Do I need transit visa to travel from ISrael

Hi people

I am holding indian passport and right now i am in Brazil.I want to go back india from Israel.

I have just connecting flight. Do I need transit visa to travel from Israel Airport

Any Help

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4 thoughts on “Do I need transit visa to travel from ISrael”

  1. I think the best thing to do is to call the Israeli embassy in Brazil or india, and find out if you need a visa for transit.

    This is the best solution because rules like this change every time especially in complicated politics countries like Israel.

    So if another traveler will give you an advice because he traveled with transit to Israel a year ago it’ll probably not be up to date.


    So I’m afraid you’ll have to call…

  2. Then the best thing you should do ias to visit Isralei embassy in Brazil and enquire about this. I suppose that you don’t need transit visa in connecting flights but why to take risk?ts better if you confirm this with the authorities.


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