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Croatia is a magical tourist destination that is certainly awesome for your holidays. Croatia has a long list of attractions that will truly require much of your time for a great adventure.

The cities, islands, museums, and locals will certainly make you overwhelmed.

Dubrovnik Skyline

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions in Croatia and indeed the most visited places. You will certainly enjoy exploring Croatia.


The charming city of Dubrovnik is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction that cannot be missed by anyone who is touring Croatia. The city is indeed one place that receives millions of tourist every year. It is surely a fantastic place to visit.

The City is popularly known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and this is certain as it is a city that cannot face competition from any other in the Adriatic and more so the entire Mediterranean in terms of the amount of charm that it abhor within its boundaries.


The city is exquisite with great and impressive walls surrounding it thus making it look lucrative. You will be greatly pleased to see each part of walls and learn more history of it from the lovely locals.

The city is also very famous for the great and stunning churches that are found on the pretty landscapes within it. The monasteries are also amazing and you will have to see them and appreciate the striking carvings made. Remember to have your camera with you as all these beauties deserve to be captured and preserved in pictures.


The fountains are formidable and provide the cool and tranquil atmosphere plus moments of calm and contemplation amidst the busy city.

Do not miss the many outstanding museums that exhibit magical items of antiquity as well as those of the modern generation.


The astounding Plitvice Lakes will not be left out of the top 10 tourist attractions in Croatia. This is truly a dramatic site for the nature lovers. You can travel to this place by buses from Split town.

The lakes are surely worth seeing as they are totally breath taking and intriguing. The entire lake area are composed of about 16 lakes that have been linked together to form the dazzling Plitvice Lakes. You can certainly not miss visiting them while in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes

The lakes have a natural beauty that dramatically plays the colors of immaculate blue, green, and gray tints. Marvel at the azure color of the lakes and do not hesitate to take pictures of these magical beauties.

The forest surrounding the lake is enticing and ensures a calm and serene ambiance all the time around the lake. If you have enough time, take long walks into the forest to have a better appreciation of the thick vegetation and the rare plants that are endemic to Croatia that comprises its diverse flora and fauna.

Plitvice Lakes

Take a stroll around the lake region to witness the gorgeous wildlife animals that are housed there. Be extra careful once you step into the natural habitat where there is a great chance to get up close the European brown bear, the lynx, or the wolf which are considered rare in most parts of the world. The eagles and owls can also be found. It is highly advisable to go with a trained tour guide or forest ranger to avoid coming in contact with the wild.

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The amazing town of Hvar is with no doubt a top 10 tourist destination in Croatia. The town is a perfect attraction that continuously receives numerous visitors all the years. Travelers normally use a fast ferry from the town of Split.


The Hvar town is well established on a rich and growing landscape that thrives greatly in terms of agriculture. The presence of lavender and olive groves meadows makes the whole town have a first class impression that is considerably unparalleled. The orchard fruits are also in abundance and you can freely taste or bring a basketful of the harvest when you leave.

The town is just across a spectacular bay that offers a great chance to explore the water activities and specifically enjoy sailing in yachts over its serene and blue waters.


While here, include a visit to the mind blowing Starigrad village to understand its setting and historical value to the town of Hvar. On this side, there is a village which is considered to be one of the oldest villages on this island. Converse with a local and they will gladly share what Starigrad use to be like and its noble share to the cultural history of Croatia.


A visit to the impeccable Rovinj town will certainly leave you overwhelmed. This is unquestionably a top tourist destination. The hordes of tourists and mini coasters carrying foreigners from one attraction to another are a common sight on this charming town.

The town has an attractive setting with beautiful and well designed houses lining up its compelling streets. You can truly not miss enjoying a leisurely walk along these busy streets as you take a look at the colorful houses that deserve to be photographed.


The town is also an ideal fishing spot and it is amazing to see and taste the fishes that are caught directly from the waters. You can have fun riding on the stirring boats over the waters while doing some nice fishing.

After the fishing adventure, walk leisurely along the shore or plan a visit to the scenic town to discover the mystic and scenic charm of the town.


Be mesmerized by the lush forest along the coastline as they cover the entire region with a cool atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. Explore nature and admire the lovely plants that are composed of a mixture of short and tall plants. It is truly one of the greatest places to visit.


The fantastic city of Korcula is yet another pretty site to pay a visit. The city has always been among the top tourist attractions in Croatia. The tourist spot can be accessed from Dubrovnik by car.

The city is firstly embellished by great and impressive architectural designs that will be spotted on most parts of the city. In fact, many people oftentimes refer to the city as the “Little Dubrovnik”.


Visit the house where the birth of the great Marco Polo was born. The building is not hard to miss around here because of its unique appearance and the presence of tourists wanting to check out the life of the famous traveler.

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The exquisite and first rate St. Marco Cathedral is a religious structure that gathers the faithful of this medieval town. The cathedral has a catchy Gothic structure that will definitely compel you to take photos of it. The cathedral dates back to the 15th century and you can thus be sure to find excellent historical accounts attached to it. The guides here are amazing and will let you have every bit of the amusing history.


The cathedral also has notable religious writings that are worth seeing. The sculptures of the saints and its overall ambience is simply outstanding.


The stunning Pula Arena is no doubt a dazzling tourist attraction. The arena and its imposing presence is simply eye catching. This arena has an attractive history that dates back to the 1st century when it was established. The arena also got damaged in the 15th century as most of its stones were being used to build other houses but this was stopped and got it renovated to give it its current brilliant look.

Pula Arena

The huge amphitheatre was built by the Romans in A.D. 80. The arena is massive and capable of holding more than 26,000 audience. There are numerous functions that take place there and you can be sure to find a festival to keep you overwhelmed. There are also other kinds of performances to enjoy such as music. It was designed during ancient times to accommodate a huge crowd of people who come to watch gladiators and wild animals fight to death. Visitors to the arena in the summer seasons will be more advantaged as this is the time when most celebrations are taking place.

Pula Arena


The dazzling Diocletian’s Palace has a lovely structure that is good looking and well walled. It is so pretty and you will certainly love to see it. The palace’s environs are astounding. Be thrilled to find the place and the rooms where the Roman Emperor stayed after his retirement.

Diocletian's Palace

The palace is now a great place with lots of people inhabiting it as many of them got there while escaping from the barbarians who were attacking them. They established their homes and have actually continued staying there. You can have a gorgeous time interacting with them as they will help you to know the history of the palace.

Diocletian's Palace

The people have also established numerous shopping malls. Spare some time to shop while on tour and be amused by the souvenir items on display that you can give as gifts back home. The restaurants have fine dining choices and help you savor and taste the Croatian cuisine.


Visiting Mljet Island will just make you feel satisfied having visited Croatia. It is indeed a pleasant place to visit. Tourists can use either speed boats or ferry from Split town to reach the island.

The islands are gorgeous with a great coverage of forests that truly make it very intriguing and a cool place to relax in. The forests offer a great place to stroll and have a superb time admiring the lovely trees as well as the other amazing foliage. The atmosphere here is so peaceful and will make you leave this town feeling great.

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The island has extensive vineyards that are excellent to see. You can find the most enticing and export quality Croatian wines produced here. Their wine is famous for having good quality and reasonable prices. Free wine tasting is done on some of the many wine spots. The villages, small shops, and the locals are also another thing to explore in this quiet town.

Take time to visit the pretty salt lakes that are embraced by the island. These are the Veliko and the Malo Jezero that are sure nice sites to tour. The lakes are fabulous and it is allowed to take a dip while at the same time you see the kind of vegetation that grows in the nearby regions.


The Old Benedictine Monastery is visible from this spot as it stands right at the center of the Veliko Jezero Lake where there is a minute island.


The lucrative Euphrasian Basilica is with all certainty a great tourist destination that can hardly be missed while in Croatia. The basilica can be easily accessed by bus from Rovinj town.

The basilica is indeed old but very delightful to know the interesting history behind its creation. It dates back to about 2000 years and holds many important details of this land which was part of the powerful Roman Empire. Despite its age, it is quite surprising to know that it is among the very few old structures that have survived many fires and earthquakes.

Euphrasian Basilica

The basilica has a Byzantine structure that makes it very outstanding. It has many beautiful mosaics that are placed on its walls as well as those on the floor. The frescoes and murals look great and it is proof that it was placed and done by skilled artisans making the basilica one of the most visited churches in Croatia.


End your visit at the stunning town of Gornji Grad. What makes this town truly unique is it has been separated into two towns where Kaptol is the Bishops residential place and the free town is where the tradesmen are found.

Gornji Grad

Have a great time touring the impeccable St. Mark’s Church which is the main church in the parish of the Old Zagreb. The reason why this church is a bit unusual is due to the fact that it covers the tiles and laid out the coat of arms of Zagreb and the entire United Kingdom. This unusual symbolic decoration inside the building was received from the Austrian Friedrich von Schmidt. Inside this small church are sculptures of saints and the walls are decorated with original frescoes depicting Croatian kings and their families.

Gornji Grad

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