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Greenland is indeed a gorgeous place to adventure and tour. The island has lots of marvelous things that make it a must visit for all.

The island allows you to feel the appealing impact of ice and snow as most part of it is under their cover.

A village in Greenland

A visit in the summers is certainly the most appropriate as you will have enough places to admire the ice fjords, bays, mountains, as well as the towns. You will also get a chance to interact with the Inuit who are its residents. You certainly have to have a lengthy summer holiday to totally amass all the beauties.

Here is a list of 8 of the most attractive sites to visit in Greenland and thus you will have a superb time discovering them.


The spectacular

Narsarsuaq village

is with no doubt a top tourist attraction in the island and certainly one of the most breathtaking sites to be in. The site is perfect for all.

Once you are in the place, you will get a warm welcome from the friendly locals as they help you to walk around admiring the many highlights. The site’s population is amazing as there are only 200 persons living there. The history pertaining the village will be readily dispatched by the locals.


The harbour is also a great and gorgeous spot to tour. The harbor will allow you to interact with the cool calm waters swimming deep into them as you explore the hidden treasures underneath. You will likely come across fishes which you will certainly enjoy watching and playing with.

Sailing across in well maintained boats at a cut rate price will also will be enthralling since you will be allowing yourself a gorgeous moment of the gentle wind blowing past your head giving you a blissful moment and truly an out of the earth experience.


You will also enjoy strolling to the power station to learn a few things on power generation and distribution. The guides there will certainly be of great importance as they will leave you completely satisfied with your visit.

The higher regions overlooking the village are also scenic. You truly have to hike up and get more amused. The paths leading are excellent. You will also like the atmosphere of the entire region.


Your visit to the Greenland will surely not be complete if you fail to tour the stunning Ilulissat region. This is indeed a top tourist destination that cannot be left out by any traveller on the island.

Ilulissat is ranked among the top three largest settlements of Greenland and you can be sure to find lots of things to marvel at. It is situated a few kilometers in the northern part of the famous arctic circle.

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The most intriguing thing will be seen when you travel to its eastern side where the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier is located. This is indeed a major highlight in the country. Its massive size will definitely leave you amused as well as surprised.

You will also like to skate over the glaciers and get a placid and clearer view of the extent to which it extends to. This experience is one of the most awesome as you get to adapt to the chilling effect of the ice for you to manage to get the best moments from here.


You will also love to learn that the glacier tops in the list of productivity in the northern hemisphere. One certainly learns lots of amazing things about it from the sociable locals here.

Actually this site is brilliant and so scenic as everything is covered white due to the snows and this leaves you simply spellbound, but to have gorgeous photos, you need to keep acquainted with the dramatic experience.


The magical Disko Bay (Qasigiannguit) is with no doubt another top tourist attraction that receives numerous tourists every year, especially in the summers. The bay is entirely an intriguing hub for all.

The magnetic pristine blue waters will certainly have you completely tempted to jump into them and their relaxing effect all over your body. Their cleanliness also does not go unnoticed.

Disko Bay

The banks too are marvelous and will offer you a spotless calm place to laze around as you get to interact with the gentle cool breezes blowing past you. You can also sail to some distance in the waters where you will be in a position to observe the unending horizon.

The low hills surround the bay are also mind blowing as they allow you a chance to hike up and obtain panoramic views of the whole underlying beauties that are indeed stirring.

You should also not miss to walk to the tundra flat plains. This site is in fact exquisite where you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful land that stretches far. You will certainly like the experience here where the cool gentle winds blow past you making you completely freshened. You can also sit and relax here as this place is simply wonderful.

Disko Bay

The lovely blue fjords in the vicinity are also worth visiting. You can also ascend over them to get to the compelling mountain peaks that are indeed fascinating.

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You can easily get to the site by car from Ilulissat.


The stunning Tasiilaq will certainly have you appreciating your visit to Greenland highly. This site is certainly among the top most visited places in the country. It is truly breathtaking for all.

The town is situated in a lovely landscape that certainly gives a great deal of anxiety as you cannot imagine failing to walk all round. The mountainous scenery with numerous houses perched on the sides of the mountain make it truly awe-inspiring and you will surely have to take aerial views from the plane before landing.


You will then start by walking up the rugged terrain to appreciate and admire the beautiful buildings that well placed upwards. It is certainly a breathtaking experience. The locals here will also get you thrilled as you ascend up higher. You will also be thrilled to learn how the locals carry on with their daily activities.

Thee fjord is certainly another highlight of the place. It is largely attractive with a whitish coloration. You will definitely love to walk across with the appropriate footwear towards the wide sea. This experience is indeed wonderful for you especially as it helps you appreciate the cooling nature of the ice. You certainly cannot miss this kind of an adventure.

You definitely have to take photos of this great place.


The biggest and actually the capital city of Greenland, Nuuk, will always appear among the top tourist attractions in the country. The city is great for adventurers as well as the nature lovers.


The city appears to be covered in whitish clouds that make it really amusing to tour. The architectural design of the numerous buildings there is impressive especially in the way they are designed to fight the high rates of cold. You will certainly have to walk into any of them for a complete exploration.

The locals here are also charming and will highly regard you and thus you can a lot about the city from them.


The enchanting Nuuk Kangerlua is not be missed as the city lies at its mouth. This is indeed a remarkable site that you cannot want to avoid. The inlet leads to the western coastline of Greenland. This coast is indeed a striking spot where you get to experience the calmness and peacefulness it encompasses.

You can spend several minutes here watching the low waves forming or sail on the water to get a real touch of the Greenland life. Certainly this is one of the most alluring places to visit in the world.


Your visit to Greenland will certainly not be overwhelming if you fail to tour the enchanting Narsaq peninsula. This is with no doubt a compactly appealing site especially for nature lovers.

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The setting of the site is awesome with some hilly parts. You will definitely be enthralled to walk up and down discovering the charming things. By the way, the locals term the place as the Green Paradise of Greenland. Actually the green vegetation makes the place similar to any other part and thus give you a lot of vigor to stay a little longer to discover more beauties.


The waters here are incredible and will allow you to discover some of the lovely marine life at the place. It is here where you will come across the lovely Arctic Char, the salmons and the seals. The tiny but eye catching whales that are indeed hairy can also be found here. You certainly have to keep your camera alert to capture the creatures once they appear.


A visit to the adorable Sermermiut Mountains is certainly awesome. The site is indeed a top tourist attraction and you can never regret having traveled here. It is truly a perfect place for the hikers.

The visit started off with a planned a hiking tour just when the midnight pleasant sun was above. This experience was propitious. You will love the whole moment.

Sermermiut Mountains

Be keen as you walk all the way to the mountain. Up over the mountain is the old village of Inuit. This charming village rests atop the Ice Fjord. Definitely you cannot miss to walk to the village and get the mind blowing experience over the cold ground. Remember to have the right footwear to avoid injury.

The village though with very few persons is a right place to learn some of the historical facts about the country. You will then continue with your hike to the superb mountain.

Sermermiut Mountains

This mountain is incredibly gorgeous and looks brilliant though only its ruins are present under the effects of the high sun. You may also not find lots of common vegetation and thus this is the place to learn about the many plants that only survive in the cold. You will surely like the feeling as you ascend the mountain from where you will be able to capture elegant photos of the whole vast area. It is with no doubt one of the places you should never want to circumvent whenever in Greenland.

You will get an easy and cheap car from Ilulissat to ferry you to the site where the hiking tours will be waiting for you.

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  1. Hello Florence Miller,

    thank you for visinting our website…

    I think you’ve confused the Danish island Bornholm with Kap Bornholm of Greenland. Also, we understand that you’ve been to Narsarsuaq and think that the pictures are not captured at the place, but I assure you..they’re of Narsarsuaq itself 🙂

    And as you said that Greenland’s an amazing place, we think someone visiting Greenland would want to explore it, rather than staying at a common(, not something to write about) hotel 🙂



    team TravelMagma

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