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Have you ever imagined of a travel to Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth? If not, you should consider one day. I didn’t know our travel would be that amazing and fantastic. In the first place, I had never even heard about it. I came to know when my couple suggested that we should go to Mauritius for our honeymoon. I was sure it was going to be very good for us, especially because we were newly married. We hoped for the best, and indeed it came out to be so. We had our travel to Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth in Mauritius, we finally enjoyed it so much. I was glad not only because it was my first time being in such a place, but also it was so interesting being there.

Finally our wedding day came, we got married. And the next day we caught a flight to Mauritius, to have special moments with my husband. We arrived in Mauritius and we had booked a hotel there, for our convenience.

Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

The day we arrived and we had an accommodation at Paradis Hotel and Golf Club. We started our honeymoon there, and it was actually a good start. We were served with delicious dinner, including fresh Mauritius traditional food. The services in the hotel were to a good standard level. We were also given a room to spend with my couple that night. It was for sure a special night for us, especially because we were newly married. The environment in the room was very conducive for us, a well arranged bedroom with classy beds.

The next morning our tour started. We boarded a car to take us to the Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth. Our journey kicked off very early in the morning as we were travelling we could see the beautiful scenes of Mauritius. Along our journey to Chamarel falls we had impressive viewpoints of the mountains of the Black River Gorges National Park. There are signposts which showed us the viewpoints we stop and have a glance. We took very nice photos of these viewpoints, we could not have missed it.

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Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

At the mountain viewpoints there are so many monkeys. We paused to have a glance at them. They were very energetic and were jumping from tree to tree. It was fantastic watching this. Monkeys are very playful, but we were warned not to play with them. We were not supposed to move close to them since they could arm us. My husband took snaps of this monkey, they are really nice ones.

We arrived at the Chamarel Falls, We paid the entrance fee, and it was 80 Mauritian Rupees per person. This amount was somehow reasonable. It is a breathtaking waterfall and eye-catching one. Being in this falls was fabulous though it was not much impressive than the falls I had visited before. We had to climb to the top so as to get the best view of the falls. At this falls there are beautiful trees and flowers everywhere, making the place impressive. Indeed the falls is a great picture spot. The observation area for the falls was very nice. The spot was very busy, many tourists come while others leave. So no time you could find this place idle. What I found good also was that the observation area is laid out very nice with short easy convenient trails leading to the viewing areas. This is a place you will appreciate the beautiful nature.

Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

We took a lot of pictures of the falls. I was glad with the beautiful nature of the falls, my husband too could not hide his happiness. The beautiful nature was a symbol of how our marriage would be. We were hopeful we were going to live together happily and get beautiful children. And this indeed have come through, now we have a very beautiful daughter we caught after one year of our trip in Chamarel Falls. Indeed our travel in Chamarel Falls still has an impact on our lives.

We had finished our adventures in Chamarel Falls, Colored Earth of Mauritius was not far from where we were. We took the car we had hired and within minutes we alighted at the Colored Earth. The scene itself will make you impressed.

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Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

There is an entry fee for one to enter into the Colored Earth. We paid this fee and we had our way inside. The look by itself was very good. I did not know the reason behind the color. So my husband had to explain to me the reason behind all this. After understanding that, I could really enjoy watching the beautiful colors of the earth. We walked around and we enjoyed viewing the barren earth. The place also has a wonderful vegetation. We also saw the shimmering of the earth in many different colors, it can be seen clearly where there is a bit of shade. They are eye-catching especially in the evening sunlight and when you contrast with the green vegetation around it.

The Colored Earth not only offers a view of the colors of the earth and its vegetation’s, but also there is tortoise enclosure. We saw giant tortoise and even the small ones. You can really enjoy striking a giant tortoise. These tortoises were living in deprived conditions. They were in a dusty condition. It will be important if the living conditions of the tortoises are improved.

Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

There also restaurants and cafes in the Colored Earth where when you are hungry you can go there and have something for your stomach. In the evening we were very hungry and we could not withstand this, we went into a certain café there and we took light food. It was a nice appetizer for us.

The day was over, we had had our visit in Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth of Mauritius. The day had been wonderful, I had seen wonders, ‘the colored earth’ and it was really enjoyable. The Chamarel Falls were also impressive, the nature in the falls is very nice, and you ought not to miss it.

Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

This time we wanted a different hotel, so we were taken to the Lux Le Morne hotel. The portrait of the hotel itself was very good. The landscape design was very catching. The environment of the hotel is very conducive. At the entrance we were welcomed very well, and we felt at home. We entered the hotel and inside was just amazing. Very beautiful with a very nice arrangement. We had our dinner, a delicious one which you will need more and more. The food was quite expensive but it was not that much. We were also given a room to spend a night with my couple. The room was very well furnished and classy. It was nice spending our night there, it was memorable. To add to it was our last night in Mauritius.

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Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth, Mauritius <3

The next morning we paid our bills, the hotel was really expensive, maybe because of the quality services they do offer. Then after we took a taxi to take us to the airport. As we were leaving we passed through amazing scenes of Mauritius. It was a lovely place we had chosen to visit and we never regret having chosen the place for our honeymoon.

The days have gone and now it’s two years after our honeymoon in Chamarel Falls and the Colored earth of Mauritius. The memorable moments we had there are still fresh in my mind. We have also been blessed with a daughter. The photos we took in Mauritius are still in my collection and I like looking at them during my free time. They make me remember my honeymoon, it was indeed a great one. The beautiful nature of Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earth of Mauritius is inevitable, you have to see it.

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