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When it comes to places that are great to visit during vacation that are quiet and do not make noise, a lot of people would love to visit such places. However, if you are not aware of such places, it may be hard for you to catch up with where you should visit. We have found some of these cool destinations for you to see and also visit. These places cannot be less in their attractiveness and there are so many sites of attractions that you can visit when you are here.

Windhoek, Namibia


Windhoek is located in Namibia. It is the business, social and administrative capital of Namibia. The city has become where you would want to spend your vacation because of its numerous activities and attraction centers. It is tucked between two mountains and a lot of developments have happened over the years. This is the reason why a lot of people are seen coming here for their vacations..



Istanbul is not just a common city but a very attractive city that brings many visitors every year and this number of tourists can be on the increase because of the numerous tourists activities that have been lined up. There are a lot of things that anyone can do in this city. Istanbul has a lot of affordable hotels and accommodation and lots of beautiful places for you to visit.



Dubai is exotic and its accommodations can be what you cherish. When you are in Dubai, you are in for a great time. There are buildings that would dwarf most of the buildings that you might have seen on earth. Whether you like to shop on a budget or high end, there are so many adventures that the city has made available for you to discover. The Deira Market and Dragon Mall are some of the places where you can easily to get a taste of what Dubai is when it comes to shopping.

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If you are not shopping at the many fashion shops in the city, you can make a stop at the Eiffel tower and other touristic attractions in around the city. Paris is so interesting you will be planning your next trip there even before you leave. Paris is the center of fashion and top models. Even the people you see on the street are so fashion cautious. This city has been on the top of the most visited city for so long and it is still doing its best to stay at the top.

Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam

ho chi minh city

Ho Chin Mih has become a crazy and vibrant city and its nightlife is superb. There are a lot of palaces and places in the city where can visit and have fun. The night life is what you would fully appreciate and for those who are coming here the first time, you are going to spend a lot of time been awake because there are just so many things for you to do and there are really interesting.

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