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Columbia is located in the Northwestern South America and it is officially the Republic of Colombia, the country has a lot of areas that been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. In 2006, the country welcomed up to 1.9 million visitors and the number has tripled over the year. Columbia has a lot of tourist attraction sites for people who are visiting like the Amazon, IIanos, Andean, the Pacific Coasts, Caribbean and the deserts of La Guajira and it is also a potential area for ecotourism. There are lots of five star hotels and budget hotels that take care of the accommodation of visitors who are coming in the country, some of them at a very affordable rate.

Colombia has become synonymous with its special coffee, tourists who are visiting always enjoy the drink during the breakfast period which can brought from the local ladies who sells it.


There are lots that Colombia got to offer to visitors, everyone has a place in this country , backpackers have found a destination here and hikers also have places to visitors. Even if you are not in these categories, you can have an amazing moment at the Amazon rainforest that is not far away from the beach.


Travel to Cali which is the Salsa City in Columbia, a city whose night life is rich and famous for having dynamic dance floors for those who want to try their dance steps. Apart from this dancing that is experienced in this city, you can begin with the Viejoteca that would offer you a simpler dancing.

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Amazon rainforest

Your visit to Columbia may not be complete without you going to experience Mother Nature first hand at the Amazon rainforest . The forest covers more than a billion acres and has a lot of wildlife animals, plants and birds. There are some jungle lodges that you can use if you want to spend nights here.


Medellin which is called the eternal spring is one of the most stunning and beautiful places you may want to spend time in, it combines the bustling city life and tourism together and offers visitors a unique heritage and architectural structures


Colombia tourism


Cartagena has beautiful beaches and five star luxury hotels with a touch of ancient merging with the modern city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be an amazing destination in the night. You can take your traveling to another level when you visit the Lost City that is called Ciudad Perdida. There is an Island called the Mompox that is on an island in the Magdalena river which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site too

Colombia has a lot of five star hotels that are equipped with state of the art facilities and budget hotels that can serve those who want to make use of these types of hotels. José María Córdova International Airport has numerous car rental services that visitors can make use of when they are in the city.

The best time to visit Colombia is between December and March, you can also visit in July and August.

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