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If you love to spend some time exploring the building and monuments, which take you back into the past, then there are many such buildings in this place Brugge.

Brugge to Brussels by Train

There is much more available for the tourists who are visiting this place, than you can expect from it.


This place Brussels is one of the most common places where you will find thousands of tourists every year. It is the spot for family holiday vacations and weekend gateway for a wonderful weekend party with friends.

Here are the available transport options from Brugge to Brussels

Brugge to Brussels train ticket

There are many trains available between Brugge and Brussels. You can board the train at the Brugge rail station to Brussels. The cost is just $15 and the time taken is also just one hour and 5 minutes. This is the direct non stop train and it may take 10 to 15 minutes more if the train is going to stop in between. You have trains available for every 15 minutes at the Brugge station.

Brugge to Brussels by Train

Brugge to Brussels Bus Ticket

There are no buses between these two places in the normal months. But when the peak time starts and the number of tourists moving between these two places increases, the private travel agencies will arrange for buses between these two places. The bus journey is going to be 5 hours and the fare depends on the travel agencies. They will be charging a little higher than normal as that is the peak time for tourism.

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Brugge to Brussels Flight Ticket

There is no flight available between these two places.

The best option and the regular option available is by train, which is faster and cheaper as well. But if you want to take a cab, then that is also a good option. The cab journey would be something around one hour and 6 minutes and it would cost you between $16 to $23. You will enjoy the road trip when you are taking a cab. So, train and cab, both are good options to choose.

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