Don’t Miss Places In Armenia

Armenia is an awesome country for adventure and tourism as it highly embraces onto tourism activities.

The country offers you a long list of places to explore which include the mountains, temples, cities, forts and churches which are just but a few of the many things you will marvel at. Actually you will have to plan a long holiday as you can barely assemble all the highlights across the country.

Don't Miss Places in Armenia

The atmosphere and weather are among the best you can want to experience. The scenery is also enchanting as well as the locals.

The list below gives the leading 8 tourist attractions in the country and hence an easy time for you as you explore Armenia.


The amazing Garni temple is truly a charming site that is a remarkable site which always appears among the major tourist destinations in the country. The temple is of course a great place of adventure.

The temple is situated on a mind blowing terrain that is highly embellished with a variety of plant coverage that makes it very appealing. You can also not fail to appreciate the coolness and peacefulness abhorred by the entire region.

Garni Temple

The temple has a fascinating architectural design that is surely awesome that you will have to take its photos. The design of the temple will however leave surprised but greatly impressed when you learn that it was built of stones alone without the use of a motor. It is certainly an experience you should not imagine circumventing.

The temple has large oodles of fantastic materials that are truly worth of noting and don’t forget to see also the religious objects that are placed there.

Garni Temple

The guides will also get you into a catchy time revealing you all the details that link it to the time it got established in the third century. It is truly an intriguing site for all.

You will easily get a taxi to ferry you to the site from Yerevan.


The auspicious Amberd Fortress is with no doubt among the most popular site among tourists as they are indeed a top tourist destination in the country. The sites are really spectacular and cannot be avoided by any of the country’s visitor.

The fortress is situated on top of the Aragat Mountain which is about 2300 meters in altitude. This mount offers a great chance to experience the stirring experience of mountain climbing. The atmosphere as you ascend will give you a lot of vigor to enable you reach the peak.

Amberd Fortress

The vegetation will also do you a favor as you can rest on the green grasses where you will be surveying the beautiful plant species that all around. Actually you will find lots of rare plant species and you will thus feel highly privileged for having gotten there.

The fortress is popularly called the fortress of the clouds and this is largely attributed to the high height you have to overcome before reaching it. It has a charming design that will make you appreciate your efforts to the site.

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Amberd Fortress

Ensure you stroll into and get a chance to admire the intact walls that make a sure place for hiding against attacks. The darkness in there is totally awesome.

The Vahramashen Church is also within reach and you will have to pay it a visit. This church has an outstanding structure that will leave wondering why it had to be placed on top of the high mountain. You will also find countless religious objects housed within its boundaries as well as numerous religious inscriptions on the walls.

You can get a car to ride you to the fortress.


Your visit to Armenia will tautly not be complete before adventuring into the astounding and the gorgeous Geghard Monastery. This is indeed a top tourist destination that will not fail to appear in your list of attraction sites. The site is accessible by a taxi from Yerevan.

The monastery is located on one of the most excellent sites as it stands amidstRocky Mountains. The beauty displayed by each side is really awesome. The hikers will feel at home as they get a chance to ascend the mountains from where they will be able to have placid clear views of the whole underlying beauty surround the monastery.

Geghard Monastery

The ambiance marrying the whole territory is one of those you will always want to feel. This is certainly one of the best places of adventure. The high entrance gate will definitely make you realize that you are entering a gorgeous site.

The monastery building too are breathtaking and actually you cannot miss to have their photos. Ensure you stroll to each of the building and discover that hidden treasures in them. The relics are certainly auspicious and reveal lots of amazing history of the county.

Geghard Monastery

It is here where you will find the spear that is believed to have been used in killing Jesus. You certainly cannot miss to explore the site.


The stunning Tatev Monastery is indeed a top tourist attraction in the country and certainly receives thousands of tourists every year. The site is truly amazing and offers you a chance to experience the history of Armenia.

The monastery comprises of amazing buildings all with pleasing architectural designs that demand for snaps. The library is the first thing to allure you where you will find lots of striking books for study and research. The guides here are also friendly and will help you in walking around as you chose a book to survey.

Tatev Monastery

The 3 churches are also exquisite, which include the St. Paul and Peter’s Church, the St Mary’s Church and not forgetting the eye catching St Gregory the Illuminator Church. All these churches will give you a peaceful place where you can reflect about your faith or mingle with other believers there.

Otherwise you can stroll to the mind blowing administrative houses where you can explore the way things are done in Armenia and more so admire their lovely architectural design or get a chance to learn their history from the sociable guides you will find there.

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There are also lots of artifacts to be found here and history relating to their formulators. Ensure you also take their photos to keep the good memories. You can get a van to the site from Yerevan at a cheap fare.


A visit to Armenia cannot be complete before you pay a visit to the dazzling Noravank Monastery. This monastery lies a few meters from Yeghegnadzor town where you can get a car to ferry you to the site. The monastery is with no doubt a top tourist attraction in the country.

Noravank Monastery

The monastery is placed in a remarkable and appealing landscape that will leave wanting to spend the rest of your time there. The hill gives an opportunity to ascend and definitely this will be thrilling to those who like strolling in rugged sceneries. From the top you can have a panoramic view of the enchanting monastery as well as the surrounding beauties.

The monastery offers home to 3 matchless churches namely the Surb Karapet, the Surb Astvatsatsin and the Surb Grigor. These churches are incredibly designed giving the place a gorgeous look that will not miss the attention of your camera.

Noravank Monastery

You will definitely have to tour each of them and get amused by the interior layout as well as the manner in which religious materials are displayed for the use by all. It is certainly one of the great places you can never imagine missing.

The cool atmosphere and no kind of pollution at the entire place make it a favorable place to all travelers in the country.


The stunning Armenian Opera Theatre in Yerevanis with no doubt a gorgeous place of adventure and certainly one of the most visited site in the county. The site is truly awesome for all looking for a place to watch others exhibit their talents.

Armenian Opera Theatre

The theatre’s architectural design gives it a fascinating look that finds every visitor taking its photos. You will definitely feel that urge to honor its designer Alexander. Ensure you stroll around it for a complete admiration of its circular beauty.

The interior part is also charming with beautifully arranged seats to accommodate the large number of spectators. The benches are indeed wonderful that once you get seated on them you get to forget about where you are and only imagine of being in a paradise.

Armenian Opera Theatre

The performances are breathtaking and certainly the best of all the performances done in the country. The plays or the dances will compactly influence you that you will want to be among the troop performing them.

The atmosphere in the entire place is also remarkable and will let you enjoy the different skills display with a lot of comfort. You can also relax under any of the trees that surround the theatre as you wait for the performances to start or to simply appreciate the beauty outside of the theatre.


The magnificent Sevanavank Monastery will certainly not miss from the list of any traveler in Armenia. The site is amazing and definitely a top tourist attraction in the country. It is highly awesome for all with a great heart of adventure. The place is accessed by a van from Yerevan.

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The monastery exhibits a unique but lovely design whose materials look old but very charming. You certainly have to take its photos before you get into the rooms.

Sevanavank Monastery

The monastery has two impeccable churches which include the Holy Mother of God and the St Apostles which are known the Armenian language as the Surb Astvatsats and the Surb Arakelots. The two churches have compelling architectural designs that are very similar. This makes the place a real site for the religious and those digging out for historical facts.

Actually you will not miss to venture into both of them to look at the many religious objects that housed in them as you also admire the interior layout.

Sevanavank Monastery

The monastery lies adjacent to a great lake and thus you have more to adventure. The lake offers you magical waters that are pristine blue and thus a great place to enjoy swimming and diving as you get a chance to interact with the many fishes and other marine life that beneath the waters. You can also do a little sailing to into the lake or just sit by the banks and get infused by the cool and serene ambiance of the entire place.


The impeccable Republic Square in Yerevan is certainly one of the best places to relax in the afternoon after long tedious adventure. The site is indeed a top tourist attraction that is ever full of tourists. It is surely breath taking and you cannot afford to miss it.

The square design is truly one of the best and most superlative you can ever come across. Photos all around are panoramic and especially the aerial ones which make the entire place look more of a beautiful Armenian piece of cloth that is used to clean surfaces.

Republic Square

The oval shape of the building makes it certainly awesome as it is truly hard to find such shapes of buildings in the world the patterns that decorate the whole place are amazing and certainly attractive making the place so compelling.

You will also not miss to explore any of astounding buildings in the vicinity. The first will be the government house. This is an incredibly intriguing site that has an impressive structure. The compound of the house is brilliant with first class flower beds and lawns with numerous trees standing in between them. The sweet aroma and more so the thrilling shades offered by the trees are a must to have experience. You can also stroll to the rooms in the company of friendly guides.

Republic Square

The History Museum is also in the neighborhood and will only take you few minutes to get there. Here you will find numerous relics on display that comprise of fine collections of the items that represent different ages.

You can also explore the beauties of the National Gallery that houses a beautiful relic from different artisans. The carvings and paintings not forgetting the awesome drawings will have your day fabulous.

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