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Rome’s Colosseum is a beauty that cannot be described in words. It is colossal and takes a 2 hour queue to get in because there are always a lot of people (more than 6 million visitors per year).

Bus Ticket From Rome To Monaco


The principality of Monaco is beautiful and especially different from so many places that you can visit. It seems so static and still sometimes it’s like admiring a photograph.

Here are the available modes of transport from Rome to Monaco.

Bus Ticket From Rome To Monaco

The distance between Rome to Monaco is 682 km. From Cernala, take the Mobilita Roma (Line 62) bound to Lorenzo II. From here, take the Eurolines FR that is bound to Nice. From Nice, take the Lignes D‘Azur D’Aeroport bound to Nice Riquier. Then, take a French Railways train bound to Monaco. The total travel time is 12 hours at a cost of US$113. For information; check:

If you choose to drive; the travel time is seven hours.

Bus Ticket From Rome To Monaco

Train Ticket From Rome To Monaco

Take the Trenitalia (Line Eurostar) from Rome to Genova Piazza. From Genova, take the Trenitalia (Line Intercity) bound to Ventimiglia. From Ventimiglia, take the French Railways train going to Monaco. The travel time is eight hours at a cost of US$96. For details, check:

Airplane Ticket From Rome To Monaco

Take an easyJet plane when travelling from Rome to Monaco. The travel time is one hour at a cost of US$228.

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