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Each country has its own food specialities, If you are brave enough to come down to Brazil,, please tell us what is the food that you liked most.

Here are some food list that you should not miss, at least in my opinion.

Typical Food and very tasty of Brazil:

1. Guarana Antarctica– Great Drink, similar to sprite, but much better,  there is also Guarana zero for those of you who are on diet  travel forum

travel forum2. Acai – Great shake and very common in brazil, all brazilian fruit are delicious but especially the Acai, it is very sweet and tasty.

travel forum3. Coco (Menas coconut) – Drinking coco on the beach is the best vacation test you can ever ask for.
It is delicous, they take the coco, just do a hole on it put a straw on the hole, and serve it to you cold and refreshing, very natural.
Agua de coco (coconut juice) is available anywhere that it's hot and where there are people. With a few strokes of a butcher's knife, vendors open a hole large enough for a straw. It sounds touristy but it's not – the juice is high in electrolytes, and Brazilians value its rehydrating properties.

4. Baur?– Bauru is a popular Brazilian sandwich. It is like an hamburger but much better, since the meet is a beef much healthier, and they put on it egg lettuce backon and cheese, very forum
travel forum5. Caldo de cana – is extracted directly from lengths of sugarcane, usually with a machine that's a hand-cranked, multicogged affair.

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  1. You have to try Brazilian Barbecue!
    Also, I wouldn’t leave the country without trying a typical “feijoada” (beans with cuts of meat, served with sides of veggies, fruit, tapioca flower and more)

    Cocada – a desert made with coconut and sugar, and usually other natural flavors added, is a must to try as well!

    1.  I crave feijoada.

    2.  Their are a lot of churrascarias here in the US now, but they aren’t as good and don’t have the variety of meats that churrascarias in Brazil have.

    3.  Fresh fruits from the feiras.

    4. Misto quentes and cochinhas from corner barzinhos.

    5. Plain rice and beans with a bisteque.

    6.  I’ve always had really good lasagna in Brazil.

    7.  Whenever I’ve been to the city of Sorocaba in Sao Paulo, they have the best hot dogs I’ve had anywhere.  Amazing.

    8.  Fried mandioca

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