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The peaceful and quiet hill of the Buddhist Monuments of Sanchi in Bhopal City is the scene of one of the largest and best preserved Buddhist places in India. This site was established since the third century BC to the seventh century. It is a huge religious complex with flourishing Buddhist stupas and monasteries. Within this complex is where you can visit the Great Stupa; the finest Buddhist monument that was preserved and built in the second century. It also highlights the toranas or finely carved doors and shows a rich variety of Buddhist themes.

Bhopal To Vidisha By Bus


Vidisha’s Udayagiri Caves is 30 minutes away from the city center but it is one of the most visited attractions in Vidisha. You can see and climb the caves which were believed to be created since 400 AD. The main entrance is located through the first cave that is situated along the corner of the road.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bhopal to Vidisha.

Bhopal To Vidisha By Bus

The distance between Bhopal to Vidisha is 57 km. There is no bus transport service that covers the Bhopal to Vidisha route. However, you can choose to drive your car or hail a taxicab to reach the city of Vidisha from the city center of Bhopal. The travel time is 51 minutes.

Bhopal To Vidisha By Bus

Bhopal To Vidisha by Train

Travelling by train is a viable option when contemplating on how to get from Bhopal City to Vidisha City. The railway journey can be accomplished with the numerous train transport providers for Indian Railways in Bhopal train station or Bhopal Junction (BPL). For trains bound to Vidisha Junction (BHS), there are trains that depart every hour. The railway travel duration is approximately 40 minutes. The total cost of the train fare ranges from US$9 to US$13. To know the latest train schedules and fares, or make advance reservation and bookings, check out this site:

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Bhopal To Vidisha by Air

There is no commercial airline that covers the flight route from Bhopal to Vidisha.

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