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Cars are a necessity especially in today’s society where getting to that certain place as fast as you can is synonymous to being able to making money these days. All of us would love to ride in four wheels even if it means getting them second hand. What is important is that it gets you there when you want it. All around the world cars are being sold and for reasons that may be hard to explain, the prices of cars vary drastically across the globe. In some countries, it will be possible to get a brand new car for a few thousand dollars. In other countries you may have to break the bank if you intend to get a new car. Some countries with very high car prices are;

Copenhagen, Denmark


In Copenhagen, the average price to get a popular five door car is on average $63,000. In copenahgen owning a car can be very costly. You don’t have to pay relative high prices for the car but you may also find it difficult finding parking space. Also, the tax on cars is high so even I you buy an old car, you may end up spending relatively large sums of money.

Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

The average cost of buying a mid range popular car like a Chevrolet in Caracas is on average, $49,000. In Caracas it is not only the price of the car that is the problem. Even getting to the point where you actually buy the car can be a tedious process. You may have to wait on the list for very long periods. Since new cars are rare to find, the scarcity also causes prices to go up.

Jakarta, Indonesia


In Jakarta Indonesia, buying a Honda civic can cost you on average up to $47,000. Apart from the high prices, getting a new car is a whole procedure that may require a sponsor and the presentation of valid identification paper. Buyers however have numerous opportunities for buying second hand cars.

Zurich, Switzerland


Buying a VW Golf will cost an average of $45,000 if you are in Zurich. It is no secret that living in Zurich is an expensive venture so it should come as no surprise that buying a car in this city is expensive. In this city, you can come across very exotic cars on the streets. However, even the most popular car doesn’t come cheap. Most new cars are bought at dealership shops and can also be imported.

Oslo, Norway


The average cost of a Toyota Yaris in Oslo is $42,000. Buying a car in this country can be a big shock. It is not only about the high car prices. You also have to worry about very high taxes on purchased cars. Taxes can be as high as 100% of the cost of the car. cars can be bought at dealership or imported. If you will want to register your purchased car in Norway, you will have to show a Nowergian Identity number.

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