Don’t Miss Places In Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country located in West Africa. Burkina Faso is usually known by the name


. However, earlier it was named as





. The inhabitants of this country are known as Burkinabè. Burkina is an excellent destination for the people who are deeply interested in seeing beautiful West African country and exploring African culture. Probably, the main thing Burkina Faso is most famous for is its music and

drumming culture

. It is definitely a great country to visit if you are interested in learning West African drumming which attracts the attraction of most of the tourists visiting this country. Besides the drumming and music, art is also part of the famous and rich culture of Burkina Faso.

Don't Miss Places in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso also hosts the

International Arts and Crafts Fair at Ouagadougou

which is better known by its French name is one of the most important African handicraft fairs in the world. French is the official language of this country.


is the capital as well as the largest city of this country. The natural resources of this country include mainly small deposits of gold, manganese, limestone, marble and phosphates.

So, here is the list of a few places you will not afford to miss on your visit to Burkina Faso.

Laongo Sculpture Symposium

Laongo Sculpture Symposium

It is one of the main attractions in



. As the name indicates you will find a number of Sculptures made with Granite in this Garden. Burkina Faso is famous for its Art and Artistic Creations. Artists from all over the world are invited every two years to create new statues to add the beauty of this place. This site is open to public and hence enables people to see and adore these beautiful sculptures. The anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, figurative or abstract works give this site its original character. The Meaning of the sculptures is very evident but still is good to hire a guide to know the exact meaning of various statues. You will find a number of French speaking guides outside the building.

Laongo Sculpture Symposium

You will not get the guides speaking English. You will be impressed by the variety of artwork collected in this small place. The whole park is very well maintained. It is advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and don’t forget to bring water to drink with you. This place is best visited in early mornings or late evenings. The whole park is photogenic and some impressive statues will compel you to click pictures and hence you will be back from the park with some beautiful memories.

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Bobo Dioulasso

Bobo Dioulasso is mainly known by the name ‘


by local people as well as the tourists. It is the second largest city of this country after Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. Being the second largest city, Bobo has not lost its small – town charm and the semi – tropical atmosphere makes it the favorite spot for taking rest by the travelers.

Bobo Dioulasso

Bobo is most famous for its night life where you will get the chance to enjoy this cultural centre’s thriving music scene. Musicians and Artists in many thousand numbers are drawn to this centre to attend the


Culture Week

from all over


and many surrounding countries also.

Bobo Dioulasso

Bobo is a beautiful town and the tree – lined streets, shady courtyards and creeping bougainvillea add to the beauty of this town.



is the best live music venue and it contains an excellent sound system. You will be able to visit the



where you will see the vendors selling Jewelry, clothes, crafts and food items. You will never miss the chance to enjoy the performance of local musicians at the time of night in the maquis. You will fall in love with the charming beauty of this town during your visit.

W National Park

W National Park

is located on the border of

Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso

. This park is located in Eastern Burkina Faso and it got its name from shape formed by Niger River in the northern end of this park. The best way to explore this place is by camping in this park. You will need a guide to visit this large park. You will be able to see a number of animals and birds in this park. Wild Elephants, Horses, Antelopes, Nile Crocodiles will attract your attention the most. You will find the ‘

Eco’ Lodge

and the food provided by the people over there is really delicious.

W National Park

It is definitely the best camping site in Burkina Faso. It will be a memorable experience for you to sleep under the open sky and gaze at the stars. If you love wildlife, this place will be loved by you. The Safaris will give you the experience to watch the animals closely in their natural habitat. The Tourism of this country is taking special measures to make your experience even more comfortable.

Les Pics de Sindou


geological formations

are located about 50 kilometers from


The Road leading to this place is very dusty. So make sure to have a scarf to protect yourself from dust. You will find a number of villages on your way. Tourists love to visit these villages as the people are very friendly and welcome you in a good way. The whole place is very beautiful. You will find a number of different shaped mountains. It is advised to find a guide by making groups as limited number of guides is available at this place.

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Les Pics de Sindou

The landscape makes this place absolutely breath – taking. You can spend as many hours as you want taking in the beauty and imagining the formation of rocks to the objects these resemble. It is advised to visit this place in early morning to enjoy the mountains while breathing in fresh air. The guides will provide you all the important information about this beautiful place. A village named as

Niang Sokone

is located an hour away from Sindou Peaks. The climb up to the village is steep but it represents an awesome view. So don’t forget to visit this village while visiting

Sindou Mountains.

Nazinga Game Ranch

Nazinga Game Ranch

is located in

South – Western Burkina Faso

. This beautiful game ranch with an open and close forest was established by two brothers named as Robert and Lark Lungren. This game ranch has contributed a lot in the economic development of this country. The Nazinga Game ranch is divided into buffer area, hunting area and conservation area.

Nazinga Game Ranch

It is considered as the best place to enjoy wildlife in all over West Africa. This place is largely crowded with tourists. You will find a huge number of birds and animals present here in large varieties including elephants, buffalos, warth dogs, baboons etc. This park is not less than a paradise for people who are the lovers of bird watching. This place is a good

camping site.

This place is an ideal destination to capture the natural beauty of animals in your camera.

Nazinga Game Ranch

The hotels outside the park are much better and less expensive as compared to the hotels inside the park. You will enjoy the sight of elephants bathing in the lake in the morning so it is worth staying overnight in the park. You will be able to get the perfect opportunity to enjoy star gazing with your partner.

Lobi Country

Lobi Country

is located in the

Southern Burkina


near the Ivory Coast. Lobi Country is the homeland of Lobi People. Lobi Society consists of seven ethnic groups. Each group has a different language but almost same styles of architecture and a strong dedication to animism. A visit to a local Lobi Village is a must while visiting Burkina Faso. You will get a chance to meet the local people.

Lobi Country

All the people are very welcoming and friendly. You will be delighted to see the surroundings. You will enjoy the view of the making of local pottery and blacksmithing. You will be stunned to see different type of people living together. You will feel even more close to the Lobi Culture after listening to the stories about the ancient Lobi people.

Musee National

Musee National

is also known as the

National Museum of Burkina Faso

. This two – storey building is located in the capital city of this country on the south of

Phillipe Zinda Kabore School

. The museum is located in the centre of the city and hence is easily accessible with the help of public transport also. The building is built in Sudanese Sahelian style with dome-shaped roofs.

Musee National

Instruments from all families were represented in this museum including aerophones, membranophones, idiophones and chordophones while each object ws the only one of its kind and varied from 5 to 200 years in terms of age. You will find many interesting items in the museum including ancestral statues and traditional costumes and masks of Burkina Faso’s major ethnic groups. There is another hall which is open with woven fabrics from the country. The labeling is done only in French. So it is advised to get a guide before entering the museum in order to get all kind of important information about the rich culture of

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Lobi People

. It is advised to visit the Lobi country before visiting this place.

Sacred Crocodiles at Bazoule

Not very far from the capital city are located some sacred lakes containing the crocodiles. If you think visiting Nazinga is too far for you then


is the perfect place for you to enjoy. This town is home to the most famous crocodile pond in this country with around

50 sacred crocodiles

. The entrance fee to this pond is very small. There is a restaurant nearby which provides very tasty meals. Hire a guide to the lake. You can even feed to the crocodiles.

Sacred Crocodiles at Bazoule

On the way to the lake are some notice boards which are painted to tell the life of the crocodiles. The guide will take you close to the crocodiles and you will be able to touch the crocodiles. The crocodiles are safe to go close as they never bite. By going close you will be able to click some amazing pictures also. The

Association Tourism at Development de Bazoule

is taking care of the site properly.

The Sahel

The Sahel is the area located in the

Northern Burkina Faso

. While visiting this region, make a stop in

Groom – Groom

. It has easier access than other towns of the region. The streets of this area are packed with colorfully dressed vendors, horses and camels. This gives you the feel of a local market of Africa. Nearby is a cattle market where you will find people selling cattle, horses, donkeys and goats etc. Sahel is not actually a desert but a wild, dry and dusty region which is home to many nomadic societies.

The Sahel

Just hire a guide at reasonable price and he will take you to a nearby village to take you on a camel tour. The tours can last from a few hours to few days. The facility of camping is also available over here. You will not be able to atop yourself from clicking a lot o beautiful pictures on the backs of camels.

Riding the camels

will add one more beautiful memory to your visit Burkina Faso. Don’t miss the special market and buy a lot of good items on Thursdays.

Les Cascades de Banfora

Les Cascades de Banfora

also known as the

Banfora Waterfall

is a waterfall is located 7 kilometers far from Banfora Town. The surroundings are really very clean. It is better to visit this place in the absence of rain. The water flows in large quantity and presents a natural and beautiful scene in front of your eyes.

Les Cascades de Banfora

There is not a large place for swimming but you can enjoy by staying under the Waterfall. The surroundings are full of greenery and hence present a refreshing view in front of your eyes. The water is very clean and you will love to click pictures under the waterfall. It is also a

popular picnic spot

. Make sure you don’t miss this place on your visit to Burkina Faso.

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