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Guyana is unbelievably a stunning country to make your holiday awesome. Guyana has a lengthy list of attractions that have definitely enabled it to find a place among the most visited countries in the world.

The mountains are amazing, the beaches, the cities, grasslands and more so the very famous Kaieteur falls among many other scenic attractions. These attractions have continually earned the country a great name among her visitors. The highlights are all remarkable that you can find it hard trying to avoid any of them.


The country enjoys a cool serene atmosphere and weather that is certainly what every visitor want to experience. The terrain is also amazing and one that is too tempting for those searching for places to settle in.

The list below shows 8 of the most toured and actually the most mind blowing sites in the country to help you in finding out the great places to visit.


The amazing Kaieteur Falls Are with no doubt a major tourist attraction and actually one of the most visited sites in Guyana. The site is greatly spectacular and dramatic for nature lovers.

A visit to the Falls offers you a chance to experience the undisturbed ambiance that remains excellent all the time. The coolness is wonderful for a hot afternoon. The vegetation here is certainly gorgeous and full of life due to the ever wet conditions I the entire place.

Kaieteur Falls

The falls is certainly one of the best hubs of adventure and be among the many tourists who are known to tour them so as to witness its massive water flow. Actually, the fall has the largest singular drop of about 741 feet in the whole world.

The magical drop down of water will surely leave you thrilled. Don’t miss to stroll in the impeccable jungle neighboring the falls to have its sensational calmness to yourself.

Kaieteur Falls

The Makonamia birds are also excellent and in great numbers. You will certainly be thrilled to have their photos. The Kaieteur swifts are too amusing to see as they fly high across the fall and some perching on the gorgeous bushes around.

The scenery also allows you to have panoramic snaps of the entire falls from various points. It is surely one place you should not miss visiting while in Guyana.


The stunning Galibi Nature Reserve is yet another great scenic site not to miss as you explore the country. The reserve is home to countless splendid creatures to marvel at. It is with all certainly breath taking for both adults and children.

The reserve offers you a golden chance to witness the 30 feet attractive anacondas spread peacefully in their places. You certainly have to take their photos as the guides take you around to clear all misunderstanding associated with the snakes.

Galibi Nature Reserve

The anacondas are believed to feed on small dogs and other intrudingpredators in the region. You will certainly eager to find them on the hunt for this food.

The huge but eye catching sea turtles are also in large numbers and you can hardly fail to notice them. The most interesting time is when they are laying their eggs along the shoreline. It is definitely a spectacular thing to witness. Also be keen to note the dangerous arrow dart frog.

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The birds also ensure the place is truly gorgeous as there is a wide variety of them. The insects also range in sizes and so you will have to be careful to avoid getting hurt by them.

Galibi Nature Reserve

The monkeys will also not allow you to leave before you have witnessed their charm. It is surely delightful watching them swinging on the tree branches and most of them jumping from tree to tree.

There are cars to ride you to the reserve from Paramaribo.


The enticing Devils Island will certainly be your next stop. The island is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction that has always been receiving thousands of tourists all the years.

The island is easily accessible by cruise ships from Kourou city where you enjoy a smooth ride amidst soft winds and tranquil atmosphere.

Devil's Island

The island abhors a variety of magical animals that definitely make you cherish your efforts with the site. The monkeys are in plenty and will always ensure they make you happy either by picking your meals or throwing banana peels to you. Ensure you also appreciate the presence of the black Caymans. The birds are also numerous and continuously make their melodious sounds to ensure you don’t feel alone. It is truly a great place to be in.

The next stop will be at the stunning hotel which has a remarkable history attached to it as it previously serve as a prison.

Devil's Island

The island has also a nice site for relaxing in the waters of the minute lake and the stunning Caribbean clean water either freshening yourself or simply enjoying yourself. So don’t forget to carry with you your swimming outfits. You can certainly not afford to miss this magnetic site.


The magnificentGeorgetown city is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction that can hardly be missed by any traveller to the country. The city is truly dramatic for adventure.

The city has a rich and diverse culture that dates back to antiquity. You will certainly enjoy witnessing the various ways in which the culture is displayed from the theatres.


The city also has some of the most impressive architectural designs which will leave enthralled and you will have to take their photos. The old ones will definitely make you have a clear understanding of the colonial era.

The avenues also make you feel like you are walking on the very best in the world. There are lots of charming trees that are lined all the way to the end of each. You will certainly have a fabulous moment walking by the paths sides as you get a chance to feel and experience the cool air distributed by each of the trees.

The canals are also mind blogging and beautifully embellished with lilies. Having their snaps is with no doubt a great thing. You will also have to visit several of the botanical gardens that have lots of tropical vegetation. The trees there are well arranged amidst sweet smelling flowers. The gardens are indeed some of the best places to spend much of your time. You can also pick flowers from here to carry with you.

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The highly colorful Indian markets will also not be left out. The markets display many items of which you will enjoy selecting or simply seeing them. The place is also a nice area to meet the Indians as they are in large numbers.

The gigantic masonry structure that protects the country from experiencing the effects of high tides is also worth of seeing. The St Georges Anglican Cathedral is also amazing to tour. The cathedral has a catchy architectural design and more so it is the tallest and mightiest church built of wood in the world. You will certainly not miss having its photos.


The wonderful Rupununi grassland is of course a top tourist destination in Guyana. The grassland is actually a gorgeous site to spend time during the holidays as there are many things to witness and get thrilled at.

The savannah has numerous dotted trees that offer nice places to relax away from the sun. They are also nice spots from where you can take aerial photos of the entire region. The vast areas are covered with tall grass which is certainly manageable.


Every visitor gets amused by the countless termite moulds that are unbelievably splendid spots from where you can learn a lot of the termite behavior. The hills are also enchanting parts to lure you and especially the woods covering them. You can surely never regret having travelled to the site.

The cattle ranches are also awesome sites to admire. Here, you will definitely find different breeds of cattle grazing and you can have a chance to inquire about the way to put up ranches easily.


You can then stroll to the lovely Amerindian villages to interact with the locals who are definitely friendly and very sociable.

The site is most enticing during the rainy season as there are a lot of water activities to keep you joyous and particularly the bout trips.

The place is accessed from Bonfim by a bus or the usual daily flight trips.


Within the neighbourhood of the Rupununi grasslands are the dazzling Kanuku Mountains which are indeed among the major tourist attractions in the country. The mountains are certainly superb and mind blogging for the nature lovers.

The mountain climbers will have the best time here as they hike up the high mount through the winding paths. The vegetation covering the whole region is first class and makes the whole place auspicious and a breathtaking place to spend time. You can actually have a memorable moment identifying the various types there.

Kanuku Mountains

The atmosphere here is one of the most excellent that you can hardly find anywhere else. You surely feel an out of the earth experience.

Be vigilant to note the lovely high rising peaks of the mountain that rise to just below the clouds. You will definitely have to take their photos. The versatile composition of birds also ensures their sweet to hear noises are noticed. Actually, you will have a gorgeous time identifying and differentiating them.

Kanuku Mountains

The mammals are also in large numbers. You truly cannot miss to tour the region. The site can be reached by bus from Bonfim.

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A visit to Guyana will not be complete before touring the enchanting Marshall Falls. These falls are unbelievably scenic and exquisite especially for the nature lovers. The falls are in fact among the top 10 tourist attractions in the country.

The falls are within reach from Bartica by a boat which will definitely not take more than 30 minutes.

Marshall Falls

The falls are undoubtedly amazing with massive water falling to the wide pool below the fall. This magnetic down drop of water can barely pass without your snaps.

The vegetation here is also fascinating and inviting. You actually feel at the best place as you get infused with cool and clean air and more so the peacefulness that surrounds the whole place.

Marshall Falls

The intriguing Jacuzzi is with no doubt another fantastic place to stop. Here you get a chance to bathe in the clean and friendly water. This moment can certainly not be missed.

The neighbouring rainforests are also magnificent and worth of your visit. Otherwise, you can stroll to the bush camp in your vicinity to find the sociable locals who will show you around and make your visit awesome. Be keen to also note the gold gullies in the place.


A visit to Guyana can be completed at the appealingShell Beach that is reached from Georgetown by boats. This site is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction and remarkable for all.

The beach lies between the beautiful Pomeroon and Waini rivers. You thus have a wide area to explore. The stroll along the river banks is incredibly amusing.

Shell Beach

The beach as by the name is a home to a vast collection of small good looking shells scattered everywhere. You can surely not miss to collect several of them to keep in your museum back home.

The sea turtle also beautifies the beach as they’re numerous of them. You will have one of the best moments in your life mingling with them or trying to have them fed. It is a great place you should not miss adventuring.

Shell Beach

A visit in March to July is the most awe inspiring as the world compelling eight turtle families align themselves by the show to exhibit their beauty. You certainly cannot miss to witness them laying their eggs. Ensure you carry your camera to the site.

A night stroll is more fabulous as you get an opportunity to see them fighting for places between the between the shells to lay their eggs.

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