Do I need transit visa for India ?

I am flying from London Heathrow airport to Kathmandu via Delhi.
In other words, I have a Jet Airways flight from London to Delhi.
I have to wait around 2 hours connection in Delhi.
Then I have a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu.

Do I need a visa for India, or can I just sit in the transit terminal & wait for the flight?



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5 thoughts on “Do I need transit visa for India ?”

  1. Hey Frequent Flyer,
    I’ve just traveled a month ago from London via. Quatar to Delhi on Qatar Airways and from there with Jet Airways to KTM, (The same way back after 37 days)

    I just write this, cause this Forum was my only Help & I wanna provide other travelers with India information.

    1. You will need NO Visa! Not even for more then 12 hours. Embassy will NOT tell you this, they are all uninformed, there is no Problems and there is a Transit Area (BTW those transit areas really SUCK).
    If you call the Indian embassy in the UK, they will tell you that as long as you don’t go through the immigration, you do not need a visa.

    2. Baggage was interlined, cause they had interline agreement. Jet has this with really MANY other airlines. Just check this and when boarding the flight and check in baggage just mention your further flights from Delhi, they will work it out for you. There is no Automatic routing in ALL of Delhi, but they can handle it.

    3. Delhi is definitely one of the worst airports,  There isn’t a real Duty Free, so be prepared with all you need.

    4. Be prepared to have people take your passport and tickets and hurrying away, this is Delhi and they will REALLY come back and have something sorted out, do not ask how nervous I was…..

    Hope this helps!!
    I will be happy to help anyone with any other questions.
    Have a good trip and Enjoy waiting in India Transit…


  2. Yes brother you need a visa to travel to India from Kathmandu because you are not a Indian citizen. So you will have to go the Indian Embassy and get Indian visa and you are welcomed to India. :nightlife:)

  3. You do not need visa for Delhi if you are not going out of airport. If you want to visit Delhi for few hours then you need transit visa. Be careful within city from pick-pocketer, snatcher. This problem to be in every country.

  4. actually if you are going to delhi via flight then you should need a visa, and if you want to visit delhi for more than 12 hours, you shoul need Transit visa also. Be careful within city from pick-pocketer, snatcher. This problem to be in every country.


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