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Travel to Vancouver

“Pack up! Were going somewhere north! Charlie and I will see you tomorrow after lunch!” The wall post message I got in Facebook from my childhood best friend and business partner, Dave (while on the other hand, Charlie is a good old friend of Dave who then became one of my good old friends as well, with the exception when it comes to girls) a week before my birthday. I replied: “Are we going to blow up the Iceberg’s of North Pole? LOL”. The following day, after having lunch with some colleagues, I was surprised to see a whole bunch of luggage resting in the pathway of my living room. The loud volume of my TV is no match with the noise coming from Dave and Charlie where both of them are seating in the couch watching football and were at the brink of drunkenness with Heineken.

Travel to Vancouver

“Blow up the Icebergs… in North Pole… eh?” Charlie blurted out as he rose from the couch and handed me over some sort of a flyer where it says: INDIAN ARM LUNCHEON CRUISE. “And that’s what we’re blowing you up for, Happy Birthday, Brother!” Dave bawled as he handed me over a can of Heineken. “You guys are indeed my best friends! You just really know when I can say no to an offer!” “Now you’re talking!” Charlie shouted. “Where’s your stuff?” Dave asked. “Huh, what stuff?” I asked with so much confusion running in my head. “Did I not tell you to pack up? We’re leaving tomorrow early morning!” Then I found myself sitting in an Air Canada window seat, taking off from JFK airport. While my two best friend sits right next to me and are very busy flirting with the flight attendants. And after our 5 hour relaxing flight, I found myself in Vancouver International Airport.

Travel to Vancouver

It was a perfect weather, the sun is brightly shining right above us and even though I’m in the middle of a busy place, I can hear the sound of the waves of the water crashing down through the shoreline! And yes, I’m just day dreaming! But I’m just really excited for this whole Vancouver trip – especially the cruise which Dave and Charlie gave me as present!

As we arrived at the Hilton Vancouver Airport, I was even more amazed to see the spectacular view of downtown Richmond upon reaching veranda. “Do you want to have some beer or tequila?” asked Charlie. “Nah! I’ll grab something to munch on in a bit…” I replied. “Are you going out?” Dave asked, “I will just have a couple of walk and explore more of Vancouver and see what it has to offer.” As I walk out of our room and make ways through the hotel lobby then the busy streets of Richmond.

Travel to Vancouver

Just opposite the hotel is the ever popular Richmond Centre Shopping Mall. “Not another mall…” I told myself. So I decided to just walk through the streets where I passed by the Richmond Hospital, Brighouse School Park, Dover Beach Park (where at that time there’s only a few people walking around with kids playing and enjoying the perfect sunny weather.) Then as I walk a few more steps, my sense of smell encountered an appealing smell of something being grilled. Then I found myself eating my late lunch at The American Grille Restaurant, the best place to have Salmon, yet. After which I went back to hotel where there were no signs of Charlie and Dave.

Around 6:30pm, I received a call from the receptionist and told me that I have a phone call from Dave. “Dude, were just having a great time here at the casino!” “Casino?” I asked Dave. “Yup! Here at the River Rock Casino! And we’ll be rocking all night! Do you want to come over? I’ll arrange a cab for you!” “No, I’m cool. You guys just have a great time there!” Then Dave remembered, “Oh! Tell Charles to drop by, there are bunch of Chicas in here!” “What? Charlie’s not with you?” I asked. “Nope. He was supposed to be following you, but I don’t know where he ended up. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine!” “So much for a good old friend…” I told Dave. “I can’t hear you brother! Talk to you again later! Music is very loud in here!”

Travel to Vancouver

Due to my exhaustion from my walking, I didn’t realize that I’ve fallen asleep and that a buzzing sound woke me up around 4 am. To my surprise Dave and Charlie came in both drunk. Although they managed to walk (normal thing for them to do even though they’re both drunk), they both dive in the bed. But as I closed the door, Charlie went up and said “Cruise is at 11am. Hope you have a blast there! Happy Birthday!” Then I remembered I have to leave early to get to the marina on time.

Then the moment I’ve been waiting for. I managed to arrive in Marina just right in time for the boarding of 11am. I’m pretty much excited with this tour! “It’s my first time to cruise around Vancouver… without any distractions from Dave and Charlie!” Then I laughed knowing that at this very moment, as I hop in the boat, Charlie and Dave are still snoring.

The entire trip was amazing! The mountain ranges, the inlets of Burrard, Inner harbor of Vancouver, and so much more! And what made this entire trip special? The Roasted chicken sautéed in garlic and rosemary! Perfect dish for a perfect cruise experience! “This is yet the perfect gift I got so far from those two drunkards!” I blurted out as the ship docks in to the harbor.

Later that afternoon, as I make my way home, I asked the taxi driver to drop me off to China town as it’s on the way. I was amazed by all the Chinese good luck charms and that I thought of buying the two drunkards some charm that will help them boost their wisdom. Of course, I also bought something for my business! Obviously I did not let this once in a lifetime opportunity to just simply slip off my grasps as I was drooling over the dumplings and all the other Dim sum displayed in the restaurants.

When I got back to the hotel, I can tell that the two just woke up. And it’s past 6pm already. Both jumped on their feet and took the bag I had from China Town. Then they saw the bracelets where I gave to them and explained what the bracelets are for. Then as I turned my back, I can hear the rumbling of their eating. “Thanks for that awesome cruise present! I had a blast! Too bad you guys weren’t there to see all the great sceneries!” “Nah! You know that cruise is not our thing!” Dave said as he takes in the rice in a box.

Then Dave shouted “Charlie has a date tomorrow evening with Sarah… and guess where?” “Where?” as I looked strangely to both of them… “Museum of Vancouver!” Charlie shouted. Then Dave and I both looked at each other and started laughing at the top of our lungs! This is the first time I heard Charlie will be going out on a date in a Museum!

Indeed, this is yet the best birthday celebration I ever had.

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