Don’t Miss Places In Lithuania

Lithuania is a land full of natural beauty. It is a dream comes true for all those who are looking for visiting a country that can showcase some exotic places. Lithuania is also called a paradise land due to the immense and sheer landscapes it possesses. This place is a real attraction for the tourist all across the world. There are many alluring and famous cities in this country which binds the interest of many people from the world over. Mainly the capital city,


, is a wonderful place to pay a visit to and enjoy the fun in remaining in an amazing land.

Don't Miss Places in Lithuania

There are also some cities like

Palanga and Trakai

. There are also some other places of attraction in Lithuania which have the ability to catch the interest of visitors. These attractions depict the historical and cultural trends which have influenced the lifestyle of people living in the present modern era of the current world.

There are also some wonderful

forts, crosses and towns

which help in adding the beauty of this awesome land of natural beauties. To add to the adventure spirit, there is also the presence of some of the best and amusing

national parks

here. People love visiting and coming to these parks and indulge in some of the wonderful and astonishing adventurous activities. Other amusing and breath-taking venues at Lithuania are some exotic forests and lakes. People like to conquer and explore these awesome places in order to get the bud of excitement satisfied. Coming to these places also guarantees the best opportunities to know a land of adventure and natural beauty. The whole experience of making a journey in Lithuania gives a refreshing and thriving feeling to the travelers coming and staying here. And even the ones looking for knowing the extravagance of this place, often go back with a relaxed mood as they get to see what they always were searching for.

Don't Miss Places in Lithuania

For the people who think that life is only about to spend and sit with the nature, this country is even a better option for ending this desire (that too with an utter soothing satisfaction). You would even take your pen and write about the memorable journeys that you would make in this nation, as it is going to give you some really superb moments of joy and fun.

However, if you want to know the best places and their histories and importance, looking for a whole club of information and reviews will surely satisfy this feeling and need. In order to fulfill, your this desire, here we have some wonderful facts, notes and other cardinal points which you would want to experience and see in the country Lithuania.

You just have a view here on this outlook…


Kretinga is a city which is the main feature of the

Land of Courland

. It is believed that half of this land belonged to some of the noblemen of the past and the other half was in the dominance of some of the masters and bishops of Courland. There are two prime


here to visit. The first one is related to the works of


. Here many people like to come to know about the archeological history of Lithuania. And second monument is linked to the

urban development

of this place.


It shows every development in detail and the ways in which this famous building got its way to become the modern venue of the present time. Both the monuments serve as very interesting and mind-binding buildings for many visitors who visit this city of the country Lithuania. It is because of these amusing structures that this city is known as a representation point of the reasons and past that lead to the current arena of Lithuania. If make a tour to this land, you should not miss or skip coming to this city. It will add more information to your whole trip and make it a worth-while experience. It is for this reason that, this city is the prime and main crowd-puller in terms attracting a whole-lump of travelers from the whole world around there.


Suvalkija is a region in the nation Lithuania which is very famous and on the top –list of many trip makers who look for an interesting place to visit in this country. The name of this region got its link with a Governorate who ran this place between the periods of 1867 to 1914. The name of this government was Suvalki. This government was a part of France Empire which ruled the place for a very long time in the past. There are large

forest and hilly areas

across the whole geography of this region.


The tourists come here for having a fine feel of adventure and doing some wonderful forest activities like exploring and discovering the unknown venues here. The desire to do a long forest walk and doing works of mountaineering are some added attractions of visiting these places. It is really a delight to visit these areas of natural beauty and get that charming experience of standing in the mid of wonderful landscapes.



Vilnius is another wonderful place to visit in this country of natural and scenic beauty. The name of this city is carried out and denoted to a famous river that flows nearby this state. The name of this popular river is Vilnia. Some of the diverse names used here for this city are

Vilna and Wilna

. There is also the wide use of the names like

Vilno and Wilno

. This area started getting modernized during the Middle Ages. At that time, it was covered and surrounded by some solid and huge defensive walls.


There is an

Old Town

which is very famous here. Mainly people from different corners of the world show interest in making a trip to this place. It serves the purpose of tourism as well quenches the thirst of knowing about the past that this city lived in the Middle Ages. So this place is a special attraction in Lithuania.


Kaunas is a city which has many districts and venues that attracts the visitors who come to Lithuania. There is an

Old Town

which is famous for the unique architecture. So this place is also famous with the name of

Modern City

. The style adopted here in this city is influenced by a famous old era design called Baroque. Visitors to this city come to see the designs and patterns used for the construction of this place.


These works are actually very amusing yet attractive and fascinating. So if you come to Lithuania, do make sure that you make a tour to this astonishing and amusing place. It will hold your interest and would allow you to learn about the different patterns of architect. You could also click some nice pictures of these designs for keeping a record in the memory-diary of your trip to this land.


Klaipeda is again a wonderful place to visit in the nation Lithuania. It is one of the best places describing the true use of fine and artistic architectural designs. The name of this architectural design is famous with the name of fackwrk. And the town where it is mostly used is called

Old Town of Klaipeda

. There is also a well-known square in this place. It is called

Theater Square



There a large number of sculpture formations in this city. They add charm and beauty to this place. They are considered as the prime attractions of this place. And for no doubt, these are the places which add wonder to the tourists visiting this place. Most of the people try to keep this place in their must-to-visit list in order to enjoy the best moments and venues while making a tour to the country Lithuania.

Palanga Pier

Palanga Pier is another wonderful place to go and enjoy in the nation Lithuania. People from all across the world try to make a visit for sure when they plan to come to this country. There is a famous street here known with the name of


. It is one of the main customs here to come to this street and watch the scene of sun-set. The whole view adds to the beauty of nature at this time.

Palanga Pier

It reflects the wonderful landscape that this place is awarded with. The warmth of this place can be felt by standing and giving a witness to this sun-set view. It is a must see for all those tourists who look forward for catching some amazing angles of nature and its delightful moments. So if you plan a trip to Lithuania, you must make sure that you come and enjoy standing and watching the wonderful natural spots here.

Žemaičių muziejaus „Alka

This is a kind of museum which is located in one of the main regions of the country Lithuania. The name of this region is

Old Town

of Telsiai. There is a famous monument here which is called the

Urban Monument

. It reflects the art work of the modern architect designs. People like to get a glimpse of this art work and appreciate the talents behind such masterpieces. The building of this monument is very attractive and it looks and shows the culture of the present modern ways of living in Lithuania.

Žemaičių muziejaus „Alka

There is even an old church here which is very famous for its prayer halls. It is believed that this church is very different from the other churches of the country Lithuania. Travelers from all across the world come to see the different style patterns of this church and have a good time altogether while enjoying its style and the whole make-up.

Turgaus square

Turgaus Square

Turgaus is the name of the place which is a famous square in the land of Lithuania. Here there are many attractions placed which can bind the mood and interest of the visitors from all across the world. There are different kinds of sculptures which add to the art-work beauty of this square. This place is located near a fountain area which is close to the destination of a river. This whole area is known as the

Telse River Part

. There is one more place here called

Lithuanian Hound

where a different and strange kind of sculpture is built. It adds to the artistic charm of this place. Tourist like coming to this place in order to know see and appreciate the work of art of this sculpture and take some best moment back to their home.

School of Telsiai, the first education center

The school of Telsiai is the

first education center

which was taken into the form in the time of 1798. It has a history of many students who took part in the mutiny and uprising goals of the town during the time of 1831.

School of Telsiai

The structure of this school was used as an education center during the time when the middle-age wars were on their high. There is a fountain here which is known for its magnificent beauty. There is also an amusing sculpture made here which makes the whole place a unique venue to roam around.


Telse is a wonderful city located in the land of Lithuania. The name of this city signifies the famous river that flows here called as Telse and the surrounding area is called

River Telse Area

. The past of this city shows the fact that this city was founded and explored by an ancient knight. The mention of this city is found in as easy notes and books as the time of 1450. The visitors to the country Lithuania always find it interesting and alluring to come to this city to see the whole beauty of this place and catch up some nice time here.


This city is so small in size that you could easily cover its whole area on just your feet. However, there are also some good bus services here, especially if you want to make a bus-tour of this whole city. It is a really an enjoyable experience to come to this place and have the feeling of living a life that supports and stands near nature.

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