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Travel to Bratislava

Bratislava is a remarkably compact town, situated along the Danube River, and Capital city of Slovakia with a total population of only 450000 or so. The city with a distinguished character of no heavy traffic or busy streets and no associated noise and pollutions is an exception to many modern cities. People stroll along the Danube River, Hviezdoslav Square and the nicely renovated old town. There are so many entertaining and ornate palaces, Gothic cathedrals, medieval towers with welcoming plazas in the city. Bratislava Castle can be approached by walking through the medieval narrow lanes. The city is magnificent as it is beautiful there and anywhere visited.

Travel to Bratislava

Bratislava, because of its small size, can be approached on foot, very attractive, particularly fascinating history along with good food, plenty of parks, forests and lakes nearby. Good food is enriched with garlic soup and chicken with peaches and impressive but cheap beer. Bratislava is located only 60 kilometers from Vienna, 60 kilometers from the border with the Czech Republic and just a little 20 minutes drive from Hungary.

The city is so small that one does not require the assistance of GPS and, in fact, could reach any place without much help from outside. Locating any quarter would be easy enough from one place to another, from north to south or so. Street Walking is the most common mode of travel in the city. May be the GPS does not reach its application within the city and one does not consider the necessity of it, it works remarkably well elsewhere too.

Travel to Bratislava

The old trolley bus system is unquestionably much in operation in the city and is still operating in the Slovakian capital. The capital is full of buildings in Art Nouveaux style. These buildings are worth watching. Not only the buildings in Art Nouveaux style, it was discovered during my walk that the city has one of the most beautiful New Style construction, the Blue Little Church or Saint Elizabeth’s Church.

The concert places in Bratislava are worth visiting and should not be missed out. The celebrations for the Independence Day on New Year’s Day are also worth witnessing and eye pleasing.

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Travel to Bratislava

The Primatial Ministry building and the Presidential Palace are the places, the visitors should not forget to pay them a visit. The firstly the Palace is considered as the most beautiful and traditional building in Bratislava and the secondly important characteristic is similar to the architecture of the White House, well decorated during Christmas.

Bratislava city is famous for its history and equally accessible for the series of statues installed everywhere and especially the Tallinn-like streets with many statues. A soldier statue on a bench in the town hall square resembles that of Napoleon himself.

Travel to Bratislava

Bratislava has several pubs to enjoy like the one of the Dubliner Irish Pub and to enjoy the beer. The pub is hugely popular amongst the locals. One could choose the desired Slovakian beer. One could be mindful of the drugs prevalent in some parts of the city dominated from the neighboring countries.

“Bratislava Main Square” is one of the most popular and perfect squares in Bratislava. It is located in the city center in Bratislava.

There are several offices of T-Mobile office in Bratislava and one need not worry regarding the recharging of the mobile Simcard or to use Slovakian bank account internet banking. Else unconnected in a third country, when on a short trip, could be painful especially when one is changing the country every day or two.

English speaking people might be restricted to a few, but one would be able to manage the conversation and obtain the necessary information. One could be carefully in collecting needed information regarding the tourist destinations, before leaving Bratislava.

Travel to Bratislava

There exists a colossal monument on a hilltop which could be noticed from the Presidential Palace. If one has an interest in memorial monuments, the palace is worth watching and should be planned. One has to go through several streets of Bratislava and climb hundreds of steps to reach the top of Bratislava. This monument is so vast which could be noticed from any corner of the city. It has rained and the surroundings were fresh and wet but pleasant to reveal the a soviet post was holding a soldier statue, a war memorial surrounded by the military cemetery all along the place.

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The view of Bratislava is panoramic from the top of the mountain that one cannot resist from taking a few snaps of the city and would be the lasting memory of the visit. One need to be careful of the clouds playing hide and seek, which at some time may obstruct the view of the city. You would like to stay a while in this palace and spend some time at every step enjoying the scenery of the surroundings.

The most exciting aspect of the Exchange programmers is that one would be having opportunities of meeting a lot of foreigners from all over the World, and there is always potential of making friendships with them with ease. Some of them might stay close friends while few of them would be lasting their relationship longer like close friends. Some of the foreigners came from countries like Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine etc., and they met us wherever we went in Bratislava. One of my friends was from Bratislava. She could not be contacted since I came here and finally she could keep her promise and met me at Tallinn another close by city.

Travel to Bratislava

The Pressburg castle was burned out in the year 1811 and remained ruined until the year 1953. The massive reconstruction of the Pressburg castle was started in the year 1953. Between 1956 and 1968 the castle was reconstructed according to its architecture and based on the shape at the end of the 18th century. The Pressburg castle has been turned into a Museum becoming a popular attraction for the tourists. It is almost in the center of the city, the Pressburg castle on a hilltop, has become evident building in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. Its architecture resembling to an inverted table with four legs mainly because of the four tall towers on an entirely isolated rocky hilltop of the little Carpathians, adjacent to the Danube river and cannot be missed by any tourist. If the weather is clear and pleasing, you can have a fantastic view of Austria and also of Hungary.

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There are so many lively pubs in the city, restaurants where the tourists can enjoy and taste typical Slovakian food waiting for the tourists. These places are not so decorated but are genuinely decorated inside. High street of Bratislava offers you happy beers but for the famous Slovakian food for which you may have to wait for an unusually long time. The Old Town of Slovakia’s capital, whisks visitors dates back to a few centuries, admiring the Baroque architecture, enjoying the summer and Christmas concerts, cafés and restaurants. Bratislava is full of exciting cultural events and celebrations that can actually improve your stay while attending.

There are some most popular and expensive clubs in Bratislava. The Club and recently opened Masquerade are very popular clubs. If you choose to go to a bar you can have a delicious drink with more of a perfect society feel, with a charming view of the entire old town, on the banks of the Danube river. Barrack with more of a rocking atmosphere could be another choice. Bratislava is extremely expensive and historical city and the city museums are preserving the history of the city.

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