Bus Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu


Araguaina is known for its excellent cuisine and the best way to experience it is through the restaurant called the Libanus Churrascaria Restaurant. It has a friendly atmosphere, the service is always attentive and the principal attraction is the food; it is varied and tasty.

Bus Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu


The Francisco Alcantara Nogueira Museum is small, but it has lots of informative features. It’s a great way to learn about the history and the cultural origin of the city of Iguatu.

Here are the available modes of transport from Araguaina to Iguatu.

Bus Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu

The distance between Araguaina to Iguatu is 1270 km. There are three bus rides to complete when travelling from Araguaina to Iguatu. First, take the Itapemirim Bus Transport Service from Araguaina to Santa Ines. From there, take the Brasil By Bus Transport service that is bound to Crato. Lastly, from Crato, take another Brasil By Bus service that goes straight to Iguatu. The total travel time is 32 hours for US$70. For complete details, visit: http://www.itapemirim.com.br/

If driving is your option, the travel time is 19 hours.

Bus Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu

Train Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu

There is no railway transport service for the Araguaina to Iguatu route.

Airplane Ticket From Araguaina To Iguatu

You can take the Tam Linhas Aereas plane that is bound to Fortaleza Airport, then take a cab to reach the city of Iguatu. The travel time is 10 hours for US$200. For details, check: http://www.oag.com

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