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Innsbruck is an interesting place to visit in any season of the year as this place has got many things to see and enjoy in every season. Many art museums, old city tours and the most interesting part is the museums of Innsbruck.

Bus Ticket from Innsbruck to Vienna

This place is the capital city of an interesting western state Tirol. The architecture of the buildings in this beautiful place is just amazing.


An other interesting place and the capital city of Austria is Vienna. This place is added to UNESCO world heritage sites and is also the largest city in Austria. The rich history and the rich royal palaces of this place Vienna are something that is attracting tourists to this place for years.

Here are the available modes of transport from Innsbruck to Vienna.

Innsbruck to Vienna by Bus

This is the cheapest mode of transport from Innsbruck to Vienna, but the time taken to reach Vienna is more compared to other transport modes. You have buses from every one hour and the first bus starts early in the morning at 6am. The bus fare starts from $25 to $35. The time taken is around 7 hours.

Bus Ticket from Innsbruck to Vienna

Innsbruck to Vienna by Train

Train is a good option to travel from Innsbruck to Vienna, as there are many trains as well between these two places. You have the train facilities available 24 hours and the train starts from the Innsbruck HBF station and the time take is 4 hours 22 minutes, but that is when the train does not stop in between. If there is one to two stoppings in between, then it will take between 5 hours and 36 minutes. It is the same with night trains as well. The fare for train journey starts from $22 for just seating and $226 for first class reservation.

Innsbruck to Vienna by Flight

The fastest way to reach Vienna from Innsbruck is by flight. You have three flights every day and the fare starts from $99 and varies till $377. If you are in a hurry to reach Vienna, then you can go for the flight option as it will take just one hour 24 minutes to reach Vienna.

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