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The Matogrossense Wetlands National Park is a natural area that everyone should experience at least once. Cuiaba’s popular national park in the Pantanal is a must see on the big trip to Brazil.

Cuiaba To Salta By Bus


The Cathedral of Salta is located at the main square of 9 de Julio is a must see attraction, it has amazing altars of gold and silver in an aisle where the remains of the local hero Guemes is laid to rest.

Here are the available modes of transport from Cuiaba to Salta.

Cuiaba To Salta By Bus

The distance between Cuiaba to Salta is 1942 km. There are four bus rides to complete and it starts from the Cuiaba to Cascavel via Eucatur Bus Transport Service. From here take the Pluma bus that is bound to Asuncion. From Asuncion, take the Municipality of Asuncion bus that is bound to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Lastly, take the Auto Buses Quirquincho that goes straight to the city of Salta. The total travel time is two days and 19 hours. The total bus fare costs US$155. For details:

Cuiaba To Salta By Bus

If you need to drive, the travel duration is 27 hours.

Cuiaba To Salta By Train

There is no railway transport that covers the Cuiaba to Salta route.

Cuiaba To Salta By Plane

There are two airlines to choose from when travelling from Cuiaba to Salta. The travel time is ten hours for US$300. For details, check this site:

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