16 Destinations Offering Live Streams

Destinations Offering Live Streams and Virtual Tours

Beautiful Destinations Offering Live Streams and Virtual Tours  We have stunning destinations offering live streams and virtual tours for those stuck at home. You can get your family together and take this amazing journey around the world. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting the tourism industry, you can take advantage of these destinations offering live streams … Read more

8 Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

Amazing Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept In the United States of America, we have some special hotels where presidents have slept. These hotels are designed as majestic and luxury hotels that attract the most powerful men on earth. The hotels where presidents have slept are in different parts of the continent.  Can you guess the … Read more

Things to do at Moucha Island, Djibouti

Moucha Island

What to know about Moucha Island Moucha Island is an island that lies 15 kilometers south of Djibouti’s mainland, perfectly tucked away in the middle of the Gulf of Tadjoura.  The island belongs to Djibouti and has a population of 20 people that increases during the summer period.  The island is not more than 3km … Read more

6 Key Attractions in Praslin, Seychelles

Key Attractions in Praslin

Major Key Attractions in Praslin Some of the key attractions in Praslin attract visitors from around the world. Have you visited Praslin in Seychelles? Explore amazing key attractions in Praslin when next you visit this beautiful destination in Seychelles. Discover these key attractions in Praslin Anse Lazio Anse Lazio is picturesque and littered with white … Read more

8 Beautiful Places to Visit This Summer

Beautiful Places to Visit

Beautiful Places to Visit This summer, we have beautiful places to visit and unwind with friends, family members, or you explore these places alone. With have different beautiful places to visit around the world. However, picking the beautiful places to visit can be a daunting experience for many travelers. Stunning beautiful places to visit Here … Read more

6 Cool Places to Visit Post Covid

Cool Places

Cool Places You Can’t Resist to Visit We have some cool places you can visit. With the Covid-19 fiasco gradually easing off, the travel business is gaining its momentum back.   While many of us have spent our days at home because of travel restrictions, the time to pick your passport and travel to some of … Read more

Things To Do In New York


As New York City residents will affirm, America’s biggest, most vibrant and energetic city is much more than the catch phrase “The Big Apple” implies. There are miles of new bike paths added yearly, as well as new, tourist-friendly accommodations like hotels and bars. There are now fewer autos, and more tables and seats in … Read more

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