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Greece is certainly a formidable country with an abundance of rewards for tourists. It is truly a country worth considerable exploration.

Greece has lots of attractions that will be the best you can ever find in the world. There are incredible cities, mountains, museums and art sites. You will definitely have a superb holiday here!

A beautiful Greek City

The top-10 list of attractions below shows some of the most favored sites to visit while in Greece.


Right at the center of Athens, the Acropolis will be recognized instantly by visitors from all over the world. This is indeed one of the most important tourist attractions anywhere, and one you will definitely want to tour.

The Acropolis is an incredible site that epitomizes Greek culture and history. An ancient citadel overlooking the entire city, it includes several additional monuments of architectural and historical significance. The Acropolis has been named the preeminent monument on the list of European Cultural Heritage list of monuments, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The most remarkable building you will come across is the Parthenon. This monument was constructed way back in 447 BC. You will like listening to its history, as it has served as a fortress, a busy church, a temple, and a powder magazine — as well as a mosque. It is certainly a great place to explore.

Other monuments that make up the Acropolis complex are the Erechtheum, the charming Propylaea and the impressive stone theater Odeon of Herodes Atticus. This is a site that requires having your camera with you — everywhere you look there will be an amazing photo opportunity.


You will also be enthralled by the lovely artwork that truly makes the whole place outstanding. Most of this artwork is from before the time of Byzantine Greece.

The Acropolis is within reach from Synagma airport via buses that operate along that route.


The attractive Panathenaic Stadium situated in the middle of the Athens is absolutely a top-10 tourist attraction and one that receives millions of tourists every year. The stadium is very eye-catching. You will easily find buses from Synagma airport to the stadium.

Panathenaic Stadium

The stadium has a rich history that dates back to 566 BC. You will enjoy the narration given by the friendly guides waiting at the entrance to the stadium. You will also love to hear about the very first Olympic games — this is where they were held.

The stadium is built entirely of white marble and has an architectural design that leaves every visitor intrigued. It is certainly unique and you will have to take several photos. The seats are arranged in a very large oval and can hold more than 45,000 guests. The marble risers are a very striking feature, and the stadium is also unusually long. It is interesting to imagine the kind of festive atmosphere that would have prevailed when the original games were being held.

Panathenaic Stadium

The stadium is currently being upgraded to accommodate multiple newer events such as concerts, so you might be lucky enough to find a large musical celebration going on. There are also many other kinds of events scheduled in this amazing venue — so in any case it is a superb place to come with your family.

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A visit to Greece can hardly be complete without touring the National Garden right within the city of Athens; it can be reached via buses that operate from Synagma city. This is unquestionably a site that you should not miss. It is totally captivating.

The 38-acre garden has a splendid layout that makes it very unique. Strolling through the attractively organized paths that connect to every part of the garden, you will agree with Henry Miller who wrote that it was like ” . . . dreaming of a place one would like to be in and never finds.” It is definitely a site where you will want your camera — and if you take too many pictures you can also re-charge it here!

National Garden

The garden has enticing collections of wildlife, and you will definitely love the trees that welcome you from the gate — they are carefully shaped to offer great shade. The flowers too are magical and special in the way they envelop the entire garden with a sweet aroma making it truly heaven-like.

The ruins in many parts of the garden are also impressive, and even more amazing are the mosaic collections that reflect their ancient origins.

National Garden

The National Garden is a lovely place to tour. Don’t forget to walk to the duck pond that has a very tempting effect — it will have you thinking about swimming too. The bridge across it is another wonder; you will be mesmerized seeing and also using it to get across the pond as you listen to the sweet singing of the countless birds in this area.

The garden is certainly a site you should not consider missing while you are in Greece.


The amazing Monasteries of Meteora are among the top tourist attractions in Greece. This site is spectacular with a serene ambiance that leaves you wanting to stay forever. It is easy to get a car to the monasteries from Kalampaka town.

Monasteries of Meteora

The monasteries are situated on a mind-boggling site. You will be fascinated by the way they appear to just dangle off the lovely cliff edges. It is certainly a scene that will have you taking a great many pictures.

The Monasteries were built back in the 14th century. Originally, there were twenty of them but only six have survived until now. You will be interested to hear that initially there was no means of ascending to them and the monks had to be pulled up the cliff face! It is an amusing story.

Monasteries of Meteora

Do climb to the top — many stairs have been built now — to have a look at each monastery; you will go home with much to share with your friends. Remember to have appropriate clothing for visiting the monasteries: long skirts and shawls are recommended for women.


Lebos Island is indeed another place you will enjoy touring, as this is the home to the awesome Polichinitos Hot Springs. The site is completely enticing. You can reach it by taking a pleasant bus ride from Mytilene to Polichnitos.

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Polichnitos Hot Springs

A visit to the Polichinitos village should start with the hot springs which have earned a terrific reputation among local and international tourists. They are beautiful and well placed among volcanic rocks. You will definitely want to have a lengthy bath in these waters.

Many people consider the springs truly magical, as they are associated with a healing effect. You will thus come across many bathing areas as well as fully modern spas located near the springs. It will be interesting to learn the historical health benefits of this spot.

Polichnitos Hot Springs

From the springs you can stroll to the beautiful and gorgeous beaches of Skala, Vatera or Nyfida and cool off for a while. The whole experience will be wonderful and relaxing.


The stunning Naxos Island is perfect place for relaxing, and one of the top tourist attractions in Greece. The site is definitely mind-blowing and spectacular for nature lovers. Surrounded by the pristine blue waters of the Agean Sea, it is both awe-inspiring and peaceful, a place where you can forget all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will definitely love taking leisurely walks around the area as you admire the stunning views.

The island is an interesting place to explore ancient ruins, of which there are quite a few. You will also want to tour its gorgeous beaches that are among the best you can find in all of Greece. You will enjoy stretching out on the soft sand as cool breezes sweep over you after a remarkable moment swimming in the waters.

Naxos Island

The island has much more to amuse you. According to legend, the god Zeus was raised here in a cave — and several other mythological stories are connected to Naxos as well. You can also have fun hiking to the Palatia region to have a look at the striking Portara gate –a 2500-year-old marble doorway that leads to nowhere. (The temple for which it was intended was never built.)

Naxos Island

A visit at sunset will be the most spectacular, as you will capture superb views of the beautiful Naxos Island. You can get a ride on any of the ferries from Rafina port to the Island.


The Acropolis Museum is an inspiring site that has always featured among the top 10 tourist attractions. Built specifically to house the c. 4000 artifacts found on the site of the Acropolis complex, it was opened to the public in 2009. It is remarkable to see the ancient artifacts and even more so to view them in a gorgeous modern building that is impressive in its own right. The museum is an excellent resource with exquisite artwork.

Acropolis Museum

The guides there are very knowledgeable and are available right from the moment you enter the museum. They will be of great help as you move around the museum — helping you to appreciate the many relics dating from the Bronze Age up to the Byzantine time.

Acropolis Museum

This is indeed a site you should not miss whenever you are in Greece.

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You will certainly not want to miss touring the magnetic city of Mystras while in Greece. This is a very popular tourist attraction and the fortified city is truly fantastic. You will need to come here via car from Athens.


The city’s location will be the first thing to entice you. It is situated at the top of some dazzling hilly scenery that offers you a perfect place to relax and view the surrounding landscape. Mystras was the second-most important city in the Ottoman Empire (after Constantinople) but was eventually abandoned in favor of Sparta, built not too far away.

Right within the city, you will come across lovely churches that you will have to enter to have a look at their intriguing designs. The palaces too are amazing, and offer you a nice calm place, beautiful decorations, and wonderful opportunities for taking pictures.


The castle crowns all other beauties within the city. It is an especially scenic site that you will love to visit, and is one of the main reasons Mystras is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure you also walk along the streets to meet the friendly locals.


The Grandmaster’s Palace is yet another top tourist attraction that will leave you delighted. It is located on the Island of Rhodes, and to get there you can easily take a car from Floriana.

Grandmasters Palace

The palace is a spectacular fortress that is very impressive in design and size. This was the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller, and is very much worth visiting.

Grandmasters Palace

The fort is currently used as a museum and you will have a great opportunity to view relics from ancient Christianity and more from the Ottoman period. Have your camera with you to capture these amazing artifacts.


You can end your visit in Greece at the stunning Temple of Hephaestus, which is a major tourist attraction.

Temple of Hephaestus

The temple has a gorgeous design and is really worth exploring. Although built two years before the Parthenon, it is very well maintained and almost has an up-to-date look. It was the first building in Athens made of marble. You will definitely appreciate the chance to admire the interior layout, the statues and friezes, and the religious materials kept there.

Temple of Hephaestus

Its environs are also attractive and well preserved; they provide a good place to relax and benefit from the cooling atmosphere encompassing the temple. It is an especially nice place to bring your family. If you are very observant, you can come across interesting creatures such as the tortoise.

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