beautiful boats as you get cold and overwhelmed by the tranquil atmosphere that makes the whole region so unique. It is definitely one the best places you can visit in the entire Mexico country.


There are also other activities you can enjoy such as yachting or simply doing great fishing amidst the industrious fishermen. You can be sure to learn great fishing from here as the fishermen are incredibly friendly. The fishes here are enticing and you will truly love to swallow them or carry with you home.

The site is also very spectacular and you will definitely find many US students doing their adventures here. It is certainly a great place where you can ascend the alluring cliffs and watch the whole beautiful waters as well as the numerous individuals relaxing in them.


You will not leave Acapulco before watching the skillful divers jump off the cliffs into the waters to explore their wonders. This is definitely a site you should not miss visiting wherever you are in Mexico.

The Coyuca lagoon is another site within the Acapulco that you will have fun touring as you will be guaranteed a chance to see the real aquatic life there.


A visit to Mexico is truly incomplete before visiting the charming Riviera Maya. This site is unbelievably spectacular and a must see. It is simply delightful.

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is very famous for its astounding coral reef. These coral reefs are actually the largest in the western hemisphere. You will have a stirring moment watching this beautiful wonders and getting exposed to the marine ecosystem.

Riviera Maya

You will also have a brilliant chance to explore the waters. You can either do some snorkeling or surfing in the affordable boats there. You will actually see much of the coral reefs while in the waters. Otherwise you can sit on the dry land and admire the beauties within your eye’s reach. It is a perfect place to relax in.


The amazing Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun is with all certainty a top tourist attraction and one of the most visited sites in Mexico. The pyramid is surely mind blowing and a site you should not miss touring.

You will ride in a taxi from Mexico City to the pyramid area.

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Pyramid of the Sun

The pyramid has an impressive look that lures you from far. It is so scenic and worth of photos. The pyramid is also very wide creating for a good place to spend time admiring its whole beauty. By the way, this is the biggest pyramid to ever be constructed in the whole of Mexico.

The pyramid was constructed in the 2nd century right in the BC in the Mexican Valley. It is thus situated in a place that will allow you to explore much more beauties as well as enjoying the serene atmosphere of the region.

Pyramid of the Sun

The pyramids of the moon are also constructed near the pyramid of the sun. You can thus stroll to it and have yourself much fun. It was actually constructed a later about a century after the establishment of the pyramid of the sun.

The pyramids are now in great use as pilgrimage sites, hence you can be sure to find large hordes of tourists admiring it too.


Mexico City is an impeccable place of adventure. This is one of the most visited sites in Mexico, and certainly a top 10 tourist attraction. The city is undoubtedly a stunning place to visit.

The city is resourceful with lovely streets that will lead you to great places of adventure. You will also love the friendly locals you will find along each street as well as the many things well displayed to capture your attention. It is a wonderful place to do your shopping.

Mexico City

The buildings in the city are surely the best you can love to explore. Though most are old, they still retain a high value. There is also a great reminder of the beautiful history attached to Mexico City.

A visit to the city will require you to explore the attractive museums that are definitely charming. Actually for those who love lots of adventure and informative centers, a visit to the city will be very rewarding as there are about 100 museums waiting for you to explore them.

Mexico City

The art balconies too are amazing and display the most excellent kinds of art objects. You can be sure to find lots of friendly guides to take you all around their beauties. The Zocalo Square is also a perfect place to spend time in. You can also tour the Chapultepec Park to explore its natural beauties.

The city is also a gorgeous spot for those who love music, films, dances, arts and festivals. They are actually the best and not likely to be found anywhere else.


The charming city of Puerto Vallarta is without doubt a major tourist destination in Mexico. It is one of the most visited places in Mexico.

The city is very famous for its enchanting art. You will definitely have to see the most of the art in its numerous stunning galleries. The city is home to the best kinds of music. You will certainly love the idea of visiting its many clubs to just listen to the cool music particularly the blues.

Puerto Vallarta

The salsa dancers have a perfect destination in the city. This dance will be found in an every part club you come across. The city is also superb for children as they will have somewhere to enjoy the folkloric dances. This city is unbelievably one of the best destinations in Mexico.

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There are also numerous points where you can go and learn some cooking tips as well as enjoy seeing or tasting the sweet foods. You will also have fun watching the whales in the water as well admiring the temping waters. There are actually well maintained and beautiful boats on which you will sail on.

Puerto Vallarta

Otherwise, have fun strolling in the amusing streets of the city admiring the many things that you will find. The shops too are remarkable.


A visit to Mexico cannot be complete without visiting the Copper Canyon. The canyon is indeed one of the major tourist attractions in Mexico and actually receives millions of tourists every year. The canyon is beyond doubt eye catching. There is a train to ride in from Los Mochis.

Copper Canyon

The canyon is very spectacular and gorgeous. It lies in between rocky cliffs that make it very lovely. The canyon is composed of several small canyons that together form the Copper Canyon. These canyons make it even wider than the Grand Canyon and hence a site you should not think of circumventing.

The canyon is high enough offering a vast area of exploration. It is in fact 2400 meters in altitude. You can actually have fun descending to the river valley to experience the magnetic effect of the waters streaming in the canyon.

Copper Canyon

The best places to have panoramic views of the canyon will be along the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway that will bring you to great sites of adventure such the 37 bridges that connect the whole railway line. Here you will definitely love the views of the canyon. Remember to have your camera with you.


The dazzling Los Cabos beach is with no doubt among the topping tourist destinations in Mexico. The beaches are stunning and a great place for the nature lovers.

The beaches offer a vast area for you to explore. They are actually over 20 miles from the Baja California Peninsula. A walk across it from one end to the other will be very spectacular.

Los Cabos

The site is dramatic for those who love swimming. The waters are pristine blue, clean and tranquil. You can hardly avoid diving into them. You will actually love to collide with nice looking fish beneath the waters. The site is actually one of those places you should never imagine avoiding.

Relaxing in the sun on the soft sands will leave wanting more of the visiting to Los Cabos. Here you can listen to the waves forming or just get cooled by the soothing cool breezes.

Los Cabos

You can also have fun doing some sport fishing from here or watching the friendly fishermen doing their work. Ensure you get a bit of these fishes or carry them home. The whales are very famous in the Pacific waters and you can be sure to find them here.


One of the most visited sites in Mexico and definitely a top 10 tourist attraction is the Chichen Itza. This is a site you will not miss touring while you are in Mexico. It is simply breath taking. There are many cars operating from Cancun so you can ride in them.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is actually very famous for its temple, El Castillo pyramid. You can hardly fail to take snaps of the beautiful temple that has a unique architectural design. It is in fact attributed to some astronomical importance.

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The pyramid is beautifully made with lovely steps leading to its summit. You will be very impressed to know that each end of the temple has a total of 91 stairways which are summed up to give the 365 days of a year.

Chichen Itza

You will also have merry touring the El Caracol which is another temple that has an outstanding structure. Actually it is all circular and was used by the astronomy department as their observatory point. The Great Ballcourt will also not be missed out in Chichen Itza.


Oaxaca is indeed a top tourist destination in Mexico. It is among those sites that are highly visited and surely it is magnetic and splendid.

Oaxaca is a great place to enjoy all kinds of entertainments as well as festivals. These entertainments are actually the best and those you cannot find in other places. The culture here is also amazing.


It is here where you will find the impeccable Macedonia Alcala Theatre. The theatre is very impressive and scenic. Its massive size and design can hardly miss your eyes. You will of course love to join the huge loads of people gathering in the theatre to get the best kinds of entertainment.

Otherwise, you can visit the Hierve El Aqua to explore and admire the beautiful and amazing rock protrusions that will have you compactly thrilled.


Oaxaca is actually among the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites so don’t miss touring this place. You will certainly have to catch an overnight bus from San Cristobal to Oaxaca.


A visit to Mexico can be ended at Akumal. This is one great place that cannot be missed by visitors in Mexico. It is unquestionably worth of visiting.

Akumal is a home to turtles. Actually the name Akumal can be replaced with the words a place for the turtles. You will certainly have fun watching these little creatures.


You will have more fun snorkeling in the waters as you will definitely sail alongside charming turtles which are very friendly. However, you are not allowed to touch any of them.

The coral reefs here are also good looking. You will be compelled to see them as well as capturing photos of them. The fishes will also amuse you greatly.


You will also be pleased by the placid blue waters that are actually very tempting. Once out of the waters, you will have a memorable moment lazing around the shoreline as you watch the waters and their beauties.

You will only take an hour to drive from Cancun.

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