Don’t Miss Places In Malaysia

Malaysia is a prominent state well known for its numerous and most alluring tourist attractions across the country. It is a country that has grown so much in tourism in south East Asia and therefore receives many tourists every year. It is certainly a country that is rich of culture, amazing islands, ancient towns and many more that you will encounter during your adventure. It is indeed the perfect place that will surely make your holiday auspicious.

Kuala Lumpur Skyline

The list below highlights the top ten best and most visited tourist places in Malaysia that you should give a first priority when you adventure the country. They are the tourist spots that you shouldn’t afford to miss.


The Georgetown Inner City is another terrific and great tourist site in Malaysia. It is enriched with many shops of ancient time to which most of them dates back in the colonial period. The town is located in the island of Penang. It is therefore among the most visited places in Malaysia.

Georgetown inner city can be accessed via a boat or a ferry from Butterworth, a place where many buses and train drops passengers and boated to the island of Penang. The charges on the ferry are always normal and affordable to most passengers.

Georgetown Inner City

It is a beautiful and attractive city with many tourist spots to explore. You will come across an enchanting environment full of traditional buildings which were built and designed by the Chinese architectures. You will also stumble upon the great Komtar tower which is the tallest tower in the city. Moreover, the city has many temples like the Ehaian, Kuan Teng and Sri Mariammam among many others. On the other hand, you will also see the dazzling memorial monument clock tower which was raised in honor and tribute to the queen’s 60th anniversary.

It is a city full of traditional culture. You will have great moments when you visit one of the museums in the city. You will get to see the city’s long time history, cultural carnivals and lots of artifacts. The city is also full of stunning sandy beaches at the coastline of the island of Penang where you can have a great time enjoying yourself.

Georgetown Inner City

Lastly, don’t miss to tour the Bahand forest reserve. It is one of the lovely reserves in Penang and you will have a nice chance to see its great wildlife and thick rain forest on the opposite side of the reserve.


Mt. Kinabalu is another top leading tourist attraction site in Malaysia. It rises over 4km in height above the sea level thus making it to be the tallest mountain in Borneo which is located in the Kinabalu national park. Don’t miss to explore this fascinating mountain while in Malaysia.

Mt. Kinabalu

Mt. Kinabalu is accessible by bus from the Minivan town to Kinabalu Park. It is very exciting travelling by bus because you will get a chance to see the glorious and elating landscape that rises slowly in altitude as you travel.

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The mountain is well renowned to host many different biodiversity. This includes different kind’s species of ferns, birds and mammals. You will surely have a great and wonderful time looking at this typical and distinct flora and fauna found on the mountain.

Mt. Kinabalu

You will also enjoy climbing the mountain’s peak. It is well known worldwide to be among the mountains which any human kind can easily climb with less effort. You will have a scenic view on the top of the mountain and thus be able to see the lower side of valleys which is covered with dense evergreen forests. Definitely, it is a superb place to make your holidays fantastic.


Taman Negara national park is another pleasant tourist attraction site worthwhile to visit. It is the country’s largest national park covering a large area. The park is situated in Kuala Tahan which is very accessible by road or boat.

Taman Negara

You can travel to the park using the train from Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut. From here you will have to take a boat to Kuala Tembling after which you can take a bus ride to the Kuala Tahan which is the central place of the park. On the other hand, you can still take a public bus transport straight from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan.

Taman Negara is the world’s most renowned conservation park. It is well known to have the oldest ever tropical rain forests species in existence. As an adventurer, you will be privileged to see a huge thick forest and you will find it hard to penetrate a few meters inside it. It also encompasses the world’s biggest canopy which extents a vast area.

Taman Negara

The park is also acknowledged to be a sanctuary of diverse endangered and rare species in the world. You will see the scarce animals like the tigers, Asian elephants, leopards and rhinos. You will also not miss to see birds, small deer and tapir. It is indeed an awesome place that is full of all kinds of wildlife and you shouldn’t grant yourself any excuse to miss.


Cameron Highlands are an awesome tourist site located in Pahang on the west of Malaysia. It is one of the most widespread high ground in Malaysia with fascinating and excellent tourist spots that you shouldn’t afford to miss.

The tourist spot of Cameron highlands is much connected with good road network thus highly accessible by cars, buses or better still hiring a luxurious taxi at an affordable price from Ipoh city to the marvelous highlands.

Cameron Highlands

You will enjoy the journey to Cameron highlands travelling on the meandering and snaking road that leads to the highlands. This is the highest point in Malaysia and you will come across many green fields covered with tea plantations. Moreover, you will also be privileged to see the immense area covered with thick forest on the valleys. You will also see Mt. Mossy, a beautiful mountain covered with indigenous evergreen forests that brings a fascinating look.

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Additionally, you will also encounter enticing and wonderful Parit waterfalls. You will certainly enjoy seeing the waterfalls plunging downwards with great force due to large amount of water that it carry’s.

Cameron Highlands

Last but not least, you can explore the wonderful scenery at these highlands through nature walking in the jungle which can be so weary and tiresome due to dense and impenetrable forest. You can also have pleasure touring and adventuring many amazing places within the highlands to enjoy the scenic view of the landscape. The topography of this place provides a good view and therefore you should not miss to take some photos to remind you in some days to come of the beautiful and picturesque highlands in Malaysia.


Pulau Tioman is another mesmerizing island which is an amazing tourist attraction site worthwhile to visit. It is an island situated in Pahang on the east coast of Malaysia. It is a wonderful place to make your holidays auspicious and great.

Pulau Tioman

You can use the fast ferry from the Mersing between the mainland and the coast waters to the island. It is the most reliable means of transport with affordable charges.

It is the most wonderful island with many good beaches on the coastline to enjoy you. The island is also well enriched with outstanding and unique coral reefs of its own kind. It is certainly an excellent site with exceptional characteristics that you should not leave any feature a chance but to explore them most. It is also a striking refuge for scuba divers who are mostly found in large numbers enjoying themselves on the coast beaches.

Pulau Tioman

Lastly, don’t miss to explore the interior forests which are located in the most remote place on the island. Though not accessible, you can still take some photographs of the startling thick dense forest.


Sopilok Rehabilitation Centre is an interesting and most attractive tourist spot which is among the most toured places in Malaysia. It was established in 1964 and since then has been used as a hostage to most of the endangered species in Malaysia. It is situated in Sabah to the west of Sandakan. Tourist can easily travel by bus to the sanctuary from Sabah which is a few miles away.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

The rehabilitation centre contains one of the oldest chimpanzees which were brought for protection from illicit poaching. Plants which face hostile conditions are also kept here away from illicit logging. The plants and animals are then trained to adapt in new environments in order to survive and thus retain their species.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

You will also have to visit Orangutan haven which is situated in the Kabili Sepilok forest reserve. You will also have an opportunity to see the indigenous and well protected forest.


Mulu Caves are among the most leading tourist sites in Malaysia. The caves are situated in the Gunung Mulu national park in Borneo. Don’t miss this outstanding and most interesting tourist site in Malaysia.

Mulu Caves

The Mulu Caves are the most eye-catching features. You will get a chance to see the world’s biggest caves that can accommodate many big and giant items like the marine ships. It’s one of the most enormous caves in the equatorial mountains. You will also come across polite bats which come out at large numbers immediately as you step at the entrance gate.

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Mulu Caves

It is indeed one of the wonders of nature in Malaysia and you should not miss exploring this exciting place.


Eye on Malaysia is another charming and most astounding tourist site that will make your holiday worthwhile. It resides in the peaceful town of Kuala Lumpur which is directly opposite the lake of Titiwangsa.

Eye on Malaysia

Eye of Malaysia can be easily accessible by bus as it is located in the core centre of Kuala Lumpur. You will be privileged to see the large and big Ferris wheel which is about 60 meters in height. It is full of light especially during the night and thus brings a night like day.

Eye on Malaysia

Lastly but not least, the place provides a scenic viewing point of the other enthralling features and buildings in the town. It is indeed a wonderful place that should not be missed while in Malaysia.


PETRONAS is the most astounding and impressive twin towers in Malaysia. It is the tallest building in Malaysia and ranked to be among the top highest tower worldwide at large. The two twin towers are located in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Towers

The tower is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur thus very much accessible by bus. The twin tower is connected with a bridge which joins them at 42 floors which is allowed to be accessed by the public through buying tickets. The tower rises up to 88 floors. It is the highest point in the city and thus can give you a panoramic view of the entire town centre.

Petronas Towers

Moreover, the twin towers have a large and biggest shopping centre on the ground where you can be able to get various items. You will also come across concerts which are full of Classical and jazz music that can help you relax after a busy day.


Batu caves are among the top ten most attractive and visited places in Malaysia. It is situated in the north of Kuala Lumpur town which is about 15 km and thus tourists can easily get to this attraction site by a car or bus.

Batu Caves

Batu caves consist of other three large caves. There is the Ramayan cave which its walls are painted with Indian chronicle images; the second cave is the one which forms the Indian temple. The main cave is located a distance away from the other caves and you will be required to climb about 272 steps in order to reach the point.

Batu Caves

In addition, the cave has also attracted many rock climbers and thus being used mostly for mountaineering. If you get a chance to visit Malaysia, this is a place that will interest you most and therefore should not be missed.

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