Don’t Miss Places In Malta

Malta is one of the most awesome islands you cannot want to miss touring in the world. The island has a lengthy list of attractions that lure lots of tourists to it every year.

Don't Miss Places in Malta

The numerous cities, smaller islands, temples and vast composition of things of antiquity are certainly among the most amazing things you will find. The climate is also excellent.

The list below comprises of 9 among the most remarkable places of adventure.


Valletta is certainly an amazing city you should not miss touring while in Malta Island. The city is indeed a top tourist attraction that receives thousands of tourists all the year. It is surely breath taking for all.

The city has a great uniqueness that will leave you amused as you are not likely to find another place of its kind. The yellowish coloration of buildings definitely requires your photos. The yellow shade is due to the construction of the structures using limestone.


The architectural layout of the buildings is also awesome and gorgeous. You truly feel like having travelled to another planet. The streets also allow you to explore the beauty peacefully as you enjoy the cool serene atmosphere that is everywhere within the city.

The outstanding nature of the city made it to be listed as one of the earliest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You certainly cannot miss to visit it


The high gigantic fortress surrounding the city is yet another wonder to marvel at. The fort has a splendid design that leaves you wishing you had travelled at the time I was being built. Ensure you walk to it and appreciate its charm and more so the strong walls that definitely tell you that the city is highly a safe place.


The magicalGozo Island will also not miss in your list of places of adventure as it is one of the most intriguing sites you can ever visit. The island is certainly ranked among the top visited sites in the country.

Every visitor to the island will have to sit by the Xwiendi Bridge where you enjoy a cool and peaceful moment admiring the magnificent scenery around you. The structural design of the bridge is amazing and nice looking. The green landscape definitely leaves you desiring to remain at the place for some meaningful time.

Gozo Island

Calypso caves are within the island and you truly have to visit them where you admire their mysterious layout as well as their charm. You can also explore their inside and get amused by the darkness which certainly makes you feel a lot of peacefulness.

Be keen to observe the sea as it appears as a magical but tempting large blue pool of water. Definitely you have to swim into them and relax in their calmness and cleanliness. The water is so clear that you can explore every beauty that is deep below it.

Snorkeling is also a wise choice where you get a chance to go far into the sea and feel like any of the marine life or simply do scuba diving as it is also amazing.

Gozo Island

You can get a car ride from Sicily to the island.

The fishes are also gorgeous and mouth-watering. You can learn a few fishing tips from the industrious fishermen around the sea or simply sit around and enjoy a bite of the lovely delicious fishes.

The octopuses and barracudas are also worth of noting. This is certainly a little paradise.


A visit to Malta will certainly not be complete for any traveler who fails to pay a visit to the incredible Blue Grotto. This is indeed one of the most famous sites in Malta and surely a top tourist attraction.

The grotto stands out as a great and astounding cave into eh entire country that no other would match it. Its layout is fascinating and truly worth of photos for good memories. You surely cannot not miss this adventure.

Blue Grotto

Ensure you explore its interiors as many wonders are hidden within it and will definitely have you never regretting for having chosen Malta.

The waters surrounding the cave are wonderful to look at as they give you a picture of a lovely show that has colors changing from turquoise to blue. It is certainly a great place.

Blue Grotto

The best time to visit the site is in the morning as the sun is rising to one in the afternoon as there are unique but amazing sights that are seen.

The cave is also positioned in a way that allows the sun to reflect its rays in a remarkable manner allowing for a lot of mirroring to take place. There are boats that can ferry you to the site from Capri city.


The stunning St John’s Co Cathedral is yet another site you can hardly want to avoid. The cathedral is with no doubt a top tourist attraction that in effect receives many visitors every year. It is truly an amazing place to be in.

The architectural design is the first thing that lures into the site as it is surely breath taking and can hardly miss the attention of your camera. The Baroque design is the major reason for its beauty.

St. John's Co-Cathedral

The cathedral’s compound will definitely make you overwhelmed with satisfactory as everything is amazing. You will definitely be thrilled by the flowers that are accurately arranged in many parts of the compound. The trees are also amazing not only due to their large numbers but also due to their purification role they play making the place heaven like.

The cathedral’s inside is also fabulous and particularly the eye catching marble made floor that is certainly worth of admiring. You will truly feel an out of the earth experience as you walk over it towards the altar that is highly embellished but with spiritual objects that will make you realize that you are in a holy place that requires you to be calm.

St. John's Co-Cathedral

There are lots of sacred objects stored there where most of them are embroidered with silk, gold and silver. The cathedral is also a home to many beautiful relics that will amuse you completely.


The dazzling Mosta Dome is with no doubt another top tourist attraction that will always feature in tourist attraction sites. The dome is indeed amazing and one of the most toured site.

The dome’s gigantic size gives a lot of pleasure as you get to the place. You certainly get amazing but fully overwhelmed with joy and zeal to know what is hidden within it. The dome is actually ranked as the 4th biggest in the entire Europe. Be among the many people who visit it to adore its popularity.

Mosta Dome

By the way the dome belongs to the famous Mostas Parish Church and hence many things to admire there.

The dome was once boomed in the 1942 but it managed to escape undamaged and thus its beauty is still intact which makes it a very unique site. The interior parts of it are amazing and worth of seeing. You will get amazed at how it is used when you find believers busy with their religious practices.

Mosta Dome

Don’t miss to also visit the dome that was built to symbolize the attacked dome. It is too amusing and marvelous to see. You certainly cannot also miss to visit the gift shops that are just adjacent to the replica dome as there are numerous things to appreciate and probably buy.

The dome can be reached by bus from Valletta city.


The enchanting Marsaxlokk village is with all certainty a top tourist attraction that will always appear among the top most visited places in Malta. The site is mind blogging and every visitor to it has something excellent to say about it. Be among them too by paying it a visit.

Marsaxlokk is popularly known as the fishing village is a remarkable site that has a beautiful and exquisite scenery that is fit for all requiring a place to relax in.


The bay that is surely auspicious cannot escape your eye’s attention. It is highly decorated with countless customary boats that are commonly known as the Luzzuz. The most interesting thing is that they all have a mythical carving of an eye of the famous Osiris. This is certainly something that is mind blowing as you will truly not find any of their representation in the whole world. Don’t miss to note the paintings on the prows that are done with a lot of skillfulness.

The mythical history attached to the panting is also interesting to listen to as you get a chance to know a few of the locals. These paintings are indeed believed to protect the boats from any kind of evil likely to come to it.


The fish market will also not go unnoticed especially for the travelers on Sundays when it is open. Here you will definitely have a memorable moment discovering the various varieties of fisheries and more so have a taste of the most luscious ones.

Buses from Valletta are definitely the most suitable for the journey to the site.


Among the numerous UNNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can certainly not afford to avoid wherever in Malta is the gorgeous and scenic Hai Safliieni Hypogeum. This is indeed one of the top tourist attractions in the country that enjoys the visits ofnumerouspersons from all parts of the world.

The site is actually a temple that has lots of history to learn about and get intrigued by. In fact it is the only underground temple that dates back to many years ago that can be found in the world.

Hai Saflieni Hypogeum

It consists of remarkable halls of which each is worth of seeing and more so venturing into. You definitely feel like one of the luckiest person as such a treasure is known to very few. The chambers too are amusing and enticing to explore.

The paths that lead to many of the parts in the temple are definitely the best you can ever find anywhere and you certainly get to wonder how they still have maintained their despite the site being underground.

Hai Saflieni Hypogeum

Once you get to the place you are given an enthralling introductory show that helps you understand where the temple has come from and more so its importance and that beauties you will find.

You will easily walk for a few minutes from Paola to the site. You certainly cannot miss this wonder.


The charming Mdina city will also not be left out from your list of adventure. The city is of course thrilling and allures every travel to Malta. It thus appears among the top tourist attractions.

The city is encompassed with a great lot of peacefulness that is not likely to be seen in many other cities. You definitely get a chance to enjoy everything you come across.


The narrow streets are delightful to stroll along as you get close to the many highlights. The architectural design of all the buildings is impressive as well and one of the best in the world.

Ensure you walk into the many shops aligned along the streets for a little shopping or admiration of their well displayed items that are indeed first class.


You will certainly enjoy one of your best moments ending your visit at the magnificent Hagar Qim temple. This is indeed a top attraction in the region that you cannot afford to circumvent.

The temple is one of the most ancient in the country and thus a lot of history will be found from here. The temple is beautifully structured with limestone to give it a pleasing look worth of photos.

Hagar Qim

There are about 4 or 5 domes which wait for your visit and thus you have to venture into them to appreciate their charm.

The temple’s location is one of the most amusing as it is built facing a massive sea. You will have a sensational moment surveying the beauty of the sea from here as you get infused by the cool tranquil atmosphere of the place.

Hagar Qim

Otherwise, you can walk to the other temples along the shoreline. The place is accessed by bus from Valletta.

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