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Italy is popular for its many tourist attractions in Europe and worldwide. It is a country that is acknowledged for its various works of art and culture. Italy is therefore among the leading tourism countries and receives millions of tourists every year. 

Don't Miss Places in Italy

There are several monuments in almost every part of the country and there are great cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice. It has fantastic natural features like beautiful coasts, sparkling lakes and illustrious mountains.

The list below are the top 10 leading attractions in Italy. These are but a few selected best places that you should make sure you explore while in Italy.



The Canals of Venice are among the top 10 leading attractions in Italy. It is commonly known in Italy as the “City of Water” because of the numerous canals. You will with no doubt love the serenity of the canals. It is easy to reach as there are several buses operating from the Venice airport to the canal area.

Canals of Venice

The canals of Venice were built with first-class architectural design that has lasted many years. When there you will spend a lot of time appreciating its wonder. There are over 150 connected canals attached to a core and central place. As a result, they are a main channel for transportation. You are likely to find large groups of tourists admiring each of these canals.

It is certainly a beautiful place that should not be missed by any traveler to Italy. You can sail on a water buses or hire a private taxi to enjoy the impressive ride on the water highway. A trip will give you a spectacular view of the whole canal. It is something that should not be missed. 

Canals of Venice

A ride in the Venice canals is an exhilarating experience – especially if you travel the entire length. The canal is 3800m long and 30-90m wide and extends from Saint Mark Basin all the way to the lagoon bordering Santa Lucia railway station.



Vatican City is one of the world’s most famous and popular cities. It is situated in Rome, Italy, but is actually separate from Italy. You will find lots of people in every part of this tiny city – especially its many attractive streets. It is also the core center for the Catholic religion, most known to many as the ‘holy see’. Vatican City is easily reached from Rome by bus or you can simply walk to the city from Rome.

Vatican City

You can reach the city via the most used entrance – St. Angel Bridge or through St. Peter’s square. You will see various items in the Vatican Museum which is the largest and biggest in the world having more than 1400 rooms. It has galleries containing different artwork dating from about 3000 years ago. It also includes a balcony of old maps and the Sistine Chapel.  There are more things in this museum than you can imagine.

Vatican City

A visit to the Vatican also includes a chance to tour the palace where the Pope resides. You can also see the largest Catholic Church in the world, which is led by the Pope.

Vatican City is an independent state ruled by the Pope. Its tiny space is definitely a place worth seeing. 



The Colosseum is another ‘most-visited’ place in Italy. It is located in Rome and within reach by a bus. The area is globally known to have the largest, most- visited amphitheater within the Roman arena.


The arena was constructed by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian era at around 72 AD. It was unfortunately not completed by Vespasian but later finished by his successor son with exclusively Roman architectural design. You will find that it is a great place to take incredible photos.


The amphitheater has a capacity of about 50,000 people with more than 80 doors. It was originally used as a protection point.



The well-known Pisa Tower and is one of the most frequented tourist attraction sites in Italy. The tower took about 177 years to complete. It is, therefore, one of Italy’s most renowned attractions.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Tower began sinking around 1173 due to its poor foundation. It was then abandoned for about a century before construction commenced again. It was completed in the 14th century. It is a lovely building that is quite high.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is a great place for exercise for those who would like to climb the 296 stairs. It is quite tall, but even those who only manage to climb halfway can have a striking view of the entire lower side.



San Gimignano is another famous and popular city with great tourist attractions. The towers at times were known to the locals as the medieval Manhattan. San Gimignano located in Tuscany. It is reached by buses at a cut rate price from Florence.

Towers of San Gimignano

If you pay a visit to these auspicious towers, you will encounter 14 stone towers constructed in a unique and extraordinary way. The towers actually form a small city which, when viewed from strategic angles, will expose you to the many eye-catching buildings surrounding the towers.

Historically, 70 more towers were constructed in this place to prevent the town from any external threats that might have compromised their security. You will find yourself unable to leave the enchanting and beautiful town. The towers themselves will catch your attention for a long time so watch the time if you have a schedule to keep.

Towers of San Gimignano

These towers protected the entire town, preventing enemies from entering. This preserved most of the town’s legacy.  The medieval towers continue to protect the town- making it a tourist attraction even today.  



Manarola is another tourist site on the top ten visited places in Italy list. It is situated in Cinque Terre and is among the oldest towns in existence in Italy. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore!


Manarola is renowned for its beautiful and pleasant natural surroundings. Cinque Terre has ‘five lands’ which encompass five villages in a sequential manner – giving it a unique set up. In this old town, you can still trace the footpaths, the railways, trains and boats which used to join and connect the unreachable villages. You can catch a train from Pisa to Manarola at a price of about $8.


You will also have an excellent view of the Mediterranean Sea with its waters that appear glittery blue. The town is set up on a mountain side which fills the entire town with a pleasant atmosphere. It is a spectacular experience to climb this steep mountain and see the aerial view of the whole town. Bring your camera and be ready to record the incredible view while at the mountain.



Positano is an amazing town despite its tiny size. With its relaxing scenery, it is also a top ten tourist destination. It is situated on the Amalfi Coast and has a rugged terrain. Here you can get some great exercise from climbing the hills while admiring its beauty.


The streets of Positano are incredible and are filled with lots of friendly people. You will see many displays on every street and enjoy touring the numerous beautiful shops for some shopping.

The buildings too are impeccable. They have a charming architectural design that has made the whole town a very famous tourist destination in Italy. It also has all sorts of people from all over the world so foreigners always feel welcome.


You can easily get a cheap bus ride from the Salerno city to Positano.



Pompeii is an astonishing place located in the city of Naples. The city was devastated by the ash and soil released from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. You will easily get to Pompeii via SITA buses from Naples.


It is one of the most toured sites in Italy. Excavation and digging were done many centuries after the fate that befell the city, and many items were later recovered which revealed various details of paintings, artifacts and remains of people who were buried a long time ago. It is a world heritage recognized by UNESCO.


Pompeii is a great place to see many items that you might not have find anywhere else in the world.  You’ll also have a spectacular view of Mt. Vesuvius, which erupted around 79 AD. The mountain borders this city and is clearly visible. It also contributes to the appealing environment around Pompeii.



The enchanting Piazza Del Campo in Siena is a site any tourist in Italy would not avoid. It is one of the most visited places in Italy and the square is definitely breathtaking. Its architectural design is simply awe-inspiring and you’ll want to take many photos. 

Piazza Del Campo

Apart from the architectural allure, you will love to watch the horse race which takes place right within the square. It takes place twice a year, and when it does, the square gets fully packed with people. The race, (Palio Di Siena), races horses around the attractive Piazza Del Campo. 

Piazza Del Campo

There is usually a dense stratum of dirt piled three times and the race lasts an amazing 90 seconds. You will surely like this first-class experience, even if it is short.  Don’t miss witnessing this magnificent drama while in Italy.



Santa Maria Del Fiore is a top ten tourist attraction in Italy. It was designed and constructed in the Gothic style and completed in the year 1436.

Santa Maria Del Fiore

The Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore is situated in a lovely city of Florence. It is, therefore, the city’s cathedral and thus an emblem of the city. A visit to this great basilica will provide you with a good chance to analyze its exterior design (which is exemplary and unique) displaying awesome structural features. It has various shade lines of green and pink with white color in between their borders.

The basilica is renowned for its large size among the Italian churches. You will encounter this auspicious church with outstanding structure that makes it easily spotted from many other points in the town.

Santa Maria Del Fiore

Lastly, you will also come across the huge dome which is considered one of the largest domes ever created. You will surely have a fantastic time looking at and admiring this magnificent structure. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to explore this beautiful place when you pay a visit to Italy. 

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