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Australia is a prominent and famous country for its famous but rare species of animals, and hence a core center for tourism. Actually Australia is well known to have a unique wildlife that is never found in any part of the world.

Kangaroo resting at a Beach

Furthermore, several tourist attractions sites like the islands, parks, lagoons only to mention a few has made Australia to be having large number of tourists flooding in every year to see themselves some of the wonders of the world. Australia is renowned to have the most deadly snakes that can kill within a few minutes thus it’s good to take care while exploring your adventure in this awesome country.

A sign board near the Ayers Rock

The list below provides top 10 most visited and popular tourist attractions in Australia listing a few but are so many other sites that you will come across.


Naracoorte caves national park is another interesting and wonderful place you shouldn’t miss. Being the largest and biggest park in Australia, it is considered as the world’s heritage. It is situated around Mt. Gambier. It does receive many visitors because of its marvelous features.

Naracoorte Caves National Park

The park has outstanding features like the caves which contains large remains of early. It is an interesting place to look at the stunning cave. The cave can be scary to those who are not conversant with isolated adventures. In fact, the cave structure behaves in such a way as if it is hosting some dangerous animals but in the real sense you should fear nothing as there are guides to directs and leads you.

Furthermore, if you visit this park you will encounter the Wonambi Fossil Centre. It is the dwelling place for which all remains are stored. Also you can find interesting animals such as the southern bent wing bat. It is actually a good place to be where you can see, appreciate and interact with nature.

Naracoorte Caves National Park

It is always advisable to camp for some time in the campground in order to fully explore the natures surrounding. Having a camera is more advantageous to record lively rare animals in the world and enjoy the adventure. The park is a few kilometers from Naracoorte town through the many tours available at not less than $25.


Sydney city is an amazing city that is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction. It is one of the most visited cities in Australia. Its peacefulness is a real attraction that you should not imagine circumventing.

Opera House

Sydney city is the biggest and a very famous city in the whole of Australia. It is in fact a city that can take you a whole day to completely assemble its beauties. Sydney city is the home to the popular Opera House. The house embraces a captivating architectural design was original idea came from the Dutch engineer by the name John Utzon. You will surely be allured by its beauty and you will have to take it several snaps.

Sydney City

You will also like to stroll around the whole structure while trying to gain an idea of its construction and history. You can also tour its interior part to capture more of its beauty.

The city is also very famous for the charming Hunter Valley Wineries where you can have the best taste of wine ever known in Australia. Sydney city also offers a greater chance to enjoy the harbor tour attractions. You will actually have to get involved into these enticing cruises.

Bondi Beach

There is also a marine aquarium right in the city. Don’t miss watching the dazzling fishes and other water life.


Tasmania is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction in Australia. This site is so magnetic with a cool ambiance that you are not likely to experience anywhere else.

Tasmania Island has a wonderful structure that keeps out the busy town life hence the best place to have you relaxed after a long tiring period. The natural serenity is exquisite. You can hardly get an urge of leaving the area. You will definitely love to learn the amiable history surrounding the real Tasmania. Its cultural life too is charismatic.


The site is very resourceful with imposing mountainous terrain. You can actually take several hours hiking up to very top most part while getting infused with the tranquil atmosphere marrying the whole territory. You will truly miss a lot by failing to pay a visit to Tasmania.

Beautiful lagoons are also in plenty where you can relax while trying your best to trap several fishes. You will also like the calmness and cleanliness of their waters.

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmania is also a home to many appealing wildlife. You can actually tour its vast wildlife areas to admire the fascinating animals. Tasmania is generally a delightful site that will offer the best sort of adventure.


Perth is a sure city you will never regret having visited. It is unquestionably mind blowing with lots of attractions to enthrall at. It has actually earned a great name among many tourists and thus a very popular tourist destination.

The city offers a gorgeous experience to nature lovers. There are many varied wildlife that you like to see. The city is also very popular for the Perth zoo that houses countless animals.

Perth City Skyline

The Perth mine will also not be left out by anyone touring the wonders of Australia. There are also many captivating gardens that you will actually like to relax in and spend much of your time in.

The western part of Australia is also a place you should always consider visiting. It is the real quarters where the popular art gallery is situated. The gallery has many things to explore and learn about.

Perth Dock

You will also be amused at the stunning cultural hall majesty theater to have fun at the mesmerizing Australian cultures. You will be very tempted by their unique mores that you will wish to stay a little longer. Also don’t miss the impeccable dances that will only leave you overjoyed.

ULURU (Ayers Rock)

Uluru (Ayers Rock) is one of the greatest sites to adventure. It is definitely one of the most eye catching sites you will mesmerize at while in Australia. You will have no trouble reaching there as you can hire a car from Alice Springs.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

There is in effect a beautiful gargantuan monolith rock protrusion that has made the area very popular. In actual fact, this is the biggest rock of its kind in the world. Be sure to remember your camera as you will certainly like to capture the rock several photos.

The site is very spectacular especially at sunrise and definitely at sunset. You will have the greatest experience witnessing the early morning sun spreading its rays to the world or admiring it setting before dusk. It is indeed a thing you should not miss while in Australia. You will also have fun watching the alluring changing color ranges right at the rock area. There are very fabulous color arrangements that too will not find anywhere else.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Uluru is undoubtedly a top 10 tourist attraction in Australia that is known to receive many tourists all the years. Don’t miss touring this site.


Kangaroo is another leading tourist attraction in Australia and should not be missed. It is actually a top most visited tourist attraction in Australia. You will get here by riding on a ferry from Cape Jervis.

It is an island which is stocked with a variety of animals and sea creatures. You will definitely have a chance to adventure and explore many of the interesting and rare animals in the island. Though small, the island has a tranquil and calm environment to give you a peaceful time while watching them.

Kangaroo Island

You will access this island via a boat. It is not that far away from the mainland. You will have a chance to see many kangaroos. You will discover that Kangaroos are populous in this island than any part of the world.

Besides, kangaroos are friendly and interactive animals if you relate with them well. Ensure your adventure fully the adaptive characteristics of kangaroos that enable them to survive even during the harshest conditions in the winter. Certainly, you will have a terrific time watching these lovely creatures.

Kangaroo Island

On the other hand, Kangaroo Island is a habitat of several animals like sees wallabies, goannas, koalas, echidnas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, fur seals, eagles, whales and ospreys. This kind of animals and sea creatures has made this island more popular and thus receives many tourists in every season. It is surely an enthralling place to be to adventure and appreciate such animals you might haven’t seen them anywhere before.


Cairns is an exciting place visitors will like to visit every time. Cairns is a top most visited place in Australia. It is surely breathtaking with an eye catching landscape. The atmosphere too is tranquil.


Cairns are known to have the most captivating coral reefs. By the way, it has the biggest coral reefs in the world. Apart from the charming coral reefs, you will also come across some stunning lovely but rare marine life. You can have a look at all these beauties either from the dry land but certainly the most excellent views will be captured while on a boat over the shallow and deep waters.


It is found on the north eastern part of Australia covering a vast area of not less than 800 million acres hence has a vast area for exploration and adventuring.


Port Augusta is definitely another most wonderful place. It is distinguished as the South Australian crossroad. It is situated northwards in the Alice Springs and thus easily accessed by bus from Alice Springs.

Port Augusta

You will have spectacular views of the Australia arid lands and alluring botanic gardens that offer a great opportunity to view animals and other wonderful creatures. It is always good to accompany yourself with a camera to have this place recorded to remind you later of the good and great places.

Port Augusta

Moreover, you will get a chance to tour and see for yourself the Outback Centre which is not far from the city. It offers a profusion magnificent historical exhibition. All artifacts dating from long time ago are placed and stored in this place and later displayed to potential tourists to have them appreciate them. You will certainly enjoy all sorts of wonders and thus giving you an urge to revisit again.


Fraser Island is a very popular island in the whole world and actually one of the most visited places in the world. It is in fact the biggest ever known sand island in the world. This has made the island get to be known as the “hidden natural treasure”. You will definitely require a really long holiday to have its whole beauty in your hand.

Fraser Island

The island is also known to abhor some of the most jeopardized animal species such as the wild dogs, several fish species and the dingo. Each of this brings to you a real land and marine ecosystem. By the way, you should have your camera close to you to take snaps of each very of these beauties.

Fraser Island

The impeccable island has the most magnetic beaches you would want to explore. These beaches are purely superb. Don’t miss having the whole lot of attraction on your travel to Australia. The site is in fact ever flooded with large hordes of tourists as this is a very trendy tourist destination. There are many airplanes landing onto the island hence you don’t need to struggle to reach there or ride a boat from Rainbow Beach to the island.


Gawler ranges in Adelaide are a world class tourist destination that has always been ranked among the top 10 tourist attractions in Australia. It abhors a compelling sensational atmosphere that you would not want to miss while in Australia.

Gawler Ranges

Gawler Ranges are a charming domicile to very imposing vegetation. The foliage has the long time greenly look and thus gives the ranges a lot of life. You will certainly love to adventure this range. The ranges also have a spectacular national park that has a versatile composition of fauna. The park is wide enough and therefore has enough space on which you can explore each of the animal’s variety closely. You will in fact have to use a car to have an easy time adventuring the park.

The ranges are also very friendly and will allow you a cool time admiring its many bush flowers that have made it very fashionable. There are also several salty attractive lakes that you can survey or fetch some of their brine water. In fact, you will have to visit the astounding Lake Gairder to see the beautiful but unusual brilliant plants within its environs.

Gawler Ranges

Don’t also miss hiking the lovely Pildappa rock or the stirring mount Wudinna.

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  1. I really like your post. You have included most of the famous places. But I think you forget to include Melbourne. Its the second most city in australia and have some tourist destination.

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