Don’t Miss Places In Haiti

Haiti is a breathtaking country with large oodles of attractions that in effect makes her a popular and awe inspiring place for holidays.

Don't Miss Places in Haiti

The country has a rich collection of museums, ports, islands, parks, monuments among many others. The atmosphere and weather is lovely to stay in. The landscape is also dramatic and very alluring to walk in or drive.

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions in Haiti and thus an easy way to find the best hubs to stop at.


The spectacular Labadee Island is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction in Haiti that remarkably attracts a large number of visitors from all corners of the world. The site is incredible for nature lovers. There are cruise ships that ferry visitors to the island.

Labadee offers a massive and beautiful port with lots of things to marvel at. You will definitely be fascinated by every activity taking place there. The huge ships and cranes offloading and loading cargo will certainly have you wanting to have their photos.


The water activities here are surely the best and you can hardly avoid any of them. You will greatly like the experience sailing across the water as the wind blows over your head giving you a gorgeous sensation. You will also enjoy the well maintained boats where you will definitely want to spend much time in them.

Don’t miss to relax in the clean calm water that are certainly nice to swim in. Actually the site is marvelous for all.


Otherwise lazing along any of the beaches is awesome as you will get a chance to listen to the gentle waves forming or enjoy the cool breeze blowing across. You can also have a fabulous moment strolling along the beach and especially walking barefooted over the pristine breath taking sands.


The amazing Citadelle Laferriere will also not be missed out by any tourist in Haiti. This is in fact one of the most visited sites in the country. It is truly breathtaking.

You will definitely love to ascend the low lying mountain towards the fort. The atmosphere here is the most tranquil and completely unspoiled. The vegetation on your way are brilliant and worth of noting.

Citadelle Laferriere

Right at the top of the mountain is the eye catching fort which is unbelievably impressive and outstanding. In fact, this is the largest castle in the country and has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The architectural design of the fortress is truly auspicious and worth of photos. You will certainly have to stroll around as you witness its exterior beauty. The interior is also mind blogging and will surely lure you to walk in. Each room is nice looking and more so the lovely and unique spectacular layout.

Citadelle Laferriere

You will also be enthralled by the locals narrating the history attached to the magnificent building. The site is certainly great for all. You will of course not miss to pay the site a visit.

The fortress can be accessed from the Milot city by car or taxi.

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The exquisitePlaine du Cul de Sac is yet another site you can hardly circumvent while in Haiti. The place with no doubt perfect for holidays. It has always, in effect, appeared among the top 10 tourist attractions in Haiti.

The site is easily accessible from Port-au-Prince via a car.

Plaine Du Cul De Sac

The site is one of the best you can be in as you get a chance to intermingle with enchanting bird species. You will with all certainty enjoy witnessing the flamingos gathered together with a few of them flying from one point to the next. They will certainly deserve to be taken snaps.

The ducks are also amazing. It is surely fantastic watching them relaxing in the cool water undisturbed by the presence of the visitors. The charming heroines will also not escape your curious eyes as they are the most vibrant with most of them flying high in the air.

Plaine Du Cul De Sac

You will also like to spend your time strolling along the lengthy stretch of land as you get infused by the dramatic cool ambiance. It is certainly one of the places not to be missed by anyone touring Haiti.


Your visit to Haiti cannot be complete before touring the magical Bassin Bleuin Jacmel. This is with no doubt one of the most visited sites in Haiti and actually a top 10 tourist destination. The site is intriguing for nature lovers. You will easily find taxis from Port-au-Prince to the site.

The visit to the site is commence by a memorable and fabulous drive along a rough road that is worth using. Ensure you are alert as you cross the two low rivers that get many vehicles stuck for hours. However, it is an amazing experience.

Bassin Bleu

You will be also be amused by the panoramic views you get of the many beauties surround the region. Having a camera with you as you do the ride is highly recommended.

You will then enjoy the hike to the real site of adventure as you get every bit of the magnificent serene air. It is surely a nice place for all.

The guides there are the most friendly you can ever find and they will ensure you have that very best visit in your lifetime. The activities here are delightful. You will truly fall in love with the magnetic climb using ropes that are well stationed at various spots.

Bassin Bleu

The water there is placid blue and one of the most enthralling to relax in. You will definitely not suppress the urge to dive into them. The guides are also intriguing as they will keep your joy and fun high as they jump off the cliffs into the lovely bluish pool of water lying beneath a mind blogging waterfall. You can certainly not miss to have their photos.

Otherwise the cool air in the entire place will have you wanting to visit the site every time. Don’t miss to visit this alluring landmark.


At the core of the enticing Port-au-Prince is the magical Pentionville. This is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction in Haiti and certainly one of the most visited places in the country. The site is surely dramatic for all.

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The ride from Santo Domingo via buses to Pentionville is awesome.

The entire region will definitely have you overwhelmed with satisfaction as you will love everything you see. The streets are splendid and highly maintained to give the best kind of a drive or a stroll. The wonderful architectural designs standing in many parts of the region are astounding and enchanting. You will have to stop for a closer look.


The salons here are the best you can ever find. They will ensure you have a lucrative treat which you will certainly have at the back of your mind all the time.

The supermarkets are also first class with every kind of unique and outstanding item you will want to shop. However, you will have to carry a little more money to ensure you don’t come out without any item.


The versatile composition of residents of the region is charming with lots of foreigners who will help you feel at home. They are indeed wonderful to socialize with.

Don’t miss to witness the calmness and cleanliness at every art of the region. It is with no doubt one of the best places to travel to.


The dazzling Barbancourt Rum Distilleryis with no doubt among the top 10 tourist attractions and in fact the most visited sites of Haiti. The distillery is certainly a great place to adventure. You will easily catch a car from Port-au-Prince to the site.

The architectural design of the distillery is indeed outstanding and magnificent. Its massive size is also fit for its use. You will certainly have a gorgeous place to tour.

Barbancourt Rum Distillery

The guides here are truly friendly and will involve you in an interactive session where you can get answers to all your questions. It will indeed a nice experience. Be keen as they take you around the whole building explaining every machinery stored there.

The part exhibiting the entire production process is unbelievably the most interesting as you will witness water and other materials being mixed to produce to the mouthwatering rum. The process is certainly worth of being recorded so remember to carry your recorder.

Barbancourt Rum Distillery

Finally, you will not miss having a lovely moment tasting the well prepared drink. By the way, the ambiance encompassing the whole region is first rate and so you can enjoy your cocktail peacefully. This rum is one of the most excellent in the country and has led to the company being very famous and popular among many tourists and locals.


The impeccable Aminga Island is undoubtedly a top 10 tourist attraction in Haiti. The island is remarkably awesome and very popular among tourists. It is indeed attractive and catchy for nature lovers.

Aminga Island

The island is well surrounded by a scenic beach and a beautiful scenery that will have enjoyed to the maximum. The beach is covered with exquisite fine sands that are amazing to walk on. You will definitely like the whole thing of sinking into the sands as you stroll along the coastline.

The water is highly tempting and you will have to dive into them to discover more of its charm. The coral reefs are stunning and wonderful to look at. You will have a clear view of them from the waters. Otherwise you can admire them from the dry land.

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Aminga Island

The boats are also amusing and will keep you smiling as you sail in them across the water. You will also have lovely placid views of the whole coral formations. Certainly, this is one nice place to have a family outing.

You will definitely enjoy riding in cruise ships to the island.


The superb and magnetic National Palace will also not be missed out by any traveler in Haiti. The palace is with no doubt a top tourist attraction and never misses the attention of all visitors to Port-au-Prince. There are buses that operate from Santo Domingo to the city.

National Palace

The lovely and compelling structural design will be the first thing to lure you. It is surely well laid out and leaves you only the chance of capturing its photos.

The compound has a lot to marvel at. The flowers will ensure you enjoy the fantastic aroma as you stroll through the many paths leading to various places or as you relax under the dramatic shadows of the mighty enthralling trees. The statues at various places are also worth of noting and more so having your photos clicked before them.

National Palace

The palace’s rooms are gorgeous and highly embellished with lots of sociable guides to take you around. You will certainly enjoy being within the presidents residences.


The enchanting Museum of Haitian Art is certainly a top 10 tourist attractions and one of the very popular sites of Haiti. The museum is surely worthy of your tour.

Museum of Haitian Art

The museum has an appealing architectural design that only leaves desire to explore its interiors. You will also like the setting in which it is located.

The vast composition of relics displayed with give a wonderful time appreciating their formulating and more so their formulators who are indeed greatly skilled.

Museum of Haitian Art

Otherwise, you can walk to the vast area of the College of Saint Pierre to witness the beauties within it. Relaxing below many of the well-trimmed trees will leave you feeling freshened and ready for more adventure.


You can then end your superb visit at the impeccable Bay of Acul. This bay is certainly among the leading top 10 tourist attractions in Haiti. The site is indeed for those who love to explore the past.

Bay of Acul

The site is indeed a spectacular site with countless wonders. The atmosphere here is the best and you will only wish to have something to carry some it with you. The vegetation is also amazing and full of life with an inviting greenly look.

Ensure you get the best activity to engage as they are all marvelous. Otherwise, you can enjoy swimming or snorkeling as you allow the cool wind to blow past your head.

Bay of Acul

The coral reefs will also not go unnoticed as they as compactly displayed from the shore to some distance in the water. It is certainly a place you should not miss visiting while in Haiti. The cruise ride from Port-au-Prince to the bay is brilliant.

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