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China is a major tourist destination in the Asian continent. It is a country which is popular and well known to have diverse tourist attraction sites. It is also a country that has kept most of her ancient artifacts like the Buddha, the caves and temples without forgetting its awesome big cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong to mention but just a few of the many tourist spots that you will explore and encounter on your adventure in China.

The Great Wall of China

China also is considered to be a place where civilization of mankind originated due to many remains that have been found. China covers a vast area and thus implies that attraction sites are spread throughout the country and tourists have to travel a lot to explore their adventure.

The list below is a top ten most attractive, wonderful and interesting places in china. They are but just a few of the many tourist spots that you will come across.


Hong Kong is definitely a tourist resort as it is the home to the stunning Victoria Harbor. This is among the top 10 tourist destinations in China. It is a wonderful place to adventure and also spend time.

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is one among the most popular and the worlds third biggest. It is also one of the busiest ports in the world. This fact has made it a major tourist attraction in the world. The harbor has numerous ferries, ships, boats as well as cruise liners. Travelers can access the place by either boat or ferry to the Victoria harbor. There are also numerous amusing cranes loading and off loading huge cargoes from the ships. This bay is a sure site to adventure. You will certainly like the experience as you watch the lovely skyscrapers on the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula.

Victoria Harbor

You can also have a lovely time riding on the Star Ferry along the bay while admiring the many fishermen busy hunting for fishes. This ride will also have you a wonderful moment as you will see most part of the beautiful port.


The imperial palace which is well known as the Forbidden City is one among the top tourist attractions in China which you will not miss visiting while in Beijing City. It is actually a place full of wonders and tourists can travel from Beijing to the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

The palace architectural design is worthwhile as it covers over 70 hectares and surrounded by a 10 meter high wall. There is also charming moat which is about 52 meters wide. It is surely a scenic place worth of been taking photos.

The Forbidden City has indeed been made a key museum in China. You will have a lovely time touring most of its gorgeous 8700 rooms that are full of wonders. Having a guide in your company will be of benefit as you will learn much of the city’s history that dates back to the era of the Qing Dynasty. Make sure to all admire the astounding gates; the Tiananmen Gate and the gate of Divine Prowess.

Forbidden City

The Jingshan Park is another wonderful place you will be compelled to visit. It has striking towers which will definitely be worth seeing. The park has also many high points on which you will have an enticing view of the beautiful Beijing city and the enchanting place.


The Great Wall of China is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction that you should not miss visiting while in China. It is among the greatest and magnificent wonders of the world. You can travel to the Great Wall of China from Beijing to Badaling by bus or taxi.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is in fact among the world heritage sites list of UNESCO. The wall is extensive covering about 8900 kilometers. It stretches over deserts, mountains, grasslands and plateaus and thus covers a great portion of Beijing city. You will definitely like touring all through its length.

The most alluring moment will be when you ascend to its top and especially in the impeccable section of Badaling. By the way, you should remember to have good and adaptive shoes to have an excellent and memorable time as you climb to the summit of the wall. The top is indeed a remarkable site from where you can have a full placid panorama of the bigger part of Beijing city and the entire wall.

The Great Wall of China

The wall has a rich history that dates back to 2000 years ago during the reign of Ming Dynasty. Actually most of what is there today are mainly the remains of the ruins. There are also other attractive sections where you will also have fun touring. This includes the Huangyaguan, Jinshanling, Shanhaiguan, yanmenguan, Huanghuacheng and the Simatai section.

Remember to have a camera with you as there is much to admire


Terracotta army is another prominent and most famous tourist attraction site in China that any visitor should not afford to miss. It is located at Lintong Xian in Shaanxi province which is about 1 mile towards the east of Qin Shi Huang. Tourist can easily travel by bus or taxi from Lintong Xian to the marvelous tourist site.

Terracotta Army

It is the most wonderful and amazing tourist site in China. Terracotta army was discovered a long time ago when some remains were spotted inadvertently by some farmers. Excavation was then done later and so many remains were found to have been buried in the same place. Some of the remains that were found included that of soldiers, horses and many other collections which was unidentified. It has then become the archeological site with sculptures and images showing the soldiers of Qin Huang who was the first emperor of China.

Terracotta Army

Don’t miss to tour this historic place which is recognized worldwide to be among ancient wonders of the world.


Mogao Caves is another most enthralling and delightful place to be. It is among the top leading and visited places in China. Find time to visit this cave and you will surely fall in love with the place. The caves are located about 25km from Dunhuang town. Travelers can comfortably take their buses from this town to the caves.

Mogao Caves

Mogao caves are made up an assembly of many other caves. You will see outstanding features in the caves to which some of them date back about 1000 years ago. The cave rests on the Oasis, a place which is surrounded by an admirable landscape full of sand. You will also find many ancient artifacts to which most of them were used for religious purposes. The Mogao caves are engulfed by the sand dunes which surrounds it all over the entire cave. It is surely an excellent place that anybody visiting China should give it a first priority.

Mogao Caves

It has writings and paintings written all over in the caves. You should ensure you wear protective sunglasses to keep away sand as you explore.

Mogao Caves


Potala palace is among the top outstanding and tallest primordial palaces not only all over China but in the whole world at large. You shouldn’t deny yourself a privilege to see this awesome highest palace when you visit China. It is in fact the most treasured palaces by the Chinese people. It is also the most visited places in China receiving uncountable tourists every year. You can take a bus and travel to the Potala palace from the town of Lhasa to Tibet.

Potala Palace

The Potala palace rests peacefully on the hill top situated in Lhasa. It has the most wonderful and appealing antediluvian architectural design. It was constructed in the 13th century by the Dalai Lama emperor. It was later completed and become the official residing place of the Dalai Lama emperor. The palace was later attacked and raided by the Chinese people who it took over. It is by fact an historical monument which rises about 170m in height.

Potala Palace

You will also see the marvelous two wings of the palace; the red palace whiles the other one is white palace. When you reach the highest point of the palace, you will definitely have a fantastic view of the scenic features on the lower side of the hill.


Mt. Huang is an enthralling and most brilliant place to spend your holidays in China. You will have the most and friendly environment that will give you a quiet and soothing scenery. It is indeed the most visited tourist destination in China receiving awesome and incredible tourists every time.

Mt. Huang

Tourists can travel to the great Mt. Huang from Hefei or Nanjing cities using either personal vehicles or boarding a bus. It is an awesome trip seeing the panoramic view of the landscape of the terrain.

It strategically lies in the eastern part of China. Mt. Huang is commonly known by many as the ‘yellow mountain’. It is a tremendous mountain with lots of wonders to see and explore. It has a vast of high peaks that are observable from any side from the mountain. A camera can do well in order to record some events, the amazing sites and other unreachable scenery. You will also see wonderful trees that surround the mountains giving it stunning and spectacular look. Some of the most scarce tree species that you will find here are the pines.

Mt. Huang

You can also see the amazing appearance structure of the granitic peaks as well as many stones of ancient times which were laid in a semicircle around the mountain profile. You will see much more on this mountain range than you can expect.


Leshan Giant Buddha is a scenic and most terrific tourist attraction site in China. Don’t miss visiting this awesome idyllic place to make your holiday worthwhile. The site is situated in the Leshan city and thus easily accessible by travelers from the city to the place.

Leshan Giant Buddha

It is a huge structure which rises about 71m high comprising of a long string like fingers extending a few meters away. It is certainly a big structure that will leave you wondering about the ways and mechanism that were used to build. According to history, the structure was constructed many years ago about 713AD and got completed by around 803. This came a long way after a combined effort of many selfless workers and sculptors who came together and made such contributions.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The pillar is the largest Buddha in western China. It is unique with exceptional distinctive characteristics from other Indian Buddha. It is also recommendable for visitors to carry their own cameras so that they will not leave any scenic event a chance but record them to help you have memorable and eventful events in the future.


Pudong Skyline is definitely a top ten tourist attractions in China. You will get to adventure and explore most of the world’s enticing features. Pudong skyline is situated on the eastern part of the Huangpu River which is also a district of Shanghai. You can travel to Pudong using the cheapest means of transport by taking a ferry from Bund to Pudong.


It is the most attractive tourist spot and you will get to interact with many tempting features in the city. The amazing skyline has a beautiful pillar ground. You will also be privileged to see the most tantalizing pearl tower which is the tallest of all buildings in the town. You will also not miss seeing the thrilling building which is the Shanghai world financial center.


You will also see exhilarating buildings like the Jin Mao and the Shanghai building to which construction are still underway and are anticipated to be finished in one year’s time. It is indeed a great place to be.


Li river cruise is among the top ten most tremendous and fabulous tourist attraction sites in China. You will get to explore most of the rivers stunning features. You can enjoy a boat ride from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Li River Cruise

You will visit the stirring Karsts peaks which are steep sided. You will also come across the amazing caves and several bamboos which are lined on the river banks. Water buffalos are also found in the water and you will stumble upon so many fishermen doing their daily fishing chores in the river.

Li River Cruise

Lastly, you will see a superb landscape with its evergreen environment that covers the entire place giving it tranquil environment.

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