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Con Dao belongs to Con Dao district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, 180 km from Vung Tau city, 230 km from Ho Chi Minh city.

Con Dao is an archipelago consisted of 16 islands and islets and has a spectacular topography and marvelous natural resources, various landscape and nice beaches and the historic sites of old prison.
From the mid-19th century to 1975, Con Dao was turned into the giant prison of Vietnamese patriots and communists. More than 22 thousand outstanding people of Vietnam sacrificed in Con Dao to contribute to Vietnam’s independence and freedom.

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The jails, tiger cages, barn, Dam pier, Hang Duong cemetery still remain as the proofs of heroism and resilience of Vietnamese people.

However, Con Dao is not only popular as the old “hell on earth” but also known as a beautiful archipelago with stunning beach, blue sky, evergreen islands, rice field, pepper farm, coconut range, and rare species of animals.

The largest island is Con Son with Con Lon in the center. The islands are associated with abundant natural resources that were used to name each island. Cau (Betel nut) Island, which is 8 km from Con Lon, is home to many betel nuts as big as eggs. Big Bamboo Island and Small Bamboo Island have the bamboo ranges which has white body and are as large as palm trees. Pearl Island has many precious pearls. Egg Island is the habitat of many sea birds. Ba Island has a big stone shaped into a woman image. Bay Canh Island has a lighthouse built in 1884, which can be seen 70 km from the ship.

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Located in the Asian equatorial climate, hot and humid marine, sunny and windy, Con Dao has rich and diverse ecosystem. Con Dao forest is lush with many precious trees. Fauna in Con Dao are consisted of various species such as weasels, squirrels, lizards, monkeys, deer, wild chicken. Especially, black squirrels can be found nowhere else but here.

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Don Dao has many precious sea animals which are beneficial to economy such as lobster, sharks, dolphins, sea cucumbers, sea turtle, etc.

Along with exploitation of forest resources, local people in Con Dao are growing and developing the valuable agriculture produces such as pepper, coconuts, medicinal plants. These high-value agricultural, forestry and fishery produces themselves contributed to the popularity of this pretty island.
Con Dao authorities have been also promoting its tourism potentials.

Con Son island has Co Ong airport, which is the connection of the mainland with the island and suitable to transfer guests to and fro for sightseeing. The beaches in Con Son are pristine and idyllic. Hai Duong, Phi Yen and Dam Trau beach are the most well-known ones which is flat, clean with pure, clear and blue water.

By: Hanoiimperial

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