Don’t Miss Places In Austria

Austria is one of the greatest places you can adventure. The country embraces tourism tightly as a major activity in the country.

The country has a beautiful landscape as well as many attractive sites to adventure. There many amusing cities, mountains, forts, museums and art galleries. You will surely have chosen an awesome destination for your holidays. You can actually have a terrible time deciding on the best attraction to start with as all can be ranked as the best.

Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions in Austria and actually the most visited sites.


The stunning Schonbrunn Palace is with all certainty a top 10 tourist destination which you will not miss touring while in Austria. This place is actually the most visited places in Austria.

The place has a charming structure worth of seeing. Its architectural design is particularly the Baroque and has great paints of the faint yellow shade that makes very impressive. It is certainly one place you can hardly want to leave. Having your camera will be of great benefit as you will manage to capture all these beauties.

Schonbrunn Palace

The palace is actually a combination of about 1,441 buildings which will offer you a vast area of adventure. You will have to tour the Palm House as much charm is bestowed within it. You can also tour the Gloriette house.

The environs of the palace are unbelievably eye catching. The vegetations are first class with a collection of varied types of flowers which ensure the whole territory is perfectly scented. The Privy Garden is actually one of the most fantastic sites within the palace. Here, you will find every kind of beautiful tree as well as flowers.

Schonbrunn Palace

The zoo is also not to missed out by anyone adventuring the palace. This zoo is by the way, one of the oldest and biggest in the world. You will thus be in a perfect place of adventure. Have a look also at the summerhouse atop a remarkable hill of about 60 meters. The maze is also worth of seeing.


The dazzling Fortress Hohensalzaburg is certainly one the top 10 tourist attractions that you should not miss while in Austria. This is actually one of the most visited sites in Austria.

The castle is situated in Salzburg city on top of the mighty mount Festungsberg. You will thus be amused to ascend the mountain as you admire and appreciate the beauties abhorred by the mountain. You will also love the atmosphere here as the mountain vegetation ensures a tranquil ambiance for all the visitors to the castle.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The castle is indeed worthy of visiting. It exposes its beauty right from the entrance. You will first be allured by the well planted flowers that give a, lot of life to the area. The trees too are magical. You cannot miss to see all these beauties.

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The architectural design of the fortress is certainly one of the best that will keep you completely satisfied for having paid it a visit. You will definitely have to take it snaps. This castle was in use from the 12th century to the 18th century as the Catholic Archbishops ruled Salzaburg from here. By the way, this is the biggest and most well maintained fort in Europe.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Don’t forget to visit its interior side and admire the Salzaburg Bull housed in there. It is actually a great thing to see as it a figure that has been embellished with a total of 200 pipes. You have to take your camera here.


The Giant Ferris Wheel is certainly a site among the top 10 tourist attractions in Austria. This is in fact one of the most visited place in Austria. It is definitely astounding. You can easily catch a train from Vienna to this area.

The Giant Ferris Wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel is situated on a spectacular site giving it a more scenic value. It rests in Prater, somewhere between Danube and the middle city. The wheel is one of the great things you should not miss seeing. This wheel has been featured in the Third Man film which was a very prominent film that played in the horrific past Vienna after the war.

The Giant Ferris Wheel

The most amusing thing will be when you ride on the wheel and feel an out of the earth feeling. It is very interesting being here, actually a nice place to visit with your family. The views from here are excellent. You can view the charming city from here as well as the enticing St Stephen Cathedral.


Located on the Western Part of Vienna is the Melk Abbey castle which is indubitably a topping tourist attraction in Austria. It is situated on a rocky landscape which is truly gorgeous for the nature lovers.

Melk Abbey

The beautiful Melk Abbey castle is certainly amazing. You will be overwhelmed on seeing its great architectural design that really makes it prominent. You surely have to have your camera to capture some of the most intriguing sides of it.

Walk into inside and have a look at its design. The notable religious materials in there will definitely not be missed. The site has actually been used a Christian scholarship center since the early 1089. It is actually a nice place to visit. You can also listen to the sociable guides you find there for more appreciation of this wonder.

Melk Abbey

You will also not miss touring the austere library within the Melk Abbey. The library is gorgeous and has an attractive architectural structure. The library has actually earned a name worldwide. The scriptures here are brilliant and worth of seeing. Its surely a place you should not miss as there is much to learn from here.


Just in the rear of the Heldenplatz is the charming Hofburg Palace. The palace is undeniably a top tourist destination in Austria. It is simply mind blowing.

The imperial palace was started in the 13th to the 19th century and since then retained its intrinsic allure. Its architectural design is impressive as well as the massive size exposed openly.

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Hofburg Palace

The palace has numerous buildings to tour. The state high rises are fantastic and actually worth of seeing. Ensure you visit them and see where the Austrian President conducted his meetings. The Federal Chancellor of Austria house is also worth of seeing especially to have a look at its spectacular design that will lure you from far.

The Spanische Hofreitschule hall is also not to be missed by those who love horse riding. The National Library within the palace is also not to be left out. You will also have a great time relaxing within the palace ground as they are attractively maintained with lots of greenly look.

Hofburg Palace

The trees are amazing and gorgeous. The flowers will also not miss your eyes as you get their best fragrances. It is surely a nice place to visit with your family.


Right at the exquisite Ringstrasse is the Museum of Fine Arts a sure place of adventure. The museum has remained among the most visited places since many years ago. It is definitely a top tourist destination in Austria.

The museum attracts you with its colossal size and more so its unique beautiful architectural design. It is truly worth of being taken photos. The surroundings are also amusing and full of beautiful treasures. You will certainly like to stroll around it.

Museum of Fine Arts

The museum is breathtaking and beautifully colored with all types of charming artwork. You will be totally compelled to tour it many times. The relics are amazing and actually the best and form a collection of the majestic family. There are also lots of art objects attractively formulated by popular artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Bruegel.

The drawings exhibited on the walls are eye catching. Moreover, the numerous paintings that have been used to give the museum an art like look are fabulous.

Museum of Fine Arts

The guides here are affable and very interactive. They will actually have you touring the museum as they explain every kind of detail you will be wanting to know.


You can certainly not miss to visit Innsbruck for a great adventure. Innsbruck is astounding and among the most visited sites in Austria. It is definitely a topping tourist attraction.


Within Innsburg, you will have a great time touring the old town of Altstadt. This is a charming city full of friendly locals who will welcome you with open hands. The streets are magnetic and give you a great feeling as you stroll along them. The town’s architecture will definitely be worth of mentioning and seeing as it stands out unique from many other towns.

Have a stop at its many shops to admire the beautiful items displayed. You can actually do some shopping from here. While in the town, you will be graced by a fantastic view of the snow capped mountains surrounding Innsburg. They are indeed striking and nice looking. You can actually have several pictures of them.

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The Golden Roof will also demand your attention as it is a lovely building situated categorically within the town. The house is fabulous and attractive. It was constructed to offer home to the Holy Roman Emperor. The countless cooper tiles that garland its beauty are certainly worth of seeing.


The enchanting resort in Austria by the name St Anton am Arlberg is with no doubt a topping tourist destination and one of the greatest places to visit. It is simply mind blowing and eye soothing.

St Anton am Arlberg

The terrain here is amazing as it offers you a great place to spend time. The first dramatic thing to experience is the skiing. It is actually a resort that remains full to capacity in the winters with large hordes of tourists who are interested in the skiing challenge. Be sure to have magical fun.

The summers too are amazing for the resort visitors. The terrain offers you a great place to trek as well as climbing the hilly parts. You can hardly miss this gorgeous experience. Remember your camera as much is there to be captured.

St Anton am Arlberg

You will enjoy a ride in a train from Zurich Airport.


For those touring Austria in the months of May to October, the Grossglockner Alpine Road will be a great hub to tour. This is all certainly a top tourist destination and in fact one of the most toured areas in Austria.

Grossglockner Alpine Road

Riding along the road is full of magical feeing as you get a chance to feel the tranquil atmosphere encompassing the region. You will definitely love the ride from the Kaiser Franz Josefs Hohe Visitor Centre way down to the other end.

Grossglockner Alpine Road

From here you will have first rate views of the spectacular Grossglockner Mountains. Remember your camera as you start the drive. The road is highly maintained with the alpines giving it a more scenic value. You can certainly not miss to drive along it for a view of a world class road.


A great adventure in Austria can be finalized at the stunning Hallstatt village. This is undoubtedly a top tourist attraction in Austria. The village is intriguing.


The village is a great place to see and learn on salt production. It is in effect very popular due to the presence of the salt. This mineral has actually been a major contributor towards the wealth cherished by the village. It has also earned the village a great name.

You will certainly not miss to tour the Hornerwerk cavern for a look at the salt lake. It is a great place to visit. Apart from touching the salt or snapping the lake, you will have a thrilling moment seeing the lovely sculpture that stands here. This statute is of an ancient man and was placed here so as to get preserved with the salt.


The locals here will be fabulous and very informative as they will let you know the historic background of the exquisite village. Remember to have appropriate shoes for a walk through the village. You can surely not miss to visit this area.

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