Don’t Miss Places In Hungary

Hungary is one of the greatest tourism destinations in the world. The country is indeed a perfect place for holidays.

The list of attractions in Hungary is endless. There are lots of monuments to enjoy, a lovely nature, cities among many other tourist attractions.

Buda Castle

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions in Hungary and hence an easy check on where to start.


The stunning Buda Castle is definitely one of the most alluring sites to visit in Hungary. The castle is in effect a leading tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Budapest and more so in Hungary.

The castle is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was constructed in 1265. The castle has an impressive architectural design that makes it very inviting. It also has a colossal size that a visit to it would require a couple of days for a complete adventure.

Buda Castle

The castle is a fantastic palace that has countless rooms to tour. The Budapest History Museum is surely a great spot for adventure right within the castle. The museum displays lots of compelling items that are actually a collection of most of the magical objects in Hungary. The guides will also leave you mesmerized.

The National Art Gallery will also not be missed as it is within the castle. The statues and drawings here are enchanting and will require you to have their photos. The exhibitions are also striking and worth of seeing.

Buda Castle

You will also have fun touring the mind blowing Matthias Church that is within the Buda Castle District. The church has a catchy design. The Ecclesiastical Art Museum is certainly worth of seeing within the church compound. Here, you will witness the numerous intriguing religious objects exhibited.

The most convenient way to get to the castle is by use of a taxi from Budapest city.


Lake Balton is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction and one of the most visited sites in Hungary. The lake is indeed fantastic for nature lovers.

The lake is well situated in a scenic landscape that offers a dramatic site for you. First, you will encounter the gorgeous mountainous scenery where you will love to climb and descend. The mountains are a nice place to watch the many activities taking place within the lake region.

Lake Balton

The vineyard area is also lucrative. You will certainly not miss to tour it. The lake itself is the main attraction. The lake is very brilliant and has an immaculate blue shade that gives it a sea look. By the way, the lake has been duped as the Sea of Hungary.

The lake will allow you to taste its fresh water it being a recognized fresh water lake in and certainly one of the largest lakes in the entire Central Europe. There is surely much fun to keep you delighted as you can get yourself riding in the beautiful and well maintained boats and yachts across the lake. There are also numerous appealing things to do at the lake.

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Lake Balton

Otherwise, you can just sit by the lake and get infused by the cool serene ambiance encompassing the whole area and more so relax in the spectacular nature. There are trains that operate from Budapest Deli to the lake.


A visit in Hungary cannot be complete before touring the magnetic Fisherman’s Bastion. This is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction in Hungary and a place where you will find thousands of tourists every year.

The Fisherman’s Bastion has a unique structure that makes it very appealing to every visitor. The seven enchanting towers can surely not escape your attention as they are just nice looking. You will have to have their photos. The towers were put in place in memory of some seven famous Magyar clans.

Fisherman's Bastion

The mixture of the Roman and Gothic designs make it certainly very gorgeous. It is certainly amusing to see the ancient structure still exhibiting a pretty charming look since 1905.

You will also not miss to ascend to the top most part of any of the tower through some well maintained stairs. From here, you will love everything that will get displayed to you. The views are panoramic and you cannot miss to have photos of the many beauties abhorred by Budapest as they are well displayed.

Fisherman's Bastion

Otherwise, you can have yourself fun touring the many lovely rooms of the bastion. You will enjoy walking from Budapest city to the bastion.


The dazzling St. Stephen Basilica is truly another eye catching site you should not miss visiting. The basilica is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction in Hungary.

The basilica welcomes you with a gorgeous impressive architectural design that will certainly amuse you and you will like to have its photos. You will surely not imagine the basilica having being constructed in the 1905 as it has retained its original beauty to date.

St. Stephen's Basilica

The basilica is also a massive figure not to be missed by your eyes as it is actually one of the highest structures in the entire charming Budapest City.

The bell is also a fabulous item to see and more so here it rings with its sound reaching every part of Budapest. The bell is alluring and you will certainly love to hear that it weighs about 9 tons.

St. Stephen's Basilica

The inside is also enticing with a colorful decoration with lots of notable religious materials stored there. The altar is well embellished giving it a real holistic look. Ensure you see the embalmed fist of the patron to the basilica, King Stephen I. the basilica is certainly one of the best places to tour while in Hungary.


The stunning Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst are certainly top tourist attractions in Hungary and one of the most magical sites you should not miss. The caves are indeed a spectacular site for everyone. You can catch a bus from Budapest town.

Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst

The caves comprise of about 712 mysterious caves that form the astounding karst system. Actually, you are not likely to find any other of their kind in the world. The caves also vary in type and thus much for you to discover.

Be keen as you tour the caves as you will note the stalagmite strata which are in fact the mightiest in the world. The gulfs filled with ice will also not escape your curious eyes.

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Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst

The caves lie between Slovakia and Hungary and extend to over 55,800 hectares and hence a wide area to keep you overwhelmed with mystery. The site is also feature among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can certainly not miss to see this site.


The magnificent Andrassy Avenue is yet another scenic site you should not miss touring while in Hungary. The avenue is simply breath taking.

The avenue has indeed an attractive look that makes you feel very privileged to have stepped on a world class boulevard. The terrazzo look makes it very alluring and certainly a major tourist attraction in Hungary.

Andrassy Avenue

Along it, the impeccable restaurants and shopping stops will just give you a place to keep venturing into as you continue exploring the beauty. The boutiques are gorgeous and a must to visit them as they top quality items which you will certainly love to carry home.

The theatres will not be left out along the street. Actually, you will have to enjoy witnessing some of the greatest and outstanding performances in Hungary from here. The theatres are a sure place to witness the culture embraced in Hungary. The music will also make you joyous and you will certainly have to plan second visits to the street.

Andrassy Avenue

The locals are charming and it is from this avenue that you can find forthcoming friends to keep and treasure. You will also love to see the lovely architectural designs that vary from building to building as you walk leisurely enjoying the calmness and peacefulness that is at every part of the path.


You cannot miss to tour the thrilling Hortobagy National Park that is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction in Hungary. The park is a sure magnetic place for the nature lovers. Tourists can get to the park by bus from Budapest.

Hortobagy National Park

Hortobagy National Park has been a major national park in the country since the year 1973 and has so far been a superb destination for tourists. The park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is a home to some of the most fascinating wildlife. Actually, you will find jeopardized animal species that are being confined there by law to ensure they don’t become extinct.

You will certainly like to stroll across the park admiring the pretty vegetation that makes it a dramatic place to visit. By the way, the park is very wide that you will have a great extent to adventure. The atmosphere is also mind blogging and soul soothing, and definitely the best of its kind.

Hortobagy National Park

The park has a charming history that you will like to hear from the amazing guides within the park. The park is also the biggest plain region that is preserved as a national park in the entire Central Europe. The park is accessible from Budapest by buses.


The exquisite parliament building is definitely a top 10 tourist attraction that remained among the moist visited sites in Hungary over years. It is certainly a site you should not miss touring.

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Parliament Building

Right from Danube, you will get an impressive view of the gigantic but appealing building which will of course compel you to visit it closely. Actually when at a distance, you can have the greatest photos of the whole lovely building. The neo gothic structural design makes it an outstanding figure in the entire Budapest and truly worth of seeing.

The guides are formidable and you will enjoy their company as you tour the whole structure. There are many wonderful rooms to visit where you will enjoy admiring their design as well as their other decorations. The guided tour is mostly available when the parliament sessions are not in progress. The fine House of Lords is one the superb rooms you will have to visit. The stairs all round the rooms are first class and you can barely feel uncomfortable using them. Ensure you visit the jewels room as there are mind blowing items to admire.

Parliament Building

You will also love to tour Battyany Square which is a few meters away from the parliament building and from here you will also have panoramic views of it.


The nice looking old village of Holloko is with all certainty another great and magnetic site to tour. It is indeed a top tourist attraction in Hungary. Buses normally operate from Budapest to the site.

Old Village of Holloko

The village is simply an awesome museum that has everything you would want to see. The architectural design of each of the house makes the place a remarkable site to tour. Each museum has lots of items displayed with many friendly guides to take you around each item for a better appreciation of the great collection.

The workshops are also pretty and you will love to see the artisans at work formulating many lucrative objects. You will certainly not leave before having photos of each of the exhibitions.

Old Village of Holloko

The village has in effect been featured among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The history attached to the village is splendid and lovely to listen to. There is a bus from Budapest to the village.


The visit to Hungary can be graced at the divine memorial that displays the shoes on the Danube Promenade. This is in fact a top tourist attraction in Hungary. You will catch buses from Budapest to the site.

Shoes on the Danube Promenade

The memorial ground has much to keep you reflecting about. Here, you will find good looking iron shoes exhibited along the Danube River. There are actually about 60 pairs of different types of shoes that give good memory of the World War II that took several lives.

The shoes actually represent those persons who were brutally shot and later driven to the river where they were to be forgotten. A visit to the ground gives you a good chance to grieve the fatalities.

Shoes on the Danube Promenade

You will also get reminded that wars are not good for anyone. The river will also offer you a delightful site to relax in and have a great time reflecting on the war as you also get cherished by the cool tranquil atmosphere marrying the entire region. Photos of the river and the shoes are a must to keep the memory.

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