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Iceland is an incredible country that has completely embraced tourism as a major activity within its boundaries. Its tourism competes with any other country as it has countless tourist attractions and many reasons to make it a holiday destination. You will need to plan a long holiday as there is much to see including cliffs, mountains, cities and glaciers.

Aurora Borealis over Iceland

The list below summarizes the top 10 Iceland tourist attractions that will leave you overwhelmed with joy.


Reykjavik is without a doubt a top 10 tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Iceland. It is breathtaking and full of attractions. As the biggest city in Iceland and home to two thirds of the country’s population, it has become a major tourist destination. While here, you bump into friendly and talkative locals to chat with.

Reykjavik City

The city also has numerous stunning museums where you can admire everything Iceland has to offer. The art galleries are also enchanting and worth touring to appreciate their beautiful relics. You will not want to miss experiencing the nightlife in the city -there are dazzling parties that will have you entertained the whole night.

Reykjavik City

Reykjavik also offer you the chance to see whales and many other types of marine life. Your visit will make you appreciate every penny and effort you spend in the city. Make sure to also visit the gorgeous Glymur waterfall. It is the tallest and most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. Watch and enjoy seeing the water beautifully hit the bottom, bubbling into a yawning canyon that is surrounded by beautiful bird nests and lots of green mosses. It is something you will never forget.


The amazing Blue Lagoon is another major tourist attraction in Iceland that should not be missed out on. The perfect site for nature lovers, the Blue Lagoon is only a few meters from Reykjavik. Its location makes it easily to catch a bus from the Reykjavik downtown bus station.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon has beautiful scenery that is not likely to be found anywhere else. Its waters are magical and colorful; they appear blue green and opaque all at the same time. Even more amazing- the lagoon is located within a lava field.

Blue Lagoon

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the waters yourself, the white silica gently tickling your entire torso. It is an amazing feeling that is hard to imitate. You’ll find it even more amazing when you find out that the lagoon was created out of the continuous efforts of a geothermal power plant that siphons sea water into it. You will also see lots of runoff waters draining into the lagoon.


The tremendously lengthy – about 1360 meters – Raufarholshellir lava tube is certainly a top10 tourist attraction. It always brings in large crowds of tourists from all over the world, and is, without a doubt, a magnetic place for adventurers.

The lava tube, located in the Leitahrun region, is the third largest lava cave in Iceland. It is a major tourist attraction with an awesome history. It was first established in the Reykjanes peninsula about 5000 years ago from lava gushing into where it currently stands.


There are about four openings into the cave, so it will be up to you to choose the best one to explore. You could also just tour each and every one of them (It is certainly worth it.). You will have a memorable time of about four hours walking through the cave as you admire all of its beauty. You will need to walk deep into the cave to find the area where you can see many of the lava patterns. Make sure you also see the three lava tunnels representing the original four entries. However, if you do find them, be careful! These lava configurations are known to collapse.


Exploring this attraction may be hard in some areas, but it’s easy to try. There are many cars that you can hire from Reykjavik to take you to the lava tube in less than one hour.


The astounding and popular Latrabjarg cliffs are a major tourist attraction in Iceland. The cliffs are, in fact, one of the most visited sites in Europe. You will be welcomed by a calm, tranquil atmosphere that will compel you to visit more than once. It is easy to get there via buses from Reykjavik.

Latrabjarg Cliffs

The Latrabjarg cliffs are very striking and popular among many tourists due to the enormous numbers of bird species that live in the cliffs. The cliff is the third largest bird cliff in Europe. Its size makes it perfect for unique bird populations, and you will find some birds that are only best suited to survive there.

The Razorbill is one particular bird species that calls the cliffs home. You will be happy to find as many as 40 percent of its population there.

Latrabjarg Cliffs

The cliffs are also known for the millions of puffins that reside there. Atlantic puffins have made Iceland the perfect site for home. The best time to tour the site is in May so you can see the huge numbers of birds camping there for the start of their breeding period.

You may also come across several daring locals around the cliff during this time, waiting to steal the birds’ eggs. It is certainly a fantastic place and you should always remember to have a camera with you when you go.


The West Fjords is another amazing site you should not miss when in Iceland. It is full of many wonders that await every nature lover. They are a series of interconnected mountains covered entirely with glaciers. You will enjoy the dramatic view. Give yourself plenty of time to spend admiring their magnificence as well as the stunning beauty of the many details.

If you can, travel to the top to get a greater view. Go in groups to make the trip safer and more fun. You will be able to observe many lovely sea birds flying across the sky as you trek upwards. Many inhabit the area, filling the sky with music.

West Fjords

There are also numerous foxes that live here which you will also see along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the tiny but pretty villages scattered at the foot of the mountainous landscape. Their rugged existence is telling of the areas culture and history.

Keep an eye out for Vigur, it has many inhabitants and is famous for being a bird’s paradise. So, in addition to people, you will also find plenty of birds, from many different species.

West Fjords

It is easy to get around this area even if you don’t have wings. Buses along the Ring Road come from Reykjavik, and are the best way to get to the mountains.


The stunning Vatnajokull glaciers of Iceland are a must see. They are among the top 10 tourist attractions and one of the most visited sites in Iceland.

Vatnajokull Glaciers

The glaciers offer a spectacular scene that will mesmerize you. They are ranked as the largest and thickest in the whole of Europe – one reason why they receive millions of tourists every year. This mere fact makes it the perfect site for nature landscape lovers. The glaciers appear in all forms and are the ultimate photo opportunity. Plan to take pictures that you will enjoy for many years to come.

These aren’t your everyday glaciers. The larger ones are large enough to walk on! Be sure to book a guide to help you skate over them and brave the freezing temperatures. If lucky, you will come across some active volcanoes which may not be very visible as they are mostly covered with ice. Be sure to stay on the safe part of the glacial terrain and observe the many valleys winding like huge snakes across the glaciers. There are also several gorges which you may come across.

Vatnajokull Glaciers

This is one place that will require appropriate shoes and clothing in order to stay safe and have fun. It’s easy to get here with a quick bus from Reykjavik headed toward the glaciers.


Hverfell is certainly one place that will definitely make you top 10 list when choosing the very best tourist sites to visit. Take an early bus and allow plenty of time to explore.

Hverfell is famous for its crater. It is the largest crater in the world and more so the most striking and well proportioned crater in all of Iceland. The crater exposes its beauty over a vast area that is about 1000 meters wide and over 140 meters deep. Climbing to its top is the best way to gain amazing views of its entire effect. You can also try and descend some meters for an even greater adventure.


This crater came into being out of a volcanic explosion. You will need to use the available guides to help explain everything that has happened to cause the crater. It will help you appreciate it even more. There is also a charming lake, Myvatn, attached to the crater.


Hverfell is a place you will not want to leave until you are able to take breathtaking photos that are somewhat worthy of its natural beauty. You can easily catch buses to the crater from Husavik at an inexpensive rate.


The impeccable Fjadrargljufur gorge is surely one not to be matched to any other in Iceland. It has striking walls that stand out from the flowing chilly waters of River Canyon beneath. There are several huge rocks on which you can sit and admire the gorge. You can also find your way down to the river and feel the waters.


The gorge is one place where you will love to share its beauty in pictures. Don’t forget to take as many photos of it as you can.


Buses along the Ring Road from Reykjavik will directly take you to the gorge.


Nature lovers would certainly not want to miss the chance miss to tour Askja, one of the most appealing beauties of Iceland. It is another one of many sites the county can boast about.


Askja offers an enchanting volcanic mountainous ring that is about 8 kilometers wide. It is the perfect place for taking a photo hike around its mountainous landscape. These mountains were formed out of volcanic activities and also have beautiful craters you can climb.


Before ascending to its top, try swimming in some relatively warm blue-green waters in the pond at its base. These waters are spectacular and will leave you wanting more, no matter how much time you spend there.


The gorgeous Dettifoss waterfalls are yet another top 10 tourist attraction in Iceland that you will enjoy visiting. They are located in the Jokulsarlijufur National Park and are among the most magnificent waterfalls in Europe. The experience at the falls is certainly one of its kind as you will be astounded by the thundering noise of glacial waters making their way down the 44 meter cliffs into a huge pool beneath.

Dettifoss Waterfalls

It will, however, be a little difficult to witness the waters as they fall rapidly as a milky grayish color, and are difficult to catch without the right camera. It may require plenty of photos to get the perfect shot. You, however, shouldn’t mind the extra time- the atmosphere is too enticing and impressive to matter. Be sure to descend down to the valley to have a better view of the massive beauty.

Dettifoss Waterfalls

There are many buses from Reykjavik on the Ring Road, which will make it easy to get to the falls.

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