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It is nice to walk in the landscaped central of Vienna. You can stroll along the beautiful buildings, manicured and imposing parks, and elegant pedestrian zones with luxury shops. You’ll be impressed by the order and cleanliness up to the streets of downtown.

Bus Ticket From Vienna To Budapest


It is certainly worth spending an hour and a few forints (about 3000 which is equivalent to less than 10 euro) for the fascinating boat tour or ferry walk along Budapest’s Danube. The glass top allows unimpeded views to the coast of the city center.

Here are the available modes of transport from Vienna to Budapest.

Vienna To Budapest By Bus

The total distance from Vienna to Budapest is 214 kms. There are two bus transport companies that offer scheduled and non-stop transport service between Vienna to Budapest. The approximate travel duration is 4 hours and 45 minutes. The first trip begins at 07:00 AM and the last at 15:00 PM. The cheapest bus fare starts at a minimum price of US $ 4, 590.

Bus Ticket From Vienna To Budapest

If you choose to reach Budapest via long drive from Vienna, the travel time is estimated at 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Vienna To Budapest By Train

Within 3 hours on board a high speed train, you can reach Vienna to Budapest by railway transport (RailJet). You must book it at least 60 days in advance for it not only secures your seat but you also have the chance to purchase a lower fare. However with regional trains you need not make a reservation but you must avail of the Eurail ticket pass. The first train leaves at 03:00 AM. The cheapest fare starts at € 29.To make early reservations, visit:

Vienna To Budapest By Plane

There are at least 8 non-direct flights that travel from Vienna to Budapest on a scheduled basis. The air travel duration is 55 minutes. The cheapest air plane fare begins at Us$ 253.The earliest flight leavesat 08:00 AM and the last flight leaves at 06:00 PM.To know more about air travel, check out:

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