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Travel to Dominica

Last December was the most fantastic vacation that happened to me so far, because I got the chance to see Dominica for the first time in my life. It was Christmas when my friends Ally, Jen, Trish and I planned for a one week trip somewhere. For us, somewhere means somewhere—a place outside our home city New York, or to be more specific, a place outside the country we presently live in.

We, girls are always on the go for trips, and as wanderers in nature, we already traversed different parts of the world. Basically, our trips are an all-girl trip and I find it fun! Finally we chose to go to one of the famous islands in the Caribbean, the Dominica which—according to Trish, is also called the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.

We were so excited upon going there, to the point that we almost jumped like crazy kids the moment we stepped our foot at the land of Dominica, really can’t believe we actually behaved like this. We were totally amazed to see the place for the first time. And the weather, to say anything about the kind of weather we experienced while we were in Dominica was mixed is a complete understatement. The place ranged in a glorious sunshine and it was a pretty day for us and se we did enjoyed a lot!

Travel to DominicaUpon arriving at Canefield Airport, which is fifteen minutes away from north Roseau (Dominica’s capital), we battled our way through the taxi area and opted for a ride to send us through the hotel where we’ll stay. We didn’t have any difficulty when communicating to the people around since the people in Dominica naturally speaks English. While on our way to the hotel, we noticed that the traffic’s been hefty but of course, we didn’t mind that. The excitement’s just surging us all over.

From there, it took us few minutes to reach Fort Young Hotel. It was nice to know from the taxi operator that the said hotel was one of the best hotels in Dominica. Of course, it was justified when we finally felt the beauty of the hotel where we’re staying. The place looked so beauteous and it offers us excitement too. What’s great about the place is the scene that takes you to the Caribbean Sea. The hotel was overlooking the sea and you can really see the amazing breathtaking view over there.

Our first day of vacation was exciting and full of adventure. We decided to go to Dominica’s pride tourist spot, the Victoria Waterfalls. The place was great, a really impressive nature-full place. There are many vacationers like us. Some are from Europe and others from Asia. It was an engaging battle while reaching the waterfalls because we had to walk over three rivers for half an hour. But it was fun and the effort of river walking was paid off after seeing the beauty of the place. The caves and falls were a sight you wouldn’t miss! We took pictures and after a while, we already found ourselves enjoying while bathing. The water made us freeze for a while since it was so cold and we could almost hear our echoing voices while we’re screaming in excitement. The overall experience was a treasure!

We also went to the beautiful twin falls named Trafalgar Falls and also took pictures there, doing some silly poses while enjoying the spirit of nature. After that experience we went back to the hotel, had a sumptuous dinner then took a tour of the hotel we’re staying.

Travel to Dominica

During the second day (Saturday), my friends and I decided to do some shopping so we went to the downtown tosee what’s in store for us. And guess what? It was the perfect time to do the shopping because we found out that there was a main attraction to the city that is known as “Saturday Morning Market” situated at the spot where Roseau River meets the Caribbean Sea. And that day was perfectly great for us because we have bought lots of goodies there. After doing the shopping, we ended up roaming and sightseeing at the city’s botanical garden. Their botanical garden is free of charge so getting there was a lot more comfy. The botanical garden was such a relaxing place because of the lush green fields that was available at our sight.

The following days after were also great because we discovered so many places in the whole island of Dominica like Dominica Aerial Tram where we caught sight of the beautiful forest and rode the rain forest aerial tram gondola. We also got the chance to do the scuba diving and snorkeling at the south of Roseau called Champagne. Snorkeling was also great in Picard Beach where we also got to chance to see the beautiful and clean crystal blue water. We also did several hours of walking tour at Morne Trois Pitons National Park where we discovered it as the first established national park on the island. Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to do the hiking. We were able to hike at Boiling Lake. Although it was kind of exhausting for us to walk, it wasn’t at all a big deal. The great scenery we’ve seen was just so great!

Travel to DominicaAnd of course, we went our way to the most exotic zoo in Dominica—the Nature Reserve Zoo which is situated in Roseau. We literally gasped as we saw the beauty of the zoo. We didn’t expect to see it in a natural look because it is located in a forest where there’s lots of trees and waterfalls. We were also very amazed the see such wonderful creatures there that amuse everybody around.

We also tried to involve ourselves playing golf at the Monserat Golf Course. My friends and I were not that sporty, but who cares? We are the kind of persons who never miss any chance climbing the ladder of adventure.

Our pursuit to conquer other landmarks in Dominica didn’t end yet as we roam around the religious establishments. We have gone to different churches like the Church of the Immaculate Concepcion in Salibia and St. Marie of the Caribs Church. We were really over satisfied with our once in a lifetime tour.

Travel to Dominica

We also spent several days travelling to Portsmouth and Calibishie. Portsmouth was a sensation! We enjoyed ourselves spending the day at the famous beach resort of Dominica named The Secret Bay. The beach was a real paradise. Seems like Tricsh was right after all. Dominica’s places are truly a beauty and what they claimed as an “unspoiled natural beauty” is absolutely true! It was when we’ve gone to The Secret Bay when somebody told us that Dominica was the place where the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was made.

Calibishie was another spectacular place to visit because we got the chance to visit their tropical rainforest and were able to watch the amusing and exotic bird species. When we got back to the hotel on our last day, of course we were very, very tired. Tired but very enjoyed the least!

There are so many reasons to love Dominica. Dominica is a place to truly embrace because of its nature-full attractions. It also offers thrilling adventures we would never forget. I would love to pay it another visit soon.

Maybe after few years from now with my husband for honeymoon? (Winks)


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