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If you’re in Liverpool, a visit to the Liverpool Cathedral is mandatory especially on Thursdays where you can climb the tower for free and observe the sunset at 17:00 PM and have an excellent view of the entire city.

Bus Ticket From Liverpool To Aachen


The city of Aachen in Germany is near Belgium and the Netherlands. It also has its famous cathedral in the name of Aachen Cathedral (Dom). It is impossible not to stop and admire its marvellous and breathe taking interiors. The church grew over the centuries to form the current set which is a conglomerate of architectural styles.

Here are the available modes of transport from Liverpool to Aachen.

Liverpool To Aachen By Bus

The distance between Liverpool to Aachen is 1,049 kms. The bus travel duration is 20:00 hours and covered by one bus transport company (National Express). The train usually departs at 10:00 AM and the last at 20:35 PM. The lowest train fare can be purchased at US$ 71. The bus schedules and fares can be checked from this site:

Bus Ticket From Liverpool To Aachen

If you like to drive all the way from Liverpool to Aachen, the travel duration if taking the Eurotunnel route is 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Liverpool To Aachen By Train

A total of three railway transport providers cover the daily train transport from Liverpool to Aachen. The travel duration is almost 7 hours and 28 minutes. There are three stop-over and train transfers involved in this railway route. From Liverpool, the train stops at London. From the capital, you need to transfer trains heading to Bruxelles Midi and from there you must take the train ride that is bound to the city of Aachen. The cheapest train fare is approximately US$ 200. To get the full details and make reservations, check out:

Liverpool To Aachen By Plane

There is no direct flight from Liverpool to Aachen. However, you have an option to take the train from Liverpool to Manchester and take the plane ride bound to Dusseldorf and train from Dusseldorf to reach the city of Aachen.

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