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Hue Festival is the city’s chief annual event. Every June, the city celebrates its culture, and traditions in a spirit of harmony and universal brotherhood.

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Festival Hue

Hue happens to be Viet Nam’s most important historical and cultural site. Hue’s traditional culture gladly embraces court song and dance, nha nhac, performed at the Thai Mieu, and the Van Mieu, as well as Ho Hue.

Hue Festival is the city’s chief annual event. Every June, the city celebrates its culture, and traditions in a spirit of harmony and universal brotherhood. In the mind of the Until recently, mention of the Vietnamese city of Hue only evoked some of the most violent fighting that occurred between American troops and North Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War. But the good news is that now the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam is becoming known to the outer world primarily because of its Hue Festival.

The Hue Festival consists of a collection of festivals and rites.Various art and cultural activities also grace the Hue festival like calligraphic performances by local and regional artists hosted by Hue’s latest art gallery. The Hue Festival every year attracts a huge crowd of tourists. Hue Festival also makes arrangement for several typical tourism programmes to serve tourists during the festival season. Kite flying is just one of old traditions that have been revived in the Hue Festival. In the words of a 75-year-old man who has been flying kites most of his life, “This is a cultural event, especially the art of flying kite. We bring the traditional kite to the festival to make the Hue city more beautiful and joyful. Foreign tourists really like it.” Some people also celebrate the festival by visiting an ancient riverside temple, where after performing traditional dances; offerings are drowned into the river water. Thousands of students carrying lanterns participate in the procession along the Huong (Perfume) River to the Nghinh Luong Dinh Palace, only to be greeted by hundreds of artists bearing candles.

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The nine-day festival generally attracts about 1.2 million visitors, including 100,000 foreign tourists. A fireworks display usually brings the Hue Festival to a grand close. The Hue Festival is undoubtedly a melting point of different cultures where both ethnic minorities as well as foreign tourists gladly meet and further strengthen the bond of universal brotherhood. The Hue Festival successfully introduces Hue’s culture to the foreign friends.

On November 23,the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announed that Hue Festival 2012 will be held in the north central coastal Thua Thien Hue province and be the highlight for Vi?t Nam’s National Tourism Year 2012.

Particularly, the 13th World Conference on Historical Cities gathering 80 cities from 55 nations over the world will be convened for three days in association with Hu? Festival 2012.

The festival will showcase distinctive art performances from all parts of the country, especially the royal art forms from the city of Hue, and performances of 25 art troupes from 17 countries and territories.

On the sidelines of the nine-day festival, there will be other key events including the Imperial Night, Oriental Night, Nam Giao Offering Ritual, Áo Dài (long dress) Grand Show, installation art displays.

Hue Festival 2012 is considered an ideal opportunity to promote Hue as a city of festival, heritage and culture, and unique tourist destination in Vietnam.

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