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Hello there world of travelers travel blog
Just wanted to let you know that I am on vacation right now, and guess what,
Yes you are right I am in Brazil state of Parana, city of Curitiba ja ja.
I never thought I would have so much fun here,

travel blog Curitiba is a modern city which has managed to preserve historic buildings and green space.
Curitiba also has an Excellent bus infrastructure, The buses are very frequent you do not have to wait to long. They have some kind of bus tunnels, once you are in a tunnel you pay the bus ticket only once, and can tour the city switching buses for free. (cost of only one entrance).
Curitiba Train to Morretes or Paranagua
The best attraction of Curitiba, it the Train.
Actually The main Reason I traveled to Curitiba is to do the train trip.
So the special thing about this train, is that it goes 70 km in 4 hours.
The route is amazing, since it rides through the moantain, in which you cross a whole lot of bridges, and an amazing tunnels, in which there are no electricity so all the people on the train start screeming which is very funny. you also see on the way, amazing cliff, lots of waterfalls, and a view that cannot even be explained in such a simple blog.
travel blog

You can choose to go with the train to Morretes, or to Paranagua (which is 20 kilometers away from Morretes), the train goes to Paranagua only on weekends, but goes to Morretes each day at 8 15 in the morning.
I also suggest after the train, to take a bus from Morretes to Paranagua, and then take the boat to Ilha do Mel, which is an amazing island.

I see that somebody has already posted info about the train in this blog, so I will not confuse
you anymore since you can Read more about the train by clicking —-> Curitiba Train Overview

Lets leave the train and go back to the city of Curitiba ….
travel blog

Once in Curitiba, you will notice immediately the huge green area, and the amazing amount of parks it has.
I suggest when you are there to do the Tourist Bus which has 2 floors, the second one is open,
it costs around 20 reales, for 5 entries to the bus, the bus has a lot of stops, in very nice and touristic spots, and it is very entertaining to watch the city from the second floor of the bus !

The main attraction of Curitiba is the incredible rock formations; you feel like you are perhaps on another planet. There is time to explore around the rock formations, while being led by a park guide. You can also take a walk through the mini-rain forest-type area on one side of the rocks. Great photo opps–I have SO many pictures of the incredible stone formations, too many to post!

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Another good thing about Curitiba is the free internet access is provided at locations around the city.

Here are some other atraction I suggest you to see, I could not see all of them, but people has recommended me to do:

Botanical Garden The thing I liked here is that it rolls out its carpet of flowers to you right at the entrance ! Created to resemble French gardens, rolls out its flower carpet to you right at the entrance. The greenhouse, with a metallic structure, has botanic species that are national reference, and also a water fountain. The native forest is filled with paths for hiking. The Botanic Museum attracts researchers from all over the world. travel blog

Once the portal of entry, may be seen extensive gardens in the French style in the midst of fountains, waterfalls and lakes, and the main greenhouse of 458 square meters, which shelters in its interior, copies plants characteristic of tropical regions. This occupies 240.000 m? in area. The principal greenhouse, in an art nouveau style with a modern metallic structure, resembles the the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. The Botanic Museum, which provides a national reference collection of native flora, attracts researchers from all over the world. It includes many botanic species from the moist Atlantic Forests of eastern Brazil.

travel blog Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Famous for the big eye design, The museum features many of Niemeyer’s signature elements: bold geometric forms, sculptural curved volumes placed prominently to contrast with rectangular volumes, sinuous ramps for pedestrians, large areas of white painted concrete, and areas with vivid murals or paintings.
It also focuses on the visual arts, architecture and design. For its magnificence, beauty and for the importance of the collection, it represents a cultural institution of international significance


h2>German Wood, The Wood opens daily 6AM-8PM; the Library from 9AM-5PM; Story Time Sa,Su 2PM. Has various features to celebrate and promote the German traditions. There are 38 thousand square meters of native forest, which was part of the old farm from the Schaffer family. The replica of an old wooden church, built in 1933 at the Semin?rio neighborhood, with neo-gothich decorative elements, shelters a concert hall called Bach’s Oratorium. Other attractions are the John and Mary path, which tells the Grimm brothers tale, a children’s library, the Philosophers Tower, a wooden observatory allowing a panoramic view of the city and the Ocean Ridge, and the German Poetry Square, with a reproduction of the Casa Mila fa?ade, a German building from the beginning of the last century, originally located in the city center.

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h2>Barig?i Park With an area of 1.4 million square meters, it is one of the biggest parks of the city and definitely the most visited. Not only the city residents and the tourists seek rest in the park. Guinea pigs, night herons, white herons, skunks, crown sparrows, song-thrushes and dozens of other native animals make Barig?i their home. Among the features available in the Park there are: barbeques, kiosks, cycle and model airplanes tracks, multi-sports courts, gym equipment, car park, restaurant, playground, Automobile Museum, Exhibition and Convention Center, Steam Train Station and the Environment Municipal Council headquarters.


h2>Barreirinha Park, The most beautiful park of the city, one can appreciate araucarias, cinnamon, bracatingas, Paraguay tea plants and other native species. The green area, serving as an important regulator of the air quality in the region, is used by students and university teachers in practical Botanic lessons. The Municipal Forest, next to the park, has a scientific and educational role ? it is responsible for the research and production of vegetable species. Among its features there are woods with over 200 thousand square meters of typical vegetation, children’s library, playground, rustic cabin, snack bar, barbeques and car park.


h2>Gutierrez Wood / Chico Mendes Memorial / Dolls Theater, the Chico Mendes Memorial pays homage to the amazonian rubber extraction leader, who was killed in Xapuri, Acre. It comprises 18 thousand square meters of green area, with paths and a natural spring, supplying 1,350 liters of mineral water hourly. It is home to the Amaz?nica School and the Dad? Dolls Theater.


h2>Pope’s Wood, Polish immigration memorial, inaugurated on 13th of December, 1980, following the visit from Pop John Paul II to Curitiba, on the previous July. The area of 46,337 square meters was part of the dispossession involving the old Estearina candle factory. The seven log houses composing the memorial are a live rememberance of the faith and battle of the Polish immigrants, with objects such as the old cart, the sour cabbage pipe and the image of the patron saint, the Black Virgin of Czestochowa.


h2>Portugal Wood, This space is highlighted by a track following a small brook, where one can see drawn on tiles excerpts from famous Portuguese language poets, as well as a tribute to the great Portuguese navigators and their discoveries.


h2>Jerusalem Fountain, Pays homage to the 3,000 years of Jerusalem. The construction in concrete and masonry has a height of 14.5 meters and was designed bythe architect Fernando Canalli. At the top there are three bronze angels, of approximately 600 kilos each, sculpted by the artist Lys ?urea Buzzi, representing the three main monotheistic religions in the world, who believe in the existence of angels and for which Jerusalem is a sacred city: Christianism, Judaism and Islamism.
Memory Fountain, at Garibaldi Square ? S?o Francisco. authored by Ricardo Tod, the horse head in bronze characterizing the fountain pays homage to the old immigrant colonists, who with their carts would come from their small farms at the city’s outskirts to sell their agricultural products at the center.

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h2>Maria Lata D’?gua Fountain, Occupies an area of approximately 36 square meters and has a 60 centimeters deep water mirror. The highlight from the fountain is a reproduction of the sculpture “?gua pro Morro”, from the beginning of the 1940’s, from Erbo Stenzel, one of the most important artists from Parana.


h2>Arab Memorial, Works as a specialized library. The building reminds of the architectural style of the Moorish buildings, with elements such as the vault, the columns, the arches and the stained glass windows. With just over 140 square meters of built area, the Memorial has a cube shape and is placed over a water mirror. Inside the building, over a marble base is a sculpture representing the writer Gibran Kalil Gibran. It is located at Gibran Khalil Gibran Square – Center.
Curitiba Memorial – a space for art and folklore, information and memory, the past and the future. Built on an irregular land, the architectural project allows the creation of spaces and functional and creative installations. The dome, resembling a painting, makes evident the work’s role of cultural origin.


h2>Mocinhas da Cidade Fountain, Home to the couple and country music duo Nh? Belarmino e Nh? Gabriela. With drawings from Fernando Canalli, it has colums with rods, which frame tiled pictures showing the verses of the song “Mocinhas da Cidade”, immortalized by the duo and recorded for the first time at the beginning of the 1950’s.


h2>Cap?o da Imbuia Wood / Natural History Museum, Cap?o da Imbuia. has an internal exhibition of dioramas, stuffed animals and dehydrated vegetables. At the external area is the “Araucarias Path”, a wood remanent from the Araucaria Forest, where an elevated pathway goes trough a 400 meters long path, with 12 windows and panels showing the inter-relations of the natural elements found at the Araucaria Forest and also the different products from this vegetable formation, obtained and used by Man.

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