Chapada Diamantina National Park

Hi Dudes!

travel blog If you travel to Salvador de Bahia, you gotta go to a place close by, the chapada diamantina national park.
It's an amazing place of wild nature with prehistoric landscapes, canyons, mountains and many many waterfalls, big natural pool where you can enjoy a relaxing bath … It's a paradise for trekkers !
travel blog To get there take a bus from the salvador central bus station (“Rodoviaria”). 2 buses a day:
SALVADOR> PALMEIRAS : departure 7 am and 11.30 pm
PALMEIRAS> SALVADOR : 12 am and 11.30 pm

From PALMEIRAS, there will be jeeps waiting for travellers to transfer them to the VALE DO CAPAO (Valley of Capao), a typical little town in the middle of an incredible valley.

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2 thoughts on “Chapada Diamantina National Park”

  1. Hi Thanks for the info,
    I am going to Brazil in a Month, And I have some questions regarding your post.

    Can Chapada Diamantina be done as a day trip or must we stay there?
    How long should you recommend to stay?
    How many hotels do they have?
    What can I expect to spend per day not counting the hotel?


  2. Hey Andy,

    It’s good to stay 5 days here (at least 3 days). That way you’ll have time to take your time to discover the chapada diamantina. There are a many sites of cultural and natural interest here. From the valley of Capao, you can make one day hikes to colonial towns of Mucug?, Len?ois, Rio de Contas.
    There is a speleologic park in Iraquara (extensive cave system with stalagmites and stalactites). Other place of interest is the enchanted pool, where rays of light hit a natural pool revealing its incredible colors.

    There are a couple of hotels with restaurant, better to book in advance (many hotels are simples, runned by nativos with no restaurant).
    I would recommend the hotel POUSADA LENDAS DO CAPAO. Check out their accomodations here : www – Prices start from 100 reals with great typical breakfast.
    They have a restaurant with wines (average dinner cost is 35 reals), and propose health services like sauna, sweat lodge, ayurvedic massages, reiki …

    If this one if full, you can go to “pousada do capao” or “lagoa das cores” (more expensive) ; another option is “P? no Mato”.

    Hiking and trekking cost between 60 and 150 reals with guide depending on the site (more expensive if jeep needed for the hike – also cheaper for 2, 3, 4 person dividing the jeep cost between participants). There are also sites accesible by jeep, almost no need to walk to see beautiful nature.

    Hope those answers resolve your questions.  v:)


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