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France is an enchanting country that is known worldwide for its marvelous tourism. It has the best tourist attractions in the world. It is among the most visited states in Europe receiving uncountable tourists every year.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

France has a long list of tourist sites that are actually the most recognized attractions in the world. It has architectural designs that range from the ancient times till the present modern designs. There are lots of things to enjoy while in France.

Here is a list of top 10 tourist sites that are among the most magnificent and most visited in France to help you in choosing the best destination for your holidays.


Eiffel Tower is not to be missed out while in France. It is simply an eye catching site that is ranked at the top and one of the most visited sites in the world. It is popularly known as the iron woman.

All travelers in Paris will surely have to pay it a visit as it can be seen from any part of the city due to its remarkable height that makes it to be above all the other buildings in the city.

Eiffel Tower

The tower has a gorgeous architectural design that was laid down by Gustave Eiffel. It actually remained the tallest structure in the world until 1930. This tower was constructed with an aim of establishing a magnetic portico lobby for the world exhibitions of the enticing Paris City.

Visitors will have an incredible moment touring its exterior and interior sides. It is also easy to ascend to its three lovely podiums where each stage offers a panoramic view of the charming Paris city. You will also be mesmerized by the numerous tumblers performing some amusing dances around the stunning Trocadéro fountains which are located at Palais de Chaillot. This view is best when the fountains have a full vigor. You can also capture the sun setting at Seine as this is an awesome view point.

Eiffel Tower

Visitors can take photos of the whole area and get guided by the friendly locals on its history and uses.


The stunning dune of Pyla is remarkably a top 10 tourist attraction in France that stands out as the most visited attraction in the whole of France. The dune is impeccable and a place worth of visiting.

Dune of Pyla

The dune of Pyla is easily reached from Bordeaux city by an affordable bus as it is only 60 kilometers away. You will definitely like the atmosphere of the whole region.

The dune is the crown of all other dunes in Europe as it is ranked the highest. You will have to take several photos of this massive and impressive collection of sand grains. Visitors can also ascend to its top most part and have a wonderful moment admiring the scenic coast of the Atlantic Ocean as the peak offers formidable views of the whole underlying region. There are also many attractive pine forests on the other side of the sand dune which will be viewed easily from the dune’s pinnacle.

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Dune of Pyla

You will definitely have to visit the dune many times each year to trace its location. Be very watchful as you will note it keeps on drifting from one region to another. It has actually pushed into some parts of the forest and has also covered a good number of private properties that are in its surrounding.


St Tropez is a compelling village on the Riviera of France. It is with no doubt a spectacular site that receives many visitors every year.

St. Tropez

St Tropez is commonly known as the millionaires square. Ensure to visit the ground especially in the summer season as you will meet lots of fun makers such as the fashion models. You may be fluky to find several musicians, movie makers or splendid writes doing their work. You will certainly love this experience.

St. Tropez

Visitors are advised to book for their places in advance if planning to visit during the summer season as the place gets fully parked.


The Château de Versailles is surely a top ten tourist destination in France. The palace is a breath taking site to spend time in. The palace receives many tourists every year thus is among the most visited places in France.

Chateau De Versailles

The palace was used as the official dwellings of the King of France until 1789 but the royal residence was transferred to Paris. The palace is only 20 kilometers from Paris hence easily accessed.

Chateau de Versailles has dazzling architectural design. You will definitely not miss viewing this spectacular building. You will also have to take photos of it. In fact, the building is one of the most compelling palaces in the whole world.

Chateau De Versailles

Visitors will also have a superb opportunity to tour the many magnetic rooms such as the royal court which was formally used as a hunting lodge and was known as the Louis XIII. This is where the government house of France was also situated. There is also a Chapel and the Hall of Mirrors.

Chateau De Versailles

You will also fall in love with the beautiful gardens of the palace that house bronze and marble sculptures and fabulous fountains where you can cool yourself from. You can surely not miss visiting this paradise while in France.


Orsay Museum is another wonderful place ranked among the top visited site in France. It is within the town of Paris and located in the former but old railway station. It is thus easily accessible from the city of Paris.

Orsay Museum

The museum has outstanding and notable Beaux-Arts with imposing building structures. The structure themselves were designed distinctively portraying various work of arts. You will see overwhelming sculptures and impressive furniture that tie the knot of the museum. The museum is actually designed in a unique way giving it exceptional characteristics of its kind. Make sure you visit this awesome museum when you get a chance to tour Paris.

Orsay museum is renowned for its all-embracing and inspiring masterwork for various painters such as Monet, Manet and Doges, among many other reputable painters who have made various art contributions to the museum. It is widely known to host many artifacts collection from other museums.

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Orsay Museum

Orsay museum as well is a home for fine art work such as photography. It is thus used by many filmmakers to record and produce their movies. It is a lovely and interactive place that should not be missed while in Paris. Take yourself with a camera to record nice photos to help you have memorable moments in future.


Futuroscope Theme Park is the France’s most wonderful park. The park has many different theme displays that will match with your likes and expectations.

Futuroscope Theme Park

Futuroscope Theme Park is famous and popular for various exhibitions like multimedia, cinema graphics and audio visual performances. This is a place where you will interact with various activities depending on your favorites.

Moreover, Futuroscope Theme Park has abundant shows and exhibitions throughout the day. You will be able to see and appreciate various charming and attractive items being displayed. Furthermore, you will not miss to see astounding and pioneering lasers all over the entire museum demonstrating other artifacts found in the multimedia industry at large.

Futuroscope Theme Park

You will have a wonderful and exciting experience watching the cinemas being displayed in 3D while others in 4D alongside other displays. It is among the best displays in France thus mostly flooded with tourist every time. Don’t miss to get yourself beautiful snaps and some films to remind you of the greatest memorable times.


Chamonix valley is a breathtaking site that travelers should not miss visiting while in France. The valley is one of the most visited places in the world. You will love the tranquil atmosphere that embellishes the valley’s serenity.

Chamonix Valley

Chamonix valley has a wonderful enthralling mount known as the Aiguille de Midi which is also known as the Mount Blanc. This mountain is so scenic as it has a steep and sloppy structure. You will definitely love ascending to its top via Aiguille du Midi cable car that will take you only 20 minutes to be at the impeccable peak. This tramway gives the most excellent experience and ride. It however involves two stages; the first ride on the lower cable car then a short amusing walk to the upper cable car.

Travelers willing to ascend to its top most part are advised to carry with them heavy clothes as the temperatures can be chilly. The top has the best panorama of the beauties below. This is actually true since you are about 2 miles above the sea level. You will also be able to see the enticing rocky cliffs that hang some meters below the spot where you are standing at. It is with no doubt a place not to be missed out while in France.

Chamonix Valley

The site is also good for splendid skiing which most visitors like engaging in. You should also have your camera to record the skiing competitors.


The amazing Gorge du Verdon is without doubt a place visitors should not miss visiting while in France. This site is ranked among the top 10 tourist attractions in France and definitely one of the most visited places in the world.

Gorge du Verdon

Gorge du Verdon is a lengthy gully of about 25 kilometers that offers a wide and extensive area of adventuring. It actually rises about 700 meters from Verdon River. It is surely one of the most interesting places to be. You will have to love the numerous water activities that take place in it such as kayaking, water skiing, rafting and sailing. The site is also dramatic for those who love hiking.

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You will also have a good chance to view the attractive dams that are situated within the gorge’s area. There are indeed 5 dams that are used to hold the water from other 5 water basins. Visitors can use the northern and the southern edge to get to the dams.

Gorge du Verdon

For those who will still not be thrilled by all this, they will certainly like rock climbing. The gorge has more than 15 limestone paths that are used by those climbing up the steep walls of the gorge.


The stunning La Villette Science Museum is one of the top 10 tourist attraction in the whole of Europe. It is actually the largest and most outstanding museum in Europe.

La Villette Science Museum

The museum which is located in Paris was established under the rule of the President Giscard d’Estaing with a basic aim of exposing all people and especially the youth to scientific knowhow.

The museum offers a lot of appealing things to see such as the IMAX theatre and a planetarium. It exhibition rooms are massive and cover a vast area of about 30,000 meters square. You will actually have much to learn about science and industrial technology. You will either be amused by the audio visuals or the interactive programs.

La Villette Science Museum

You may also find large numbers of people at the museum as it is used to hold important meetings by some dignified persons such as journalists. There is also a children’s part which is entirely compacted with a children’s media library where kids get exposed to scientific technology. If you travel with kids, don’t miss touring them to this site as they will definitely be enlightened on some important technological facts.


The Chartres Cathedral is with no doubt a place not to miss visiting while in France. The place is known to abhor high rates of peacefulness and tranquil ambience. It is undoubtedly a good place to relax in.

Chartres Cathedral

The Chartres Cathedral has an astounding architectural design that is matchless in the whole of France. It actually has superb unique glass windows that you will love to have a look at.

Chartres Cathedral

You will also come across the amazing tunic honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary which was brought to the place by Charlemagne. This sculpture has made the cathedral a crucial pilgrimage site. It is truly a place worth of visiting.

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