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I visited Borneo for a 2 week vacation and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a holiday which combines the most beautiful nature and the chance to experience a lively culture with colourful festivals.

Borneo Malaysia is the only island in the world belonging to three separate countries; Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Borneo rainforest is thriving with thousands of species of flora (there are over 11,000 species of flowering plants) and fauna which is not surprising considering it’s the world’s oldest rainforest.

We took a 5 day tour of the rainforest in Kota Klias which cost approximately $600 but that included a guide and all meals and it was definitely worth it! It’s a fairly newly discovered area so there weren’t too many tourists and it was easy to get to; we took a train South from Kota Kinabalu to Beaufort and then caught a bus to Kota Klias.
We stayed in jungle lodges and went on a river cruise and also night walks. We saw Proboscis monkeys with their long pendulous noses, Leaf monkeys, crocodiles, a monitor lizard and beautiful Stork Billed kingfishers as well as so many other creatures, I can’t remember all of their names! On the night walk we were lucky enough to catch a sighting of a buffy fish owl and some fruit bats and there were so many fire flies it was unbelievable, such a beautiful spectacle! We didn’t see any but apparently you can sometimes see wild bore at night drinking from the river.
The main highlights for me were the Asian elephant and endangered orangoutangs that we saw.
We stayed in Kota Kinabalu and just chilled on the beautiful beaches for a few days, conserving our energy for climbing Mount Kinabalu, which is South-East Asia’s highest peak. It was a steep trek up a 14km trail but very enjoyable, the scenery was beautiful. It was mainly a very easy trek except for the steepness although at one point we did have to edge around a precipice with the help of a fixed rope! It took us 2 days to arrive at Low’s Peak and we left at 3 in the morning on the second day in order to arrive at sunrise. Unfortunately we were unlucky and it was really misty so we couldn’t see the view that we were hoping to see of the entire north-east tip of the island of Borneo. However, the sense of achievement was still great!

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I’d definitely recommend a holiday to Borneo, you won’t get bored!

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