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Adda Road

Adda Road is one of the major streets in the district of Andhra Pradesh. It is lined with villages, old buildings, churches, schools, and Christian outreach ministries. It is one of the rural areas where the livelihood of the community and families rely heavily on farming or the agricultural industry.

Bus Ticket From Adda Road To Hyderabad


One of the interesting museums to visit while in Hyderabad is the Sudha Cars Museum. The place is small but packed with wacky inventions around the terrestrial movement concept. It is a pleasant interlude between or after cultural visits. The entrance fee is 50 Rupees. If you are into cars or your kids like their pictures taken beside specially designed vehicles, this place is the best choice. Allow an hour to visit and come early to have enough time to enjoy the place and secure a space on its ample parking.

Here are the available modes of transport from Adda Road to Hyderabad.

Adda Road To Hyderabad By Bus

The overall distance from Adda Road to Hyderabad is 591 kms. You can choose from the 3 designated bus boarding points in Adda Road of you wish to take the bus ride. A total of 4 different transport companies cover the Adda Road to Hyderabad bus route. The bus schedules differ for every type of transport company as well as their amenities and type of service. The entire journey from Adda Road to Hyderabad takes about 9 hours. The cheapest fare is offered at US$ 20. To know more, check:!tomorrow

If you choose to drive all the way from Adda Road to Hyderabad, the travel duration is 5 hours.

Bus Ticket From Adda Road To Hyderabad

Adda Road To Hyderabad By Train

There is no direct railway transport service that covers the Adda Road to Hyderabad railway route.

Adda Road To Hyderabad By Plane

Both states are located within the same district or region and accessibility via air transport is not a possible option. However, there are two travel options mentioned above that can help you access between Adda Road to Hyderabad in a convenient manner.

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