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I would like to reccomend about a program for those travelers who want to”>burnthis extra annoyig fat that is so

useless when we trek and do some walk on our travels….

Truth About Six Pack Abs

by Mike Geary is the top selling flat abs guide on the internet.

Is this program just another system which promises you great results but only succeeds at lightening your wallet, or is it really the most sophisticated program ever to build rock hard six pack abs.

When you first look at the website, you get the same impression as you would for a lot of other products of this sort of hype and flash. However, if you take the time to read more, you’ll see that Mike Geary explains the five most common myths about building six pack abs. He lays out all of this information in a clear and easy to follow manner.

Who is this Mike Geary.

Mike Geary is a certified personal trainer and a nutritional expert. When I researched Mr. Geary, I found several articles he had written in reputable publications. In fact, I found Mike to be a very helpful person;
he quickly responded to some questions I emailed him and was very knowledgeable.

Why is Truth About Six Pack Abs different.

Personally, I think the difference is that Mike incorporates good diet advice along with an effective, well thought out workout plan, along with cardio training.

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I’m busy, we all are these days. Most of us don’t have a spare hour every day to work out. The Truth About Six Pack Abs doesn’t ask this of you; there is instead 30-45 minute workouts a couple of times a week.

What is the Truth About Abs ebook about.

The Truth About Six Pack book starts by introducing the anatomy of your abdomen. I thought this was a bit pointless at first, but I came to understand that it is important to know this when training your abdominal muscles and helps you avoid training the wrong muscle groups.

Most of the book is dedicated to twenty effective abdominal exercises, each illustrated to make them easier to follow. There were some exercises in here that I’d never heard of.

Best of all, a lot of these exercises can easily be done at home on your own schedule. My personal favorite are the ones which incorporate an exercise ball, so I can get in an ab workout at home after a long day at work without having to rush off to the gym.

What really surprised me about this book was the nutritional information. This was not the usual low-carb nonsense, but a healthy and nutritionally balanced plan. I’ve found this to be great and I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on anything. I can even have the occasional not-so-good-for-me meal without having to beat myself up over it.

Cardio training is another important element of Geary’s book. I found out by reading his book that I’d been doing my cardio training all wrong for the last few years! Geary shows you exactly which cardio exercises you need to do and more importantly, when.

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Is Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary for everybody.

Yes and no! This book is for anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight and get a defined abdomen. It’s designed to give the most benefit to men who are trying to build a ripped six pack, but it works great for women trying to get a flatter stomach too.

Anyone who wants some more definition and tone for their midsection can benefit from this book.

This is a very useful and comprehensive book and also comes with several bonus ebooks! It took me a while to read all of them; it’s almost too much information. However, you’ll do fine with The Truth About Six Pack Abs book on its own. I found the exercises useful, particularly the Stability Ball Killer Abs workouts. If you are healthy enough to climb stairs, then I would also recommend reading the bonus Ultimate Stair Exercises ebook.

This program offers a great way to get a workout when you have a busy schedule.


Like any truly effective fat loss program, there are no easy answers. You have to be committed to building better abs, read the book and follow through with the workouts and the nutritional plan. You don’t need to work out every day, but you do have to stick to a regular schedule of 30-45 minute workouts 2 or 3 times a week. If you stick with the program, you’ll start seeing results within a few weeks to a few months.

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