Destinations For Thrill Seekers In Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent with a lot to offer thrill seekers. The many forest, mountain ranges and waterfalls found in the continent offer travelers with a lot of activities that will leave adventurers hoping they wouldn’t have to travel back to their countries of origin. While there are many thrilling activities to do in Africa, here listed are the top five.

Microlighting, Victorial falls Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

The Victoria fall s is one of the most beautiful places in the world and to view it you have to go through Zimbabawe or Zambia. However, since the tourist trade in Zimbabwe is not at its best presently, most people prefer to go through Zambia. For a thrilling experience during the holidays, you can go microlighting across the falls. It will help you get a panoramic view of the falls as well as the environs. You will definitely remember the experience for a longtime to come. Other activities include white water rafting and cruise rides.

Gorge Swing, Oribi George, South Africa

Gorge Swing, Oribi George

If you are really seeking something that will leave the adrenaline in your body pumping faster than ever before, then try this gorge swinging at Oribi in South Africa. It is a fun but dare devil activity. You stand on a cliff and swing to an abyss below that is at least 70m. The swing is quite rudimentary and it is made up of a cord attached to a cable that runs across the gorge.

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Swim with Crocodiles in South Africa

South Africa

So you love to court danger and you just can’t stop until it is really dangerous? Then South Africa is the place to be when you are seeking adventure. Have you ever thought about what it could mean to be in the same pool with an angry looking crocodile? Well in South Africa you will get a chance to swim with crocodiles. Only you do it in a cage. You can go diving with crocodiles at the Cango Wildlife ranch. You will be put inside a metal cage and submerged into the water and be greeted by your reptilian friend.

Safari in Bostwana

botswana safari

Even if being submerged in water full of crocodiles is not your idea of seeking a thrill, what about riding along side tigers and lions. This is exactly what you get when you go on safari in Botswana. While this may not seem to be a thrilling activity, wait until you are sitting in an open top vehicle and you see a lion emerge from the nearby bush. Your camera will surely stay frozen in your hand. Also imagine coming face to face with an elephant. You can get your adrenaline to run any faster than this.

Bloukrans Bridge,South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge is the highest bungee jump bridge in the world. It is found within the huge natural reserves of garden Route in South Africa. The bridge stands tall at about 216m. The frightening sight of the surrounding mountains and valleys is a enough to make a thrill run through your body.

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